All set up? One day after Biden announces new gun laws, there’s a shooting in NYC – Amazing how the cameras just never seem to work DH "NO COINCIDENCES"



So the police now claim that none of the cameras worked or that the captured video in real-time didn’t work due to a “glitch computer malfunction.”


And here’s the kicker, the shooter’s (Frank James) credit card was discovered at the scene and traced to a rental van he rented.

Everything points to a false flag, no?


This already stinks to high heavens, especially “camera glitches”. Reminds me of the Epstein cameras and the lack of footage on 9/11 at the pentagon, Oklahoma City, Oslo terrorist attacks, the Vegas shooting, and Princess Diana’s death…

Amazing how the cameras just never seem to work when we would really need them… And the fact he just happened to leave his credit card at the scene…

You can listen to his Youtube videos here and here.

What would be the point to this event?

  • Gun control
  • Fear mongering and tactics
  • Push for more citizen monitoring ‘for your safety’
  • Starting advertising the ‘need’ for digital ID to monitor who is in what building at what time.
  • Distractraction from the multitude and abysmal failures of the Biden administration
  • Distraction from the truth of Hunter Biden’s laptop and the FBI cover up on it
  • Distraction from the fact that US funded bio research labs in Ukraine through Hunter Biden (and they were probably bio weapons labs)