If Americans Are to Survive, They Must Be Willing to Adopt "Rules for Radicals" Strategies

rules for radicals

 On Monday, the CSS will be releasing a detailed report of the “open your business” event in Wickenburg, Arizona. I interviewed business owners and average citizens in an estimated crowd of 400-500 people in a town of 7,000 people. Preliminarily, I have a couple of observations that jump to the forefront of extreme discontent in America that I found exemplified in Wickenburg, AZ. First, the mainstream media propaganda machine has lost its influence over many/most Americans. The message has been so repetitious for so long, that is habituating with the public. I heard many sarcastic comments that mimics the MSM’s attempts to control attitudes. To a person, every Wickenburg citizen I spoke with mocked the COVID-19 reported rates. The mocked the use of the term “essential business”. Most of all, they no longer fear law enforcement and government officials. These people hold the establishment in extreme disdain. I am finding these views are reflective for most of the country.

The Liberals Are Alienating Their Own

Rightly so, it is appropriately noted that President Trump is alienating his own base. He has allowed a “lab coat coup” to take over the government and the secret puppeteer is Bill Gates who wants America locked down until such time as his mandatory and dangerous vaccine is ready.

What the liberal machine did not account for was the fact that they would greatly alienate their own base. The fastest growing demographic on the CSS are previously die-hard liberals who are now alienated and very angry. Here is a typical communication that I am receiving from this demographic.

Dear Mr. Hodges

I hate you, at least I did for a long time. I always wondered how a well-educated person such as yourself could possess such Neanderthal views. I thought that if your kind took over the planet you hold people like me as sex slaves as you emptied my bank account forced most of us to perform slave labor.

I will give you credit for two things. You are very consistent in what you have been saying for a long time. It now appears that you were at least correct on a few things. Most of all, you are correct about this shut down of our country. We would be considerably better off if we just faced this virus head on. We are never going to achieve herd immunity by being locked in our homes. You also pointed out that we are compromising our immune system by staying sheltered-in-place. Death is a part of life, we need to go back to work and deal with the consequences. What good is it for us to survive and have nothing to return to? 

We can later debate the deep political differences that we hold. For now, Mr. Hodges, we need to unite and force our government to open our schools, Universities, and places of business. I commend you for your stand on these issues. Please do not print my last name because I am tenured professor at a large university in the Midwest and I would anticipate serious consequences for my shift in allegiances.

I have some ideas of what we need to do. Please contact me at the following---

Thank you,

Xxxx  xxxxx

The above email is typical of what I am receiving from large numbers of liberals. They feel betrayed. Many have not received the funds promised by the government. Many more have nothing left to pay bills for shelter and food. Subsequently, we conservatives need to adopt these liberals and use them for the skills they already possess. There is nobody better prepared to bring intense heat to an individual or group because they are society’s guerilla fighters. In other words, we need to open the gates of hell and invoke, legal, yet the most annoying forms of protest known to man.   

Imprisoned Conservatives Must Embrace "Rules for Radicals"

If America is going to break free of this bondage, we need to be willing to be rude, somewhat obnoxious, and very annoying yet, not to violate the law. There are some “Rules for Radicals” that Americans need to immediately employ if we are going to have a chance to save our country.  This change in tactics should be somewhat easy to do because many of the liberals now joining our ranks over the shutdown, are well-versed in these tactics which have previously abhorred well-behaved conservatives. However, one cannot win if they bring a knife to a gun fight. If we are going to reclaim control over our country, we must be willing to go the next level of protest if necessary. The principles I will advocate below, are designed to harass, and intimidate as well change public opinion. Many times, the following will be all that is necessary to bring about change. However, all change groups must be willing to go to the next level, not covered here. For example, extreme civil disobedience as well as becoming more inflammatory on the fields of protests might be needed. Here is the best of Saul Alinsky’s principles adapted to use for our time and situation.

Alinsky’s Rule #4: “Make the enemy live up to their book of rules”.

Please allow me to use Arizona as an example for the use of this strategy. Arizona Governor Ducey is on the Board of Directors for T GEN who is a partner for the development of vaccines, so T GEN, Bill Gates and Doug Ducey will benefit if the lockdown can be extended to the completion of the soon-to-be mandatory vaccination. If Arizonans, for that matter Americas, want to leave their homes, they will have to get vaccinated. Ducey, Bill Gates and T Gen wins and we lose when the lockdown is extended.

Further, Ducey is allowing the box stores to operate with impunity and when they violate social distancing rules, nothing happens. Meanwhile, competing small businesses are put out of business by government edict. I have repeated this mantra dozens of times. This conflicted governor has also said that when smaller retail is open they will offer services at the sidewalk. We are already experiencing 100+ degree days in Phoenix. This is not even practical. Nobody is going to shop in these places. Here is the hypocrisy, the box stores will not have the same restrictions. My advice is to mention the hypocrisy at every turn in every gathering, every event and in every press release.

This is just a small example of how we are using this principle in Arizona. These constant references to Ducey’s conflicts of interest and hypocrisy are relentless. Protesters in other parts of the country can follow our lead across the country. This practice takes away the statutory legitimacy of the governor. The people are quickly losing respect for the governor and soon widespread civil disobedience will be widespread.

Alinsky’s Rule #5: Relentless Ridicule is the most potent weapon according to the developer of the Rules for Radicals. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. It infuriates the opposition. Back to my Arizona example again. I write one major article and make 10 podcasts per day and engage in 8 hours of broadcasting per week. In at least 50% of what I do, I mention Governor Doug Ducey. Remember, the old Nazi saying about repeating a lie often enough the people will come to believe it. The same principle, called the confirmation bias, works the same way for the truth. Most people don’t do podcasts, write articles or a have a radio show. However, the average, non-media person can write a daily paragraph to the legislators, call representatives and leave messages, and attend as many protests as possible. These people provide the sound of marching feet that every protest, or counter-protest movement needs to spread the intimidation. The ridicule must be relentless and drown out all counter-statements by your target. Shout them down at the press conferences. And this leads to a very important protest component, it must get personal, very personal and it must ultimately cost the target something.

Protests should start out at governmental offices that are impacted. However, that does not make the protest personal. Subsequently, it must get very personal and be relentless. In Arizona, the protests, like the protesters in Michigan, must move to the Governor’s home. From 6AM to 10PM, from the sidewalk in front the home, the protests must be relentless. Further, some should be designated to drive cars around the home in a steady stream of honking. If the target, or spouse, has a business, even better. This brings the effect of business disruption to a very personal level. Leaflets, that describe the tyrannical behavior should be passed out. When there is a personal financial cost, policies get changed.

There is another strategy that should be immediately employed. Thousands of class action lawsuits should be filed as soon as possible. The goal is to overwhelm a local or state officials with legal fees as well as to eat up their time. Additionally, people by the millions must be willing to take to the streets every day. The law enforcement minions that think it is OK to ruin the lives of small business owners and their employees, while enforcing unconstitutional regulations, must be overwhelmed in the streets that they have to call in the National Guard to disperse the crowds. And no, I am not advocating for violence. However, large crowds evoke fear in political bullies.


It is my considered belief that this is what is necessary to make people like Doug Ducey back down. It will soon be working in Michigan as Governor Dimwit is about ready to cry uncle. Please note that the Michigan governor has been undermined by her legislature. When the rank and file send out daily messages to these people and threaten their incumbency, things can quickly change.

Some very nice conservatives will say, “I could never be that rude”.  That is certainly OK. But let’s make sure that if this is you, that you fully understand what it is you are really saying. By refusing to fight back, you are saying that you don’t care if your rights survive, you don’t care if your children will have a roof over their heads, or have enough to eat, or a have a country worth living in.

America, you have been punched in the nose. Are you will to punch back? If not, put on your hazmat suit and cower in the corner and get out of our way.