Is the "Virus" the Doomsday Weapon of Distraction for Democrats Courtesy of the CHICOM Allies?

adam schiff

The seriousness of this article cannot be overstated. This article is not merely the best educated guesses of medical researchers and journalists, like myself, who are trying to make sense of this crisis. These health-related events are also impacting decisions at the highest levels of our military.

On January 26th, I reported that key military personnel would be “locked down”  in the near future, presumably so they could be isolated from the virus to be able to perform mission-critical duties associated with the military. Here was that report:


In confirmation, I received the following email this morning as I just began to put this report into its final form:



I don't know if you will get this but I need to let you know about some of the military lockdown you talked about earlier on one of your videos.  I am currently in Afghanistan and can't get home!  And several units that are redeploying through Kuwait are stuck there as well.  They just keep telling us that flights have been getting diverted, no further info, be patient.  We all know it's bullshit!  Thought you might like to know what is going on overseas right now.


So, somebody in the government is taking this seriously.

Transmission of the Virus

The most pertinent and critical information that we have now has to do with what we call the transmissibility rate. From information obtained by The Common Sense Show, from 3 sources (2 original source and one source that is used as interpretative), it was reported that there differential transmissibility rates ranging from 2.6 (high but astronomical) to 3.8 (which is considered to be astronomical).

This morning one of the sources have revised their prediction based upon the likelihood that mutations with a single hose i,s occurring 1-3 times within a host before the host become symptomatic. What this means is that a person who is infected is infecting as many as 3 people before anyone would be able to do a first person diagnosis which would suggest that the person is symptomatic and needs more testing.

This data is coming out of Taiwan and the World Health Organization (WHO) and the on-the-scene health officials were trying to keep a lid on it. It was during this debate which included high drama, that the head of WHO’s pandemic containment team unexpectedly died due to surprise and suspicious heart attack.


Further, there is more information which is strongly suggestive of a cover-up in which virologists and epidemiologists are being threatened to be quiet. It happened to one of my three sources who was providing interpretations of what I was learning. Here is my final communication from this source.


As we both know that Americans are in the beginning of a potential shit storm of Biblical proportions. However, this is my last communication to you and I will be unable to address your previous questions. I no longer fear for my job, I fear for myself. We had an impromptu meeting with ”suits” and they told us we can be held criminally and civilly liable for any statements attributed by us to third parties. The threat to our safety came in the form of telling us that the Chinese are murdering their own doctors near ground zero. The intentionality of this statement was not sublte and I am scared shitless. We are now under a verbal kind of shut down. I ask that you not burn me, please, I have a family. Bear in mind that if they are doing this to us, you might be next. As you stated, that attack on Mike Adams and your own website is not coincidental.  


What is interesting, is that this covert source has not provided one piece of original data. They only interpreted what I was told in ways that I do not possess the professional knowledge to accurately interpret.

Here are some updated second generation figures:

  • Infectious rate is 9!% which is revised upward from 83% which Mike Adams reported on the CSS 48 hours ago.
  • The mutation pattern, I reported on 48 hours ago is confirmed. Swine to human, back to swine, back to humans. This guarantees rural transmissibility among humans but opens the distinct possibility that more animal to animal transmission such as to American deer, elk and moose has/will occur. This population in various locations around the country is experience an attack of a form of mad cow disease and Paul Martin reported on this several months ago as it was occurring in Northern Colorado. This development would impact people on the run, such as a guerrilla army, opposed to a hostile takeover of our government,  from being able to procure enough food to support their operation needs as it relates to food. By the way, crisis actors rehearsed this in Jade Helm 16.
  • The transmissibility rate is open for debate. I am witnessing the division between various sources. I have been told by an expert that this variance in reporting the transmissibility rate is likely due to the fact that we are looking at many manufactured strains and subsequent variants of the virus. Effectively, this speaks to the fact that everyone who contracts the virus is a biological weapon. If the transmission rate is 3.8, this means that an infected person is exposing 4 other people before becoming symptomatic. This makes acting director of FEMA’s request to President Trump to enact martial completely understandable. I have learned that this 3.8 transmission rate is the highest on record. As concerning as this rate may be, it is not this rate that will give other researchers, and potential whistleblowers a “suddenly induced heart attack”, if is the transmission rate related to the second and generation that is alarming everyone and why there is a decided attempt to lockdown as much information about the virus as possible. And it is inaccurate at this point to discuss a “single” virus. The wide variance of the symptoms means we are dealing with a rapidly replicating and mutating virus which speaks to the clear fact that nature is taking over we may have not just 4 variants of the original virus, we may have hundreds or thousands and every expert I speak with states that this could only happen though artificial means. This clearly indicates that we are dealing with a first generation bioweapon that will prove to be impossible to treat until the process burns itself out.
  • A standard burnout rate is generally 30 days from the time of first infection. However, these conditions have intelligent design behind them and therefore, I am told it is impossible to predict the life of this process. As one source stated “hell, it may never burn itself out” and this will be a fixture for the future of humanity. I am convinced that anyone making predictions on infectious rates, precise death rates, at this point, is only an educated guess made in a game with no established rules.  Natural News is reporting the same sense of futility and the seemingly ineffectiveness of standardized treatment, this morning, here and here for slightly different reasons than I have listed in this article.


Speculation and Conclusion

Some readers will remember when Al Gore and the DNC got caught, in the President Clinton’s re-election campaign, transferring silk-worm missile technology to the CHICOMS in exchange for covert, black-money campaign donations. That story, although widely reported had a shelf life of about two days. Under the category of the more things change, the more they stay the same, the Democrats, in my humble opinion are at it again. I firmly believe that when the Democrats, like Adam Schiff, are not engaged in $2500 per plate fundraisers sponsored by Urkraine’s largest arms dealer, that they are engaged in even more nefarious and treasonous relationships with foreign entities like the CHICOMS.  

The impeachment trial is going badly for the Democrats and the connecting dot is that the top level Democrats have a seemingly irrevocable relationship with the CHICOM government (eg Paul Pelosi sending water to China, Diane Feinstein’s 20 years CHICOM spy driver). However, the most damning connection comes from Hunter Biden, and daddy Joe running interference for this event, as Hunter was on the board of directors for a shell-corporation subsidiary to Burisma as it sent F-35 related technology to the CHICOMS. Alexandra Daley and myself reported on this even 72 hours before this article was published. Don’t forget that 6 days ago, we published proof that Cofer Black, Mitt Romney’s national security campaign adviser, is on the board of directors at Burisma. There are many more CHICOM connections, however, is it safe to say that the Democrats would do anything to keep Hunter and Joe Biden from testifying in the impeachment trial. This is the “catch-22” that the Republicans are forcing upon Adam Schiff and friends. The Democrats need a distraction and I believe that this so-called Coronavirus is the “doomsday bomb” related to the Democrats and their friends with regard to their Ukrainian corruption. The CHICOMS are happy to help because it could remove Trump, if the American economy falters as a result. And it can serve as a depopulation weapon that the Chinese so desperately need.

If I was a senior level staffer at the Department of Justice, I would have out my subpoena pen and following the same line of research that Alexandra Daley and myself don’t have access to such as private banks accounts which shows dealings with Chinese entities such as HSBC Bank and any chemical and biological weapons entities that Burisma, or its personnel, had access to. This is speculation, but this is where I would begin my criminal investigation and I would bet my last dollar that this manufactured bioweapon is the doomsday weapon of the Deep State controlled Democrats. They desperately need the distraction. Does William Barr have the intestinal fortitude to carry this out? I guess I would ask, does he have food-testers and car-starters that he can trust?

The Chinese equivalent of America’s Ft. Dietrich, just released, accidentally or more likely, on purpose, an unprecedented bioweapon which will soon take the impeachment hearing off of the front page news. The cover story is far from believable.This is exactly what the “doctor” ordered for the beleaguered Democrats.

For the record, I am certain that history will soon prove that these top level Democrats are guilty of treason and Trading with the Enemies Act and they are up to their “eyeballs” in this bioweapon being released upon the world. If only I had subpoena power for one day.