The 7 Stages of the Bolshevik Takeover of Amerika


America is in the midst of becoming Amerika. There are 7 stages to the Bolshevik takeover of our Republic. History is clear and America is going down the path of Communist China, Nazi Germany and most definitely the Bolsheviks.Here are the 7 stages:

1. Build an army of malcontents and underachievers who want something for nothing. 

2. Put the government on its knees with staggering debt designed to weaken the country.

3. There is a multi-generational infiltration of foreigners with bad intentions. Their children join the CIA, the FBI, the State Department and various governmental bureaucracies, the media and entertainment. This also involves disloyal governmental/judicial employees making appointments of like-minded and treasonous personnel. This is who one gets Obama judges and a solid deep state. As Soviet defectors have exposed, this is a uniquely American characteristic associated with the demise in our government, culture and society not found in previously deposed regimes.

4. .This stage is characterized by a judicial reign of terror designed to move the country in a different, more tyrannical state of mind where the rule of law no longer applies. This includes jailing opponents for "mental illness", jailing the allies of your opponents, thus lessening the opposition's base of support. At the same time, the basic tenets of the society are challenged and what used to be the foundations of a society no longer exist and are maligned if they do. The media takeover which starts in Stage 1 becomes obvious. This all leads to an erosion of trust in the existing regime and makes change psychologically appealing to the ignorant masses.

5. This is where the power formally changes hands. With important political figures that have been neutralized, politically removed and/or assassinated, the stage is set to win elections and combined with the growing threat of voter fraud, the task is relatively easy. 

6. In order to solidy power, philosophical leaders of the opposition, who are still loyal to old ideals, must be neutralized to whatever degree necessary. This is the beginning of the concentration camps and the mass exterminations. 

7. The government wages endless war and the society is managed from a perspective of perpetual martial law and any opposition is met with extreme prejudice and there is a complete evidence of due process. 

The following broadcast provides more detail of these stages complete with examples from recent current events.