Covid vaccinations now PROHIBITED in people under 50 in Denmark


By Ethan Huff


The Danish Health Authority has announced that just about every young and middle-aged person in Denmark is now prohibited from getting “vaccinated” for covid.

If you are under the age of 50, the Danish government says, then you are not allowed to take the shots. Previously, the Danish government prohibited the drug injections for everyone under the age of 18. (Related: Last fall, Denmark joined Sweden in banning Moderna’s covid injection after it was determined to cause myocarditis in young people.)

The only people under 50 who can receive the shots are those who are deemed to have a “higher risk of becoming severely [emphasis added] [ill] from Covid-19,” the government of Denmark said.

How this will be determined has yet to be fleshed out, but what we know is that the vast majority of Denmark is not only no longer at risk of being forced to get jabbed, but is actually prohibited from ever doing so again.

This is the kind of just say no to drugs campaign that we wish would launch in the United States and elsewhere, but pigs will fly before that ever happens.

Implicit in the Danish announcement is the idea that messenger RNA (messenger RNA) injections specifically come with far greater risks than any purported benefits. The same is true for the non-mRNA covid jabs still being pushed as well.

Denmark expecting another “large wave” of covid over winter, but since the jabs don’t help there is no reason to allow them

To be clear, the Danish Health Authority is not necessarily saying that covid has ended. To the contrary, the government there says it expects “a large wave of [covid] infection” in the coming months.