NOT the virus: Deaths among teens and 20-somethings soar following COVID “vaccine” release

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  By Ethan Huff 



During the first two-and-a-half years of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) scamdemic, some 150,000 excess deaths occurred in Americans under the age of 45. Half of those deaths, we now know, occurred just in the last year since the “vaccines” were introduced under Operation Warp Speed.

Why are so many people dying, you might be asking? The answer is certainly not because of “COVID.” Prior to the jab, those excess deaths likely occurred because of the trauma and terror of lockdowns, mask mandates, and forced societal collapse. The rest occurred because of the injections. (Related: Actuarial data also points to the “clot shots” as a major culprit in all these excess deaths.)

Joel Smalley covered all this in a detailed article he wrote on his Substack blog. As bad as things were and are for under-45s, it is “a whole lot worse for the under-25s,” he revealed.

“Whether you think it is the collateral harms of earlier interventions or the mass mRNA experiment, it is a tragic, indisputable fact that young Americans are dying at substantially higher rates in more recent times than earlier in the COVID epidemic,” Smalley wrote.

“I’m just curious. If you lost a young loved one in America, aren’t you curious too? We’re looking at almost 4 million excess life-years lost since the start of the mRNA experiment. How does that compare to COVID life-years lost prior to that date?”

The “virus” was never the problem

Just two months after Donald Trump unleashed Operation Warp Speed on the world, there were already around 1,200 more-than-average deaths reported in the under-25 age demographic in the United States.



Keep in mind that under-25s had not really even gotten the green light to roll up their sleeves at this particular point in time. It would be around this time that the government would really start pushing younger people to get jabbed, resulting in an even greater spike in excess deaths in the coming months.

“A year later, by the end of February 2022, deaths of under-25s had increased to around 6,000 – five times more,” reported the Exposé.

The pharmaceutical industry, in conjunction with the military-industrial complex known as our government, would quickly start blaming new “variants” of the Fauci Flu for this uptick in deaths.

First, it was delta, then it was omicron (or moronic if you rearrange the letters as an anagram), and now it is “sub-variants” of the two – and on and on it goes probably forever.

What you will never hear is that all these made-up cases of death caused by variants and sub-variants are actually just Fauci Flu jab deaths under a different name.

It is important to also note that prior to the introduction of the jabs, most of the death spikes in younger folks occurred around key moments of government-imposed COVID interventions – meaning the alleged “virus” is not to blame.

“Deaths spike in the aftermath of COVID interventions (government policies) more than they do in the apparent emergence of a novel pathogen,” noted the Exposé.