Will Maduro Leave Venezuela In a Box Or As a Refugee?


John Bolton is purposely leaking information that is letting Maduro know that he is headed for Gitmo. The leak is designed to intimidate him into fleeing Venezuela and seeking asylum in one of the other Axis of Unity nations which is responsible for the migrant caravans and who are closely associated with the BRICS. His Russian handlers are telling him to stay the course and to not be intimidated. Putin is, no doubt, using his unqualified support for the Syrian President as proof that Russia does not abandon its allies or assets.  

US Military Intervention Has a Likely Timetable

People ask me how it has been that I have been able to anticipate some of the actions from the globalists. The answer is simple, I know their playbook. As a retired college basketball coach, I am trained to acknowledge strategic patterns as well as the timing of the patterns. As a former professor of psychology and statistics/research methodology, I understand the mindset for many globalist actions as they follow predictable patterns based on established personal preferences precisely as the Naval War College teaches. As brilliant as the globalists may be and as complex as their game plan is for global domination may be, they have an Achilles heel. They are exceptionally arrogant and sometimes that arrogance leads to carelessness when it comes to managing the flow of information. This makes the globalists vulnerable to exposure and ultimately counter-measures. The following is an example where the globalists were just plain careless in regard to their failure to control simple news releases which tip their hand. The following is just such an example. From the globalist-controlled Reuters:

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuela will sell 15 tonnes of gold from central bank vaults to the United Arab Emirates in coming days in return for euros in cash, a senior official with knowledge of the plan said, as the crisis-stricken country seeks to stay solvent.  The sale this year of gold reserves that back the bolivar currency began with a shipment on Jan. 26 of 3 tonnes, the official said, and follows the export last year of $900 million of mostly unrefined gold to Turkey.  In total, the plan is to sell 29 tonnes of gold held in Caracas to the United Arab Emirates by February in order to provide liquidity for imports of basic goods, the source said, requesting anonymity in order to speak freely...

If the goal of the globalist and the Trump administration is the removal of Maduro as the leader of Venezuela without direct US military intervention, their "covert" plan just took a big hit with this new article.Venezuela cannot be allowed to become liquid. If so, they will be able to feed many of their people, thus reducing the citizen opposition to Maduro. Therefore, this shipment of gold must be interdicted if the half-life of Maduro's administration is to be increased. And if the gold, or the benefits associated with the described transaction, come to light, the US government and its interests have lost plausible deniability in taking down Maduro. If Maduro's economy cannot remain liquid, it does not matter how many Russian commando body guards are assigned to protect him, natural market forces will force the removal of Maduro at the hand of his own people. Putin is not likely to let his forces be sucked down the rabbit hole and he will abandon Maduro. With Bolton clearly in charge of this operation, it begs the question, Wheres Trump? These are kinds of situations that make me appreciate how complex our government truly is and how nearly complete the takeover of our government by the Deep-State and their globalist puppet masters has become. With regard to Venezuela, it looks like Trump is just along for the ride. In cases like these, it is easy to see how limited the power of the Presidency has become.

The Human Carnage Inside of Venezuela

I am in receipt of a smattering of communications which seem to indicate that Maduro is doing what dictators when they are in trouble do, they are murdering the opposition. Maduro is opposed in the rural areas by people who are most vulnerable to the loss of resources suffered by the Venezuelan citizens. It strongly appears that a purge is underway in a town deemed to be a part of the resistance, namely, Tovar, Venezuela. Here is an excert received from a reader:

My name is ___ ___ ex Marine, Ex USBP. This morning on YouTube pearthwatch a woman Eva Gutierrez left a 3 minute audio pleading/ crying out for help.  Says the police, civil authorities, govt we're going house to house shooting, killing everyone inside and on the streets in  town , 20,000 population.  The people from earthwatch asked for translation ad recording was in Spanish

Ad then I received this communication which seems to validate the above email:

Dear Dave, I listen to you Kathy Rubio often. You are so right in what you are saying. We know people in Venezuela. In the town of Tovar, these people we know are going into hiding.  They got a message to us through shortwave. They are not able to communicate except through shortwave . Their communications have been cut and there are reports of frequent gunfire coming from the town. Thought you should know.  

The purge is staring in Venezuela. It is not going to be enough to save Maduro. Will Venezuela become the next Syria?

What's At Stake?

I loathe the Federal Reserve, they are single handily responsible for the economic woes of the United States. However, this is a devil that we must sleep with for a while longer. The enemy of the Petrodollar are the BRICS nations. Venezuela's oil and gold represent untold wealth to the BRICS which resist paying for oil in dollars. This practice gives YOUR dollar the only stability that it has. With a $22 trillion debt, a currency that is totally fiat will hyper-inflate overnight. Therefore, all Americans need the BRICS to fail. The BRICS (eg Russians and Chinese) cannot be allowed to save Venezuela. Their wealth, in the hands of the BRICS could tip the international economic balance of power. There are two ways that Maduro is going to be expelled. One is through a war, which is too messy. The second is through an orchestrated overthrow of his government by indigenous forces. If Venezuela is not able to get liquid, they cannot pay their bills. The Russians do not have time to rebuild Venezuela's economy. To the Russians, the question must be asked, is Venezuela worth going to war over? They are clearly being given the option because we have troops garrisoning in nearby Colombia.


War or a coup, which will it be? The world has never had a nuclear exchange. If Venezuela goes hot, we might see the planet's first nuclear exchange which will be perpetrated by the loser in the coup directed at at Maduro. We are not going to have wait for very long to find out.