Douglas Murray announces new doxing database to keep critics of Israel from getting a job


"Douglas Murray is Director of the British Free Speech Union. He is now going to lead an initiative to have harsher penalties for those accused of hate speech, and bar 'bigots' from employment opportunities based on social media posts!" Keith Woods commented on X.


"These speech laws have been used to target nationalists more than anyone -- Murray's countryman Sam Melia is going to jail for sharing stickers about mass-immigration and this is what he is working on, what a disgrace!"


The Tafsik Organization, which is behind the initiative, says on their website that they're lobbying for new hate crime laws to block people from getting jobs and keep them from traveling freely:


Proposing a Hate Offenders List akin to the Sex Offenders list for those convicted of Hate Crimes would streamline law enforcement efforts, imposing travel restrictions, limiting access to certain public places, and significantly impacting job opportunities to deter the wielders of hatred from positions of power.

They also say they're building a doxing database using facial recognition and AI:


Utilizing the SEO from social media platforms like Twitter(X)/TikTok/Facebook posts reported onto D.A.V.I.D. will have hyper visibility using a simple google search, affecting the individuals employment opportunities and reputation. D.A.V.I.D. employs facial recognition to identify bigots from photos or videos. AI spiders crawl social media platforms, detecting antisemitic content in posts, comments, and images.

This is what Murray is now championing:




The announcement triggered widespread backlash on X:



After Oct 7, Murray went on a propaganda blitz for the Israeli government and released a PR junket marketed as an "interview" with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.





What are the odds the Israeli government is behind this doxing initiative Murray is now shilling for?





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