Castrating kids to win elections


by Daniel Greenfield


The Biden administration sued Tennessee over the ‘Protecting Children from Gender Mutilation Act’. Democrat judges have illegally blocked similar measures in Florida, Arkansas and Alabama. In Washington and California, Democrat majorities legalized the abduction of children by the state for transgender procedures. Similar legislation is pending in other states.


“This game of defense can get tiring. We want offense,” HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra demanded at a Health and Human Services ‘Pride Summit’. “Let’s play on the offensive.”


Beyond the usual motives of groomers looking for fresh victims, what is behind the unprecedented obsession with sexualizing children by an entire political party?


State schools were always meant to indoctrinate a new generation. Modern schools are community organizing centers and the ideal educator is a community organizer. American students are falling behind in most areas, but they are succeeding at what they have really been taught, to march out of school and rally for gun control, the environment or for racial equity. 

Beyond indoctrination, community organizing sets out to ‘raise their consciousness’ so that the students see themselves as victims in the major political conflicts, like gun control or environmentalism, and then to shift them into the permanent category of victim activists.


Conventional community organizing rallies racial minority students to see themselves as the victims of racism and female students as the victims of sexism, while sexual community organizing takes students who may have no defining victim category and gives them one.


Grooming children in schools isn’t just a perverted agenda, it’s a political one.


The Democrat electoral agenda depends on building coalitions of minority groups. Sexual community organizing in schools is a machine meant to expand that coalition. Every teenage girl tracked for a mastectomy and every teenage boy for castration is a future Democrat voter.


Pagan priests of the Syrian Astarte of Hierapolis would castrate themselves in honor of the ancient goddess and then wear female clothing for the rest of their lives. Puberty blockers for young children, followed by genital mutilation, like political rallies, is similarly part of the ritual indoctrination into a political movement. And while young activists can turn their lives around as they get older, once an irrevocable decision has been made, it’s much harder to walk away.


There’s a quote that has long made the rounds. “If a man is not a socialist by the time he is 20, he has no heart. If he is not a conservative by the time he is 40, he has no brain.” But what happens if the man is not a man and is missing parts other than his heart or his brain?


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