It is true that Youtube cancelled my channel. I had no strikes and was fully monetized. They told me in a very vague message that I was cancelled for dangerous conspiracy theories. With regard to me, Youtube did not follow their own progressive discipline (eg 3 strikes, demonetization). I just chalk this up to another "life is not fair" event, and then move on 

Yes, my work can be found on several sites with the first site being  much preferred. 

You can find my work at the following: 


  1.  The Common Sense Show TV       https://thecommonsenseshow.tv/

Currently, we publish 14-15 shows per month.  We are going to make this our flag ship broadcasting enterprise  and beginning in December, we are going to publish 15-20 shows per month with no regard for censorship, just total raw exposure of the evil being perpetrated upon humanity.  In the past, I was partially censored by Youtube which will no longer be the truth.  I predict that this channel will grow to huge proportions and Youtube and Google won’t be able to touch it. 

 I also hope you’ll become a regular at the following:


2. Rumble-  



3.  Of course, we still maintain our newsletter which can be signed up for at our website https://thecommonsenseshow.com/ 

At the bottom section of the website, contains our most recent radio shows and podcasts. According the rating service, Listen Notes, our podcast is in the top one-third of one percent of 3 million rated sites.   

4,   Radio archives can be found at the following:



Thank you for your support!

I believe in God, Family and Country,

Dave Hodges