NBA Legend John Stockton Claims 'Thousands' Of Athletes Have Died From The Vaccine


At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Stockton was amongst those actively speaking out against the vaccine and even spoke out in support of Kyrie Irving when he had his standoff against the vax.

"You have a lot of supporters Kyrie," Stockton told fellow vaccine skeptic podcast hosts Chad Fisher and Tony Farmer. "Not all them of can get to you, and you can't get to all of them, but there's every bit a majority out there that's sitting there pulling for you. They're just not quite as bold as he is. I'm proud of him as an individual to take that kind of individual risk and be that bold for what you feel is right." I have such great respect for Kyrie Irving for stepping up like that," Stockton said. "He's right in the mix of it, he has a tremendous amount to lose in endorsements. So I salute him."

Stockton went quiet for a while but did resurface this month when he claimed that athletes have died from the vaccine.

"I think it's highly recorded now, there's 150 I believe now, it's over 100 professional athletes dead – professional athletes – the prime of their life, dropping dead that are vaccinated, right on the pitch, right on the field, right on the court."

 In his most recent public appearance, however, he only doubled down on the outlandish claims and said he had the proof in his hands.

"I had the proof in my hands, the piece of paper with the names…I think it's in the thousands now. Don't quote me on that one, I'm not saying 1,000, but it might be. It's a big number"