All Things Are Being Revealed-CSS Hr 1-Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges


I recently interviewed Steve Quayle, in a two part interview, on a number of topics. This is such an interesting interview on a number of fronts. 

First, I have concluded that Steve is being targeted by social media for extreme harassment. Our topics in this first hour were relatively tame. We discussed the existential threats that are present in our society. However, these topic are relatively commonplace. Yet the video was demonetized. The most controversial topic had to do with Jesus and Satan. Essentially, Youtube is now demonetizing Jesus. Second, in Part One's title I put Steve's name. In Part 2, I used Steve's initials as a test and the second hour was not demonetized and it has far more controversial topics. Social media is out to get Steve and there is no question in my mind that this is true. Why are they after him? There are two reasons: (1) He speaks the truth; and, (2) He dares to talk about the redemptive power of the Lord Jesus Christ. And on this second point, the Deep State and the globalists have no answer for the Lord's power. So, they have no choice but to demonetize the source of the information that they find so threatening.

The interview is also beset with small noises as it sound like someone, at times, is chewing on their tongue. Here is the interesting thing. I like to ask Steve open-ended questions so he can have a chance to expand on this thoughts. When I do that, I always mute my microphone. So unless  Steve can eloquently speak and chew on his tongue at the same time, outside noises are being inserted into the interview and it has happened before on a Steve Quayle interview. Now, if the other side is willing to sabotage an interview, they must be afraid of the revealed content. It is the content that the listener should focus on. Steve was very much on on point and the subtle threats facing America, and American Christians, are real and they are very much life-threatening. 

This is an interview that all Christians and for that matter, all Americans need to hear. 

Part II will be released tomorrow.