Pirro Is the Latest Victim of Corporate Media Censorship! Where's Trump?

jeanine pirro

The Judge has been taken down. She dared to point out the hypocrisy an extreme bigotry of Representative Omar and now she's been silenced. Meanwhile, Omar continues to spew her racism from the halls of Congress with total impunity. There is no such thing as a bad Muslim, according to this highly bigoted member of Congress. In today's mainstream media, there are only bad conservatives and Christians and increasingly, white people are quickly becoming the scourge of humanity. Of course, we should realize that the media-led race-baiting is sophisticate from of divide and conquer. Keeping people apart so we cannot unite against the Deep State. .

Pirro's comments about Omar may not have been the way I would have attacked her extreme bigotry against anything or anyone who is not Muslim, but Pirro had an absolute right to say what she did an she was undeniably correct in what she said. Here is this entire tragic story as America flushes the 1st Amendment down the toilet.

Late-Breaking Development

There is a ray of hope, albeit a small, very small ray. President Trump has come out in support of Pirro and Carlson. Please note that when I reported on this topic, the video was demonitized even before publication.  Does this mean that TRUMP IS FINALLY GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT BIG CENSORSHIP, VIOLATION OF OPEN FORUM LAWS AND FLAGRANT BREACHES OF ANTI-TRUST LEGISLATION?

Trump continues to talk a good game, as evidenced by the following late-breaking press release regarding Trump's intention to confront big tech censorship. Trump needs to hear from everyone who values the 1st Amendment.