Will Trump Have to Go to War with China In Order to Save His Presidency? Two Well-Placed Sources Think So!


I recently went to my most trusted and long-time source. I was bemoaning the fact that for the past 40 days, Trump has looked like he has been conquered by Big Pharma and is no longer in charge. After all, he has given his tacit approval for counting flu-like symptoms in the CV-19 count in an attempt to keep America locked down while the economy is totally destroyed.

My source said he felt that this was a temporary setback. A setback? I could not believe my ears. Our economy is destroyed the entire COVID-19 team is compromised with blatant conflicts of interest and Fauci is publicly disrespecting the President and is simultaneously in the hip pocket of Bill Gates which spells trouble for every healthy American. 

My source said that I was forgetting one important fact. Trump enjoys support from military. And he asked if I would like to speak to an acquaintance from the Pentagon on that point. The following is what I was told:

1. Trump is supported by over 90% of the rank and file of the military. This is not surprising! 

2. The majority of the commanders support Trump. My source said that he would place that number at 80% and his Pentagon acquaintance said it was probably a 70-30 split in favor of Trump. Both sources stated that the damage to the military at the command level was done by Obama when he appointed over 300 liberal-globalist-supporting command officers during his tumultuous tenure in the White House. 

3. One source stated the he felt the Joint Chiefs are all compromised by the military industrial complex with sweatheart deals. The impression I received was that the Joint Chiefs and the CDC are very similar in that one does not get to that level unless they are part of the Medical Mafia, in the case of the CDC leadership, and in the case of the Joint Chiefs are controlled and owned by the military industrial complex (MIC) as I was reminded about Eisenhower's Farewell Address when we were commanded to "bewar of the MIC...."   

4. Both sources felt that a weak coup has enveloped the Trump administration. However, both sources felt that this condition could prove temporary because of the support enjoyed by Trump from his military. This unquestionably means that the military could easily exert a counter-coup and they could accomplish this by threats alone. However, it was made clear to me that no military action will be sanctioned unless it can be determined that the people would support such and action should it become necessary. An anxious military in 2012, wanted desperately to get rid of the Obama administration. Against orders the commander of Carrier Task Force Three, Admiral Gayoutte and AFRICOM commander, General Ham, conspired to rescue the late Ambassador, Chris Stevens from an ongoing attack in Benghazi. The commanders hoped that a rescued Stevens would out the Obama administration once he realized that he had been targeted by Hillary Clinton for what he knew and Stevens was a liability going into the election. This coup was nearly successful. After the failure of the coup, I asked my primary source, why not just execute another coup. He sternly scolded me and said that the first coup was a coup of opportunity and did not need the popular support of the people. A future and planned coup, would require the popular support fo the peopel which they did not at this time. The Pentagon source said that the growing spirit of rebellion would empower the military to act. However, both sources said the final approval had to come from the MIC! 

5. What would cause the MIC to support Trump and make it clear to key Deep Stater's that they would not be safe if they pursue this continued action? The answer as to whether the MIC would support a counter-coup, or the threat of a counter-coup lies in the profit motive. Which course of action would produce the most revenue?  Thi sis the primary motive for which direction that the MIC will move in the present crisis. Trump has been a friend to defense spending, both sources stated. However, Trump has failed to deliver the war that the MIC wanted! 

6. I was told by both sources that two things probably had to happen to save Trump's Presidency with the help of the military. First, Trump will have to start a war with China in order to feather the financial nest of the MIC! Second, people need to publicly support Trump and rebel against the lockdown, which is a precursor to an eventual invasion of a weakened United States. 

7. Both men feel that we are going to war with China. This could serve another purpose. China is undoubtedly behind this bio-attack upon the United States. Destroying China will unquestionably reduce future bio-threats. Therefore, it makes sense to attack China, and of course, make it look like China's fault through the use of a false flag designed to blame China for the start of hostilities. Certainly, there is fertile ground in the South China Sea, for a false flag, war enhancing event. 

My takeaway from this conversation is multi-dimensional. Will Trump suddenly do what he has been hesitant to do? Will he military confront China? The South China Sea provides a fertile sight to commence military operations. However, the Pentagon source thinks that WW III will commence in Venezuela. 

Taking out China's leadership. is not going to be easy from a military perspective. However, over the next 18 months I was told that China's economy will prpbably disintegrate without the proper actions by the CCP. However, the Chinese, I am told, are terrible economists. Trump can win this war with China by economic means more than military means. However, it was pointed out to me that the Deep State will oppose giving back the reigns of power to Trump. The people are going to have come to his support and the best way they can do this is boycott the box stores, get into the streets and ignore all governmental edicts about the arbitrary shut down of selected segments of our economy. In other words, we save America by forcefully getting into the streets. Secondly, we will undoubtedly bgoing to war. Is it worth the price? 

Neither source feels that assassination is an option because of a possible knee-jerk reaction by the military. The centerpiece of what is coming lies in what the American people do first. If they rebel and take to the streets, the military may feel empowered to intervene. Secondly, it Trump willing to go to war?  Are you? Two well-placed sources would embrace a war with China!