Look Up! Wake Up, People! You Are Being "Suicided in Warp Speed".


  By Peter Koenig

Don't look up lest you could see what nobody wants you to see – namely the Big-Big Lie. As time goes on and Agenda 2030, alias The WEF's Great Reset progresses, the asteroid approaching Mother Earth is ever moving closer, is an ever greater risk for the destruction of our planet. Its ever more obvious. And we all feel it – we feel the heat of the approaching meteor. 

Yet, we are afraid to look up. We are even told there is a comet approaching that could destroy us all. We are scared, but we don't look up to see the ever-growing enormity. Because if we would, we would have to take measures to stop the meteor from hitting our planet.

It would "disturb" our comfort; we would have to stand up, we would have to act in unison to muster the strength to bring about a change in the direction of the asteroid, to save our planet.

We seem to be scared out of our minds – so much so, that we'd prefer the ostrich-behavior, looking down, even sticking our heads in the sand – not to see the obvious.

Literally, the destruction of our lives. The longer we wait the lesser our chances to deviate the "colossal monster" approaching us. We know it, deep down, our innermost intuition tells us that there is something mighty wrong with what is approaching.

Doing nothing is like committing suicide. Because the warning signals have been there and here and everywhere – for years, not just since January 2020, when the meteor was first sighted and officially registered.

Cognitive dissonance and FEAR, yes, repeated FEAR, is their greatest instrument of intimidation.

They don’t hide the comet. But it’s up to us to look up and see it, to do whatever it takes to swerving its trajectory away from our Mother Earth. We can do it – we can still do it.

This call for attention, for looking up, is not meant to spread more fear. Quite the contrary.

By seeing your enemy, by looking him in the eye, you gain strength and lose fear. By doing this collectively, as a solidarity unit of humans – facing the lies and stepping finally away from the lies that have swallowed our lives for decades, for centuries, probably for at least the last 2000 years – then we will be able to breathe fresh air. New Energy.

“Don’t Look Up”

Don’t Look Up is the title of a 2021 released movie about a comet that approaches Mother Earth threatening to destroy her.