The FDA Will Be the Death of Us All


The FDA will indeed be the death of us all. They are loyal to big pharma and as a result, Americans have the 51st longest lifespan despite paying the most for healthcare in the world.

Recent Health Trends: Where Is the FDA?

The FDA will indeed be the death of us all. They are loyal to big pharma and as a result, Americans have the 51st longest lifespan despite paying the most for healthcare in the world.

Our water is being poisoned (1). Our cell phones have scientifically been linked to brain cancer, despite the FDA’s best attempts to obfuscate the truth. We have witnessed the rise of mystery illnesses of which the government is fully aware.

Federally mandated light bulbs are highly toxic and if broken, pose a series of dire health threats. Of course no discussion on this topic would be complete without a mention of Fukushima in which the government changed its threshold of safe radiation and increased it by a factor of 10 following the Fukushima meltdown. Some estimates place the radiation levels at 50,000 times the previous levels. Ocean life and soon to be human life are going extinct in the path of the radiation cloud and the danger is nowhere close to being over. And let’s not forget about Gardasil, VIOXX, the quarter of million of us that will die to due to managed healthcare restrictions on treatment protocols in hospitals. All the evidence, all radiation, all the damage and the FDA continues to remain silent. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the prostitute for Monsanto. For a chance at career advancement, the officials at the FDA have sold the country’s health interests, and even their own family’s health interests, down the proverbial river.


Our tap water, often toilet to tap is not fit to drink and anyone that does so risks cancer and heart disease. This viewpoint has gained an important ally. Even the mainstream media is reporting on this travesty.

Then there is the concept of "death by doctor" which kills at least 800,000 Americans each year, mostly due to the FDA. Here is just one small aspect of this problem

Despite numerous FDA regulations, death from adverse drug reactions is still one of the leading causes of death in the U.S., killing at least 106,000 yearly!

Most of these deaths are from EXPECTED adverse reactions because they are an extension of the drugs’ actions. A mere 6 percent of all adverse drug reactions are properly identified.

As a result, the mortality rate for people between ages 45-64 who took their prescription drugs correctly rose 90 percent in just five years!

Even if you check the labels or not, the safety of the products you consume has been compromised by the very agency assigned to protect them!

However, we not just talking about medications which pose a threat to America, we are also talking about a growing segment of our food supply.

French Research Scientists Condemn GMO’s and Their Related Health Effects

As Prime Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, once said he was prepared to call for a wider European ban on genetically modified produce following an alarming new study that throws the safety of the food into doubt. The European report, based upon a French study on GMO’s  and their health effects on rats,  claimed that 200 rats fed GM corn produced by Monsanto had suffered the growth of life-threatening tumors the size of ping-pong balls. Monsanto has been strangely silent on the matter.

However, French scientist, Joel Spiroux, has called for new rules on GMO foods as he stated “Current regulation tests are conducted over three months, but the really serious diseases, such as the death of rats due to tumors, occur only in the fourth month. “Therefore these tests give no real information about the effects of genetically modified food on health over a lifetime.” Yet, the FDA will not force Monsanto to label so people can make an informed choice. The lesson here is simple, the American people have found one more government agency that is in the hip pocket of a corporate oligarchical structure as the FDA cannot be trusted to carry out its mandate to protect the American people. 


American diabetes rates, cancer rates and obesity rates are skyrocketing in comparison to the rest of the world where GMO foods are labeled and can be avoided, but not in America where GMO foods do not have to be identified. This is all courtesy of the FDA.

The FDA needs to be abolished and we need to establish local control over healthcare and environmental safety because the federal government cannot be trusted.


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