Schiff Is Following In the Path of Hitler In Leading the Overthrow of the US Government- America Should Expect a Holocaust to Follow Impeachment


I had just completed a workout and was relaxing in my chair when I began to see in mind, railroad cars with shackles. I saw Adam Schiff wearing a swastika. I saw barbed wire and I saw innocent people behind that barbed wire. It was just a daydream, nothing more. However, in that moment, I realized that we were witnessing the rise of the 4th Reich under Schiff and Pelosi with Hillary waiting in the wings to assume power.

If Trump is impeached, we might want to think about leaving the country. However, at that point, I don’t think many countries will have you. First, there are 19 countries in absolute chaos and they are all using George Soros tactics from the Arab Spring days to overthrow existing governments. The United States will become the 20th country and it will spread beyond us. This is the New World Order using Soros tactics to promote discord using the Hegelian Dialectic which follows the battle plan of “problem-reaction-solution”. In the case of American, the solution part will be the American version of the “Final Solution”.

Fake Impeachment

This is a fake impeachment. I have been studying Constitutional processes with regard to the impeachment proceedings and there is nothing legal, nor is there any case precedent for what “Shifty” Schiff is doing. Below, are some issues that I have with regard to what Schiff is doing.

  1. Schiff is holding the process in secret. This is unprecedented and illegal. During the Nixon and Clinton impeachment proceedings, the attorney for the President was present at all proceedings. This is a denial of due process covered explicitly under the 5th Amendment.
  2. Schiff is the head of the Intelligence Oversight Committee. This is not a standing committee in the House of Representatives, and therefore, this committee has no authority to hold an impeachment inquiry.
  3. The evidence is being gathered and held in secret. This is the equivalent of worker in a county election, taking open boxes of votes and taking them to a second location with no oversight or security. The votes could be tampered with. By the way, this is routine practice for Maricopa County Elections Department in my home county. It is illegal. It is also illegal to do the same with evidence for an upcoming process. Effectively, this non-standing committee headed by a self-appointed demagogue, is in the “discovery process” which is effectively the gathering disclosure of evidence. Discovery is a joint process. The other side in such a proceeding gets to examine and challenge any evidence. A judicial authority then rules on admissibility. Not only do the Republicans not get to see, or hear witness testimony, neither does the President or his attorney. This is also illegal under the 5th Amendment and case law. Further, as in my vote tampering example, evidence handled in secret is subject to tampering and fraud because Schiff is not allowing any oversight to his action. This proceeding amounts to the coronation of Schiff as judge, jury and executioner.
  4. There is a treaty which has existed since 1999, which permits both the Ukrainian Executive Branch as well as the American to make direct inquiries with regard to corruption and criminal behavior. There is no quid pro quo exception to the process. If a President wishes to exercise leverage in the pursuit in corruption, he may.
  5. One Schiff witness, is hardly vindicated by his testimony where he said he did not the process that the President was using and that he was undermining inter-agency cooperation with regard to the desire to place defensive missiles in Ukraine. Inter-agency cooperation is a euphemism for Deep State. Therefore, what this witness testified as to wrong-doing by the President was that he is saying that Deep State desires come before the executive authority of the President. This admits that the United States has been ruled by a secret cabal called the Deep State. This judgement by this witness is neither Constitutional nor legal. And to add salt to this wounding of the Constitution, Obama cancelled defensive weapons systems for Ukraine because they were looking into the Bidens for corruption. It is Obama, if anybody who should be on trial. Schiff has made it illegal to report a crime against a prominent Democrat or members of his/her (Pelosi’s son) family.

All but about 2% of the media is on board with impeachment. I recently watched an interview with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum , who is following NASCAR’s practice of always turning left, interview Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. She interrupted him more than a dozen times and repeatedly tried to put words in his mouth. Pompeo was saying that he was an eyewitness, not a hearsay witness like what Schiff is using in the impeachment process. Fox should have been asking Schiff why Pompeo was not called as a witness. For the record, Pompeo’s statements exonerate the President. “There was nothing inappropriate”,  “We were all concerned that criminal corruption was not involved in our decision to place defensive weapons in Ukraine” and “the discussion appropriately moved in the direction of the Bidens’ along these lines. Why was not eyewitness Pompeo not called to testify? Why wouldn’t Fox News even ask the question. Why aren’t the Republicans filing a criminal law suit against Schiff for his illegal actions and obvious fraud and treason. The fix is in and Trump, barring Divine Intervention, will be out.


Schiff Is Hitler and That Is No Exaggeration

Adam Schiff should be considered to be a modern-day Adolph Hitler. Let’s take an overview of Hitler’s rise to power. The Third Reich was the Nazi administration that ascended to power from 1933 to 1945, under Hitler’s leadership. Its development led to the onset of a violent dictatorship accompanied by citizen disappearance and crimes against humanity. Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany in 1933. He was appointed by President Paul Von Hindenburg. Hindenburg was old, frail and intimidated by Hitler. He feared assassination. Members of Hindenburg’s party were corrupt and feared exposure. Many in history point out that Hindenburg simply appointed Hitler because he was popular. That is like saying that Hillary Clinton will be appointed President because she is beautiful.

I have family that were forced to flee Germany during in the aftermath of Germany’s transition of power from Constitutional Republic to a dictatorship under the 3rd Reich. At that time, the German people were among the best educated in the world. Germany was a leader in the arts and the sciences. And they had a Constitution. Yet, Germany will become one of the most vile civilizations in the history of the world. How did Hitler really gain power? He gained power because Hindenburg and his associates were corrupt and they were being exposed and blackmailed. Eventually, Hitler cornered Hindenburg and he acquiesced to Hitler’s insatiable desire to assume power. He was blackmailed and the process was exacerbated by Hindenburg’s bad health, he will die less than a year after the transfer of power.

After Hitler assumed the dictatorial mantle of power, he still had to contend with the opposition power, the Communists. Hitler created the mother of all false flags, at that time, and burned down the Reichstag. Then he proceeded to murder his opposition in the name of preserving the country in the face of falsely accused treason. One by one the Communist leadership was murdered.

In order to consolidate power, Hitler then went after segments of the population. Everyone knows about the Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and the medically infirm. However, under the guise of protecting Germany from the “Jewish conspiracy” dissidents were targeted and many were accused of being members of the four primary persecuted groups. In other words, let’s grab some Jews, throw in some dissidents, mix them all together and send them to the ovens.

The process of impeachment is meaningless. Schiff’s unconstitutional and illegal behavior would amount to nothing except he is 1933 Adolph Hitler. The Republican Party is corrupt. Many have been framed on key votes for years (eg Obamacare). The book the Franklin Scandal and many others have discussed how freshman senators and congressman are wined, dined and compromised when they are first elected. In part, it is an Epstein process.

Presently, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and John Bolton have been canvassing the Republicans on selling them a Mike Pence Presidency, or else. This has always part of the plan. If it wasn’t please tell me why Pence started a 2020 Presidential PAC called the Great Committee and began to wine and dine key Republican contributors, many in the military-industrial-complex?


This is why I have been telling my audience to write to the key and knowingly compromised Republican Senators and telling them that if they vote for impeachment, that whatever skeletons they are concealing, the public will turn over every rock and look under every bed to expose their level of corruption and reveal it to all. The Senate is in the process of being compromised on this basis. They have less than 10 votes to procure a conviction vote. This process is so illegitimate. These Republicans that the Hindenburgs’ of the their day. Schiff is Hitler.

So what happens when Schiff’s people complete their coup against the President? If history sets the example as it did in Russia and Germany, there will be a two stage coup. The first stage will compromise the Republicans and kill the ones like Rand Paul and Gohmert as being enemies of the state. I expect MS-13, the assassins of choice for the drug cartels, to be the executioners. This is why they were brought here. When the top level tier of political opposition is eliminated, then it is time to turn their attention to you. America will then find out why the NSA, google and Amazon spies relentlessly on the public. They are developing a naughty and nice list. Many of you reading these words will become Adam Schiff’s version of the modern day equivalent of Jews and you will be exterminated and has many have pointed out, you will die at the end of guillotine and your spare parts (ie organs will be trafficked). If this surprises you, you have not been paying attention to the influx of guillotines into the country and the quiet activation of what we euphemistically call “FEMA camps”.

Any guesses as to the nature of the modern day false-flag Reichstag Fire that will set into motion the purge against dissident leadership and ultimately the American people?


Most Americans are sleepwalking through this coup against Trump in a type of mass cognitive dissonance. However, when your door is broken down at 3AM and you are hauled off to the camps, the protections of cognitive dissonance fades into oblivion like many of you will who are reading words. In conclusion, you may wish to burn your MAGA hats because it will become prima facia evidence of treason in the new Schiff-Pelosi coup as Hillary uses the NDAA to subjugate all of you people on the Steve Quayle “red list”. Enjoy your slumber America, it is almost 3AM.