Family Groups And LGBT Activist Uniting Against Bill That Could Make Pedophiles A Protected Class


  by Jackson Elliott

The bill, HB 6638, would revise the language of the state's anti-discrimination statutes.

The current definition of "sexual orientation" in Connecticut law excludes protections for "any behavior that is a sex offense crime." An update to the law would remove that wording.

"If Governor [Ned] Lamont signs it, a person who admits they are a pedophile—even if they haven't acted on it but just admit it—they could just go to an appeal board if they get fired from a job or denied housing near a school," said transgender activist Christine Rebstock.

The bill would redefine sexual orientation as "a person's identity in relation to the gender or genders to which they are romantically, emotionally, or sexually attracted, including any identity that a person may have previously expressed or is perceived by another person to hold."

Because of that critics are sounding the alarm, fearing the new legal language could make it unlawful to fire an employee with a sexual attraction for children—even one working at a business focused on serving minors.

"Employers are going to have to be more cautious about how they interact with potential employees," Leslie Wolfgang, public policy director of the Family Institute of Connecticut (FIC), told The Epoch Times.

"They won't be able to discriminate based on their sexual attraction."