What IS Coming Is No Longer Coming, It Is Already Here


There is a pervasive and universal feeling that something big is coming, very big. I find this easy to believe because of the existing set of circumstances and the level of desperation from the Left. They risk standing trial. They risk being totally exposed to a largely ignorant public. The left is desperate. Everything is on the table.

As Steve Quayle put it:

What Is Coming Is No Longer Coming, It Is Already Here

An Atmosphere of Desperation

The Mueller report has thrown a major monkey wrench into the process of removing Trump before 2020. The Free trade desired by the major corporations has been stifled with the reworking of NAFTA, the cancellation of the TPP and the major sanctions levied by this President on China. The endless search for cheap labor, by globalist corporations, Trump is an pariah and he must be removed from power. Short of removing him based on Trumped up charges, he could be assassinated. However, this might motivate an equal and opposite reaction from the American public that the globalists are not prepared to deal with.Therefore, other means must be employed to bring down the opposition to a New World Order. 

This article is a dot connecting exercise in which I look for commonalities of what my intel sources are saying. Are there common threads? Are the comments predictive about anticipated future events? Can the summation of these observations be correlated to something that is known? In the field of research, the following is known as a qualitative analysis (descriptive vs data analytics). 

The Coming Jihad

There is a Jihad coming, a Tet Offensive set of attacks upon an unsuspecting America. President Trump is being staffed with neocons loyal to the globalists (eg Bolton). We are sending our troops to the Middle East, Columbia an massive ship movement is going on in the South China Sea. And on top of that, North Korea is again causing problems. The net effect is that the bulk of our troops are soon going to be out of the country and there will be few troops left to defend against a Red Dawn style of invasion, or massive terrorism or both. There will be few troops left to respond to a grid down scenario or a massive set of terror attacks. And there will be few troops to respond to domestic terrorism of Biblical proportions. When America gets hit, it is going to get hit with the kitchen sink. 

What Intel Sources Are Saying: The Calm Before the Storm

Many of the intel sources that I speak with are completely baffled in that specific intelligence is lacking and takes on the form as if something, or many things are being held back. However, speculation from three sources suggests that what is coming will be triggered by a large event and then there will be spinoff attacks following the big one. I have asked the question, what event? I get three responses:

1. The Indianapolis 500

2. The fireworks display on the mall in Washington DC. 

3. A general grid down scenario early in summer and as early as Memorial Day Weekend. 

I would also add in the potential failure of the Oroville dam as I have previously covered. 

There is general feeling that something big is coming  and it is coming soon. One FBI agent likened the present climate to an tsunami drawing water out to the ocean before the final calamity strikes. This person said that monitored chatter from various terrorist/gang groups has become eerily quiet. It is the calm before the storm. 

A DHS source told me "we know where the domestic training camps are, we know where the child-sex trafficking facilities are, we know their distribution points for drugs and we know where their tunnels are along with a myriad of other characteristics. We could go get them now, but we are being prevented from doing anything proactive".  There is a general feeling that their agents and the public as a whole, are being sold out. America is being set up for failure.

A long-time DEA source told me essentially the same thing. We know what the enemy is about. We know that domestic organized crime activities involving the cartels have overlapped with known terrorist groups and we are not allow to pursue. I was told, "You have have written about such places as Humboldt County and we are not allowed to breach this vast organized crime structure". It is proliferating and we have solid intel that much of the profits are being used to obtain massive amounts of weapons inside the United States and I am certain that your recent article on this topic was motivated, in part, by this kind of revelation from me to you. Drug shipments go unabated around the country and we are not allowed to intervene without express permission and that permission is increasingly being withheld. We have a nest of subversives in the country and an their power and subsequent danger is immense. It is impossible to believe that these forces are not getting help from the highest levels of government. "

Then there is an individual that I do not consider to be a source who made a very interesting "by the way" comment. "My department (Phoenix police) was making record number of weapons seizures largely from organized crime groups, such as the cartels. However, in the past month, we are getting next to nothing." I pressed for more information but the answers to turned to cereal box answers with no specifics. However, the pattern expressed here is the same as the alphabet soup agencies. 

Paul Preston Connected the Dots in 2016

Back in 2016, I documented how Paul Preston, the leader of the New California movement, had specific intel from an embedded source that was at the CALEXIT operational meetings, learn that large numbers of white people would be murdered if CALEXIT was not successful. This mass murder would push America towards letting go of California if CALEXIT was not successful. CALEXIT was designed to crush America's economy and damage the food supply as exiting the country as a protectorate of the UN. The mass murdering of white people would be a means to that end. The Vegas massacre was a beta test for the blatant violence coming in this country with regard to forcing California out of the Union. That is not going to happen, therefore, get ready for a long hot summer. Again, keep in mind the Vegas attack was a beta test that we established as such on the CSS. 

The collapsing of the Oroville Dam would accomplish the same as a million people could die, much of the retail in this country would be compromised as well as the food supply would be greatly impacted.  . 


A future article will add substance to the observation of intel personnel. This will lead to the establishment of multiple parallel paths which come to the same conclusion.