13 Reasons Why the Democratic Party Should Be Declared to be a Domestic Terror Group


At the present time under American law, all citizens have the right to free speech, freedom of religion, freedom to assemble to air grievances, freedom to have access to an uncontrolled media, the freedom to possess firearms for self-defense, the right to avoid the freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, the right to due process and a trial by a jury of one’s own peers in which life, liberty and property cannot be forfeited without follow judicial rules, etc….

In the previous paragraph, the rights listed are a partial summary of the rights granted by God to the people of this country. These are our national laws. Every man, woman and child should be secure in the fact that there are rights and safety are protected by their NATIONAL government. These facts used to make me feel secure that my rights were protected. However, there are people who are serving in our NATIONAL government, who are dedicated to bringing America into GLOBAL governance and they are willing to do so by any means possible including the destruction of our Constitutional government and the overturning of American culture.

The First Principle of Government

Today’s Democrats are leading an insurrection against the Constitution of the United States. They seek to destroy every fundamental right of the people as contained in the Constitution. The Democratic party should be declared to be a domestic terror group as well as an enemy of the people. The Democrats have illegally engaged in the following acts all designed to strip America of it legal heritage as expressed in the Constitution by engaging in the following terrorist acts:

  1. Allows and encourages a member of Congress, Rep. Omar (D), to call for anti-Jewish actions to take place.
  2. Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren threatened to redistribute wealth through armed force is necessary.
  3. Judges appointed by Obama (D) have ruled that private businesses are compelled to service gay weddings despite their religious beliefs.
  4. There is not a Democratic representative that would not support complete gun confiscation in order strip away conservative America’s last line of defense. As the University of Hawaii’s Democide (Research) Project has pointed out, all genocides are preceded by gun confiscation. Is this fact lost on the Democrats, or is this their ultimate goal?
  5. Democratic Senator Feinstein entered the Senate as a millionaire. When she retires, she will do so as a billionaire. How does that happen on a public servant’s salary of $170,000? It happens when she and her husband, Richard Blum, are in bed with the Communist Chinese. The have colluded with the corrupt EPA/BLM to strip away farms and ranches from their rightful owners, due to onerous regulations only to have the regulations relaxed, then they proceed to buy up the distressed properties and then subsequently sell the properties to the Chinese government for pennies on the dollar. Subsequently, we see a mass exodus of much of our agriculture to China.
  6. Nancy (D) and Paul Pelosi have led the way as California is having much of its water diverted. On one hand, massive amounts of California water is leaving the country in huge sprag bags, and guess where it is heading? It is headed to China. The other part of water diversion consists of allowing the Chinese-controlled Sinoloa cartels in places like Humboldt County, CA., to divert water to irrigate their marijuana farms.
  7. Hillary Clinton (D) has been allowed to circumvent the nation's security by allowing her to get away with having 33,000 classified emails on her insecure private server.
  8. Hillary Clinton (D) was allowed to sell highly enriched uranium to our enemies, the Russians, for profit and nobody is holding her accountable. The event was called Uranium One.
  9. The Democrats are attacking America at the cultural level. They are seeking to restructure American culture by supporting every form perversion including the allowance of pedophilia. The debate to legalize the practice has begun and Democrats are leading the way.
  10. The Democratically controlled National Education Association is actively blocking a bill which would make it illegal for teachers to have sex with their students. Apparently, there is no moral boundary that the Democrats will not cross.
  11. The criminal enterprise known as the Democratic party is advocating for totally open borders, which they have essentially succeeded. I have asked the question, why would the Democrats oppose border security if they were not profiting from the criminal enterprise taking place at the border? And what criminal enterprise would that be? That would consist of child-sex-trafficking, gun running, massive drug trade, the importation of terrorists (eg ISIS, Sinoloa drug cartel, MS-13). The Democrats like to ask why conservatives are not more compassionate for the migrants? In reality, any potential compassion for illegal immigrants is overshadowed by the very serious national security threats posed by several border crossers. Today, 700 additional DHS agents are on the border and one of the things that they are looking for is a dirty bomb. Communities like Del Rio, TX., and their law enforcement have been consumed by the cartels and the town has degenerated into a war zone. This is what the Democrats and their so-called “compassion” are achieving. Meanwhile Dianne Feinstein (D) can be caught with Chinese spy on her staff, as the spy served her for over 20 years, and nothing happens, no questions are asked, and no investigation is forthcoming. Total Treason!!!!
  12. The Democrats support the murder of infants as evidenced by the laws they have passed in places like New York. I am not talking about abortion here, I am talking about the execution of babies as they are born!
  13. In the ultimate act of treason, the Democrats support totally open borders. This not only violates our nation's laws, it puts every man, woman and child at risk because of the terrorists, who mean us harm, are entering the country. However, the threat is even greater on a larger scale. Without the territorial integrity of well-defined and defended borders, there is no nation. And that is the ultimate goal of the domestic terrorists known as the Democratic Party. They seek to hand over a shell of a country to the globalists to with us what they want. This is the ultimate betrayal to the fabric of any nation.


Every American must decide if we are a nation or a province under the control of UN global authority. This is a war between nationalism and globalism. Today's globalism is brutal, devoid of personal and civil liberties, does not limit the power of central authority, promotes Islam over all other religions which they will someday abolish, does not respect private property, does not consider the wishes nor the consent of the governed and is decidedly Satanic. 

I choose nationalism, because I choose freedom and the right to worship my Lord, Jesus Christ. Meanwhile 50% of this country remains in a self-induced stupor as we are systematically witnessing the erosion of the American culture and government.