The Failed Russian Attack Which Was Designed to Trigger a Cascadia Cataclysm


The Russians have attempted to unleash a devastating attack upon the United States by trying to trigger a mass volcanic event in Cascadia. This is the story....

There are three events, which happened three days apart which are inextricably related. The first event, listed below, was a battle between Russian and American submarines. The second event was a retaliation event triggered by the Russians in retaliation for the attack upon their two submarines. The third event was a preventative measure needed to counter the Russians and yes, the fallen angels and much more money was needed to expand the fight. These are the three events: 

  1. On July 1, 2019, in an event that is still shrouded in mystery 2 Russian submarines were attacked and allegedly an American submarine was allegedly damaged beyond repair. 
  2. On July 4th, the China Lake naval station which is located less than 10 miles from the epicenters of the Ridgecrest quakes that rocked the region on July 4 and July 5, led to the destruction of the base and much more with regard to triggering a massive lava flow which bifurcated and is simultaneously headed to the coast. When the lava flow reaches the coast, it will trigger a regional genocide and a planetary-change event. The most damaged Russian submarine was the Losharik.
  3. On August 29, 2019, President Trump announced the creation of the Space Command. The Space Command was secretly in existence since the early 1950's. It was the spearhead behind a secret space program. Trump decided to bring the Space Command out of the shadows in order to get Congressional funding as opposed to relying on covert black budget funding as it had in the past. Why? Because the expanded importance of the Space Command dictated new funding sources. This was the way to achieve this. And why was this needed? The answer is simple, there are threats in space and there are Russian threats to Cascadia which could result in a premature calamity. More on this later in the article.  

The Russian submarine that was badly damaged, Losharik, was among the most mysterious of a very closely guarded fleet that frequently engages in the most clandestine missions. Fielded in the late 1990s, specifics for the nuclear-powered boat are few. It’s estimated to carry a crew of about 25--30 and can dive to thousands of feet below the surface, according to the Military Russia blog. The purpose and capabilities of Losharik are cloaked in top secret mystery.

In early July, the CSS published the following account about an attack upon two Russian submarines:

The apparent attack upon a Russian spy submarine engaged in a retrieval mission is beginning to draw attention. 

From the Independent:

The Kremlin has said it is not planning to identify the submarine involved in Monday's fire that cost the lives of at least 14 servicemen – or release any details about its mission...

However, there are some details that are emerging from quiet voices from the intelligence community who are not going to tolerate disinformation being spread about this situation. 

I received a call from my most trusted insider-source, a former high ranking ARSOF member. The source informed me of the following:

The Russian submarine accident occurred on board the Losharik, one of the Russian Navy's secretive  spy subs. the "accident" also involved a submersible craft that the Losharik had launched, or its larger Delfin-class mothership submarine, the BS-64 Podmoskovye.

My ARSOF source directed me to the following site. According to The Drive, "the submarine in question was actually BS-64, which reportedly serves as the mothership for Losharik. The small nuclear-powered submarine is supposed to ride closer to the mission area underneath the larger BS-64." This is where this gets really interesting. The Drive went on to say the following:

...the Russians also describe their special mission submarines, ranging from the deep-diving, nuclear-powered, yet relatively small submarine Losharik to the new Belgorod, presently the world's longest submarine, as "research" boats. That a mothership submarine carries Losharik ventrally during extended-range missions may be part of the confusion, as well. There is limited information about any of these submarines.

Losharik can reportedly dive to depths as deep as 3,300 feet and its primary mission is to investigate and manipulate objects of interest on the seabed. This could include recovery of sensitive objects for intelligence analysis or to prevent other countries from doing the same, the deployment of sensors or other equipment, or the tapping or cutting of seabed cables supporting military and civilian communications and other networks.

At the time of the battle between an American submarine and two Russian submarines, the reasons for the battle centered around the Ameican submarine intercepting the Russians who planned to do one, or both, of the following:

  1. Retrieve crashed saucer remains from the bottom of the ocean floor
  2. Cut communication and internet cables 

This was the CSS report on a partially true set of events which had been created to cover up what was really going on. 

Now, it is time to connect some dots.The Chinese trade deal, signed yesterday, is being used as the excuse for the sequestering of the Kansas and Nebraska Legislature. This is not believable. DHS and a National Guard does not require that a Legislature sign Non-disclosure-agreements, board a bus, go to a military base and recdeived a top secret briefing. Never in the history of trade agreements has this happened. When this breaks, the story you are going to hear is that this meeing was held to advise the respective legislatures on how to deal with the changing face of agriculture as a result of the signed trade deal with China. This is nonsense and a weak cover story. 

What the CSS has learned is shocking. The Russians, after their humiliation following the Cuban Missile Crisis, developed a nuclear boring submarine called the Mole  On July 1, 2019, a mole was to be delivered by the Russians using the Losharik and unleash all hell upon Cascaida through a delayed nuclear detonation.

During the cold war, the Americans chose to dominate near earth orbit, but the Russians decided to go underground and use the technology to attack US military bases. While a Soviet prototype showed promise, a catastrophic nuclear reactor failure caused it to explode during a test dig, forcing officials to abandon the project in the 1960's. The CSS has learned that the Russians never abandoned this technology. They made plans to implant nuclear bombs on the west coast of the United States with this boring technology that would be delivered by submarines.

On July 1, 2019, the Russians were going to launch a pre-emptive strike upon America. The submarine was headed to the American northwest where this technology would be delivered. The hope was that such an action would trigger the impending catastrophe of Cascadia and its 18 super-charged volcanic activity. The Space Command needed more funds to expand in order to meet this challenge. The triggering of Cascadia would become the worst horror that could be unleashed upon the United States. As a result, a state of war exists between the US and Russia. Would you care to guess where the modern application of this technology was developed? It was developed in Ukraine. Now consider Pelosi, Schiff, Biden, Sanders role in all of this. 

This is a report in progress. There is no doubt that Putin's firing of his government is related to this event. There is no doubt that the legislative meetings of Nebraska and Kansas is related as well. The CSS will be conducint follow up reports.