Out of the seats & into the streets




So recently, I took a break and my wife and I?enjoyed a rare night out to dinner at a restaurant.  I’d just seen the latest news about how officials in Lahaina on the island of Maui have now surrounded the area they destroyed with a tall black fence, and now, for miles and miles beyond that, there are foreign police, sitting in their cars, watching to make sure no one finds a way to hike in to the devastated area.  There’s a complete media blackout.  The mayor’s not talking. The governor’s not talking, FEMA?directors aren’t talking — but they are staying in $1000 a night resort hotel rooms by night as they confiscate donations to the Lahaina survivors by day.  No photos or images from Lahaina are going out to the press, no drones or aerial photos are allowed and no one is answering any questions.


Meanwhile, rumors abound.  The police chief of Maui, who also happened to be the guy in charge during the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas — an event that still has more questions than answers — is also the coroner of Maui, and rumors are circulating that he has over 1,000 bodies of dead children in his morgue.  Yet, he refuses to answer questions about how many people died — and he refuses to answer questions about how many are still missing.  People who live there say it’s multiple thousands — still missing, or confirmed dead, but the powers that be seem determined to make sure no one ever knows. 

In fact, the media blackout on this horrendous crime against humanity has been faster and worse than any in recent history.  Ask the average person on the street “what happened in Lahaina?” and you’ll get a blank stare.  They have no idea what you’re talking about.  If the mainstream media isn’t covering it (and they’re not covering this), then it quickly vanishes down the “memory hole,” and the powers that be are doing their best to make the world see and remember nothing about this as quickly as possible.  It seems to be working.  Few know about or remember Lahaina.  It’s gone the way of East Palestine, Ohio.  But I can’t and?won’t forget.


Thousands were murdered here, and I believe, by their own US?government.  Now, the land is being taken from the people by government edict and by globalist banksters, to “build back better,” turning what was once as close to “paradise” as one could find on earth, into an AI?testing ground for a 15-minute “SMART city.”  It makes me sick.


With the misery of the people of Maui still weighing heavy on my heart, I was also reading about rumors of another planned lockdown, likely coming this fall.  Of course, none of us can predict when they’ll be pushing for more lockdowns, mask and jab mandates, and forced closure of businesses, schools and churches, but we know it must happen sometime in the coming year — after all, there’s an “election” scheduled.  The “election variant” must be in full infectious mode by this time next year, in order to require mail-in ballots, social distancing, and silence all dissent with draconian new “disinformation” laws.


So, these things were on my mind the other night as my wife and I?enjoyed an evening out for dinner.  I know I?should just be able to “turn it all off” in my mind, forget about the news and just enjoy myself in the moment, but as I?said, I?have a hard time with that.  The burden is heavy.


And as I looked around, I saw so many happy, normal people — couples, families, groups of friends — all sitting and enjoying one another’s company and sharing a meal together.  I?couldn’t help but wonder, what’s going to happen when the Globalist Police State decrees the next lockdown?  It’s going to have to be much more harsh and much more serious than the last one.  Obviously, it’s going to have to be much scarier, because so many have already stated they’ll never comply with such loss of their freedoms ever again.   But I?couldn’t help but wonder — how many of these now-happy, normal people will fall for it again?  And I wondered, how many people have ever even heard of Lahaina?  How many will obediently comply with, and eagerly line up for, whatever shot they tell them to get jabbed with next?  Will this restaurant survive another forced shut down?  Will the next lockdown be the last?  When they launch the next offensive on the American people, will we ever see “normal” like at this restaurant, on this evening, ever again?


Folks, we need to understand that NOTHING good comes from government, especially the UN/Global, federal and state government.  They’ve set up a system of false “controlled opposition,” whereby the Democrats and Republicans play the theatrical roles of  polar opposites.  Good versus evil, if you will — and those can be interchangeable with the two political parties, depending on which way you’ve been brainwashed.  But do you not see?  Both are wings of the same foul bird.


If you’re waiting for the “second coming” of Donald Trump to set everything right, you’re in for a rude awakening.  If you’re waiting for the Republican party to somehow patch the hole in Titanic’s side, then sadly, you don’t realize that the Republicans ARE just as much a part of the “iceberg” as the Democrats.


Can you name for me just ONE thing the Republicans have done in Congress in the past ten years that was positive?  It’s ok, I’ll wait.  Just one thing.  Even when they had a majority. One positive thing.  Even just one instance where they truly tried to do the right thing, even if they failed.  Still scratching your head?  Me too.


Yet somehow, these scoundrels enter Congress, and shortly thereafter become millionaires and billionaires, working less than a third of the year, and every piece of legislation they pass seems to tear away at more and more of our American liberties, cost us more money, put us deeper and deeper into debt, heap upon our shoulders heavier and heavier burdens of regulations and taxation.  And — every piece of legislation they pass, they exempt themselves from.  Quite the scam they have going.


Not happy with that arrangement?  Who are you going to call?  To where will you take your “redress of grievances?”  Friends, our legislators are laughing at us.  We’re nothing more than their fools, their idiots. They can look you straight in the eye and lie to your face more convincingly than a time-share salesman, and they do so with no remorse.


Now, Satan and his demons have infested the halls of Congress, our Supreme Court, the Executive branch in DC — and dare I?say, just about every single man-made government office in the land with pure evil.  There are a few small pockets of hope — but like God’s chosen Remnant, these pockets of hope are few.  The people, having long ago forgotten God, have also had no time to remember our national history or from where our ancestors came, not so long ago.  “Freedom” has become “cheap” in the minds of most, having forgotten that it cost some their very lives.  Sort of like the way “Easy Believism” has overtaken our seminaries and churches, and “Grace” has become just as “cheap” in the minds of most.  The blood our Savior shed for our wretched souls, nothing more than a “romantic” metaphor.


A reader recently asked me about a statement I made.  I?had said, “it’s time we get out of the seats and into the streets.”  He wanted me to explain how to do that.  First of all, “out of the seats and into the streets” means it’s time to quit playing “Church.”  It’s time to be done with “churchianity.”  It’s time we stop using the “church” as a social club full of fat and happy, dumbed-down hand-shakers and fake-smilers and instead understand and know that God’s true remnant Church of believers is our only hope to equip the saints for the work of the ministry.  Learn your history.  Learn Church history, biblical history and American and World history.


Honestly, for the most part, I believe the institutional churches in this country are a lost cause, and so are their pastors.  There are a FEW good bodies of believers worth being a part of out there, but you’ll have to search hard for them, and they won’t have flashy websites, they won’t be bursting at the seams with a so-called “ministry” for every people group.  Their youth groups won’t be playing stupid games with Jell-O and squirt guns or holding pizza parties — they’ll be training members up to witness on the streets and out in public to other young people dealing with drug addiction, pornography and abortion, to name just a few.


Understand you will likely need to get out of the seats of these dead so-called “churches.”  Be prepared to walk away, when your “pastor” refuses to address the many urgent matters of our times, and refuses to train the sheep up to be warriors for the kingdom.  He’s the “gatekeeper” and you won’t be able to fix things at your church as long as it’s being run by a cowardly wolf, so walk away.  There’s no time to waste now.  Then, be prepared to start your own home church — even if it’s only your own family household at first.


How else can we get out of the seats and into the streets?  We can study, to show ourselves approved, workmen that need not be ashamed.  We should know God’s Word inside and out; we should have a close relationship with our Creator, so that we can call on Him in a moment’s notice, and have no doubt whatsoever that He will hear and He will answer us.  We should learn to evangelize, as the disciples did in the book of Acts.  Notice, it is called the book of “Acts,” not the book of “sits there and listens to the pastor once a week, then goes home and nothing ever changes.” ACTS.  As Christians, we are to ACT.  You don’t do that while sitting in your seat in church — forever learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.


Also, in these days of deception and oppression, we must be active at the local levels — we need to be at our school board meetings when decisions are being passed to teach perversion to our children.  We need to be at the county Health Commission meetings, when decisions are being made to require masking and jabbing our children, to close our mom &?pop businesses — and coming soon, to require a digital ID and social credit score in order to hold a job, travel or buy food.  It’s time we stop sitting on the sidelines and, for goodness’ sake, at least SHOW UP at these meetings and make our presence known!


“Out of the seats and into the streets” doesn’t (yet) require violence, but unless we start getting up off our backsides and OUT THERE, courageously unafraid to speak the truth on EVERYTHING, it’s going to come to that, sooner rather than later.


As Christians, I?hope you know where and what Lahaina is.  I?hope you know that East Palestine is in Ohio, not the middle east.  Because most people don’t have a clue.  I hope you understand the wickedness, evil, lies and deception all around us.  Inform others on these things.  The media isn’t doing it, and the Lord knows, the “pastors” will never do it.  Refuse to let any lie go unchallenged.  Shine the light of truth on every falsehood, and use these government “false flag” events as opportunities to speak about the wiles of the devil and these last-days deceptions.  Each time they pull one of these hoaxes, it’s an opportunity for us to tell others the truth — and along with that, the truth of the Gospel as well.


That’s how you get “out of the seats and into the streets.”  Just DO SOMETHING!  For far too long we’ve been brainwashed into believing we can just go vote Republican, and let them take care of everything.  For too long, we’ve been brainwashed into believing we can just drop our kids off at youth group, and let them raise our children to be proper Christians...because we’re too lazy to get out of the seats.


If we don’t get up and actually DO SOMETHING now, then we’ll have no one but ourselves to blame when we’re ultimately led away into slavery by the devils masquerading as our “public servants.”


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