No COVID vaccines for kids, medical experts tell Australia’s leaders




Citing new disclosures from Pfizer about safety issues and pointing out that vaccine alternatives now exist, the experts warned the vaccines could cause serious harm to children.

In an open letter to Australian leaders, the experts wrote:

“It came as a huge surprise recently, to discover evidence that Pfizer knew about a whole range of adverse events likely connected to their product; a novel gene-based vaccine that departs radically from all prior vaccine technologies. This arose from a freedom of information request to the FDA, which resulted in a court determining the immediate release of the information was in the public interest.”

According to the letter’s authors, Pfizer’s COVID vaccine safety data showed more than 1,200 deaths over a period of only 10 weeks. Pfizer conceded this was a “large increase” in adverse event reports.

Pfizer data listed vaccine injuries including:

  • Cardiac diseases.
  • Hematological conditions.
  • Renal conditions.
  • Autoimmune disorders.
  • Neurological conditions.

According to the letter, the risk/benefit ratio in children, which was not in favor of COVID vaccination originally, “is now very likely to be very negative by any reasonable assessment.”

The authors pointed to a Physicians and Medical Scientists Declaration listing 38 scientific papers in support of their position.

They also noted that the Australian government had to give Pfizer full indemnity as part of the contract negotiations, and that the Commonwealth also further indemnified medical practitioners and vaccine administrators, leaving no one accountable for injuries sustained from the vaccines.

Read the open letter to the Australian government here.

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