You Won't Believe Who AND What Got Elected to the Denver City Council

candi baca

You will simply not believe who AND what got themselves elected to the Denver City Council. This person makes Ocasio-Cortez look conservative by comparison. I grew up in the Denver area and I am so glad that I do not have to suffer under their Agenda 21 New World Order policies and the imposition of abject communism into their local governments. Colorado is not just about the Koch Brothers and the Gang of Four.

Democratic socialism movement impacting Colorado? In a word, it is invading.

"I consider myself a democratic socialist," said Candi CdeBaca, a newly elected member of Denver's City Council.

CdeBaca's election was a major upset - defeating an incumbent and favorite of the establishment. CdeBaca is the first democratic socialist to win a coveted Denver City Council seat. She's part of the Justice Democrats who chose their candidates from casting auditions and then write their socialist/communist platforms. America is being transformed from the bottom up. Hold on to your wallets because these communists are winning!

Attention residents of Colorado, your kids have little to no future and political insanity runs and is ruining your state. Here is the complete story....