The Coronavirus Is Actually the 2nd Attempt to Use the Virus As a Pretext to Install Extreme Martial Law-What Did We Learn the 1st Time?

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Regardless, how bad the Coronavirus gets, the end game intent is obvious. Even if this virus has minimal impact, say no worse than the flu, or if the virus wipes out 80% of all humanity, the end game is the same. The end game as it is emergingis the total subjugation of the planet and to turn it into a militarized police state which initially uses the Coronavirus(es) as the excuse in order to scare the public into complete compliance as we trade our liberty for the fake promise of security. 

This scam was tried before in 2008-2009 and I was on the frontlines covering the event. It was called the HINI scare. 

During this time frame, was contacted by two former schoolmates who were in Colorado law enforcement. They had just participated in drills near Trinidad, Colorado and Grand Junction, Colorado with crisis actors. The following protocols were observed and previously printed on Freedoms Phoenix. I also did 5 radio broadcasts on the subject.

1. A DUI style roadblock was set up, with chase cars to either side. 

2. Motorists were stopped and subjected to a mock scanning device which supposedly was able to determine whether someone had taken the vaccine for the H1N1. I did not understand this technology in 2009, I do now and will elaborate in Part Two.

3. If Motorists were noncompliant, they were removed from their cars (drill only) and men would go on one bus, women another and children, yet another. The thinking was this fear of being removed from your car under threat of being sent to what we would call, today, a medical martial law FEMA camp, would scare the people into compliance to take the vaccine and they would be on their way. 

Also during this time, the ingredients of the Baxter-developed vaccine became public and the abnormal amount of squalene and other adjuvants were doing damage to the central nervous system and the public outcries began and the members of the medical community got involved and we turned back these globalists who tried to do in 2008 what they are trying to do today. Here are some excerpts from this story. 

H1N1 and the Weaponized Vaccine

In the country of H1N1’s  purported origin, Mexico, only 85 deaths have occurred from the outbreak. In the United States only 127 deaths have occurred and a mere 311 people have died worldwide. And for this, the news media is whipped into a state of swine flu hysteria and various governmental agencies are expending massive amounts of resources to engage in disaster preparedness qand martial law drills, ostensibly in anticipation of the over-hyped swine flu outbreak this fall. And if this were a real threat, wouldn’t health officials have moved to suspend air travel at the time of the outbreak? Of course they would have, if containment and public safety were the true objective.

 Aren't these the same questions that we are asking now? Same playbook with some revisions.

Since I first interviewed vaccine expert, Dr. Rebecca Carley and medical researcher, Pat Jordan, on The Common Sense Show, in April 2009, I have been contacted by several medical researchers and physicians who reinforce what Carley and Jordan stated on my show in which they specifically state that the H1N1 virus has been genetically engineered into a weaponized virus. Extensive analysis of H1N1 has found that it contains the original 1918 H1N1 flu virus, the avian flu virus (i.e., bird flu), and two new H3N2 virus genes from Eurasia. H1N1 has gone through a definitive genetic shift, as opposed to a genetic drift, and has skipped countless numbers of generational mutations. This is not mutation, this is bioengineering.   

 Again, are we not seeing the questioning of the mutations as unnatural and bioengineered with the Coronavirus?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has awarded contracts to Baxter Pharmaceuticals and Novartis Pharmaceuticals to engage in a race to produce the H1N1 vaccine. A brief look at their relative safety track record is in order.

The Bastards From Baxter

 It is very surprising that WHO and the U.S. government would award Baxter, as one of the two Pharmaceuticals who would be entrusted to develop a vaccine in this supposed massive threat to humanity in light of their track record of safety and utter disregard for the safety of future patients.

Baxter has been associated with two deadly instances involving malfeasance and scandal which has served to endanger the public. In 2006, hemophiliac treatment elements were contaminated with the HIV virus which was injected into thousands of patients. In a complete disregard for human safety and welfare, Baxter continued to sell and subsequently dispense the HIV infected vaccine even after the contamination was discovered. In even a more egregious act in this past winter, Baxter released a traditional seasonal flu vaccine contaminated with the Avian (bird) flu virus. Fortunately, some alert Czech Republic lab workers discovered the contamination in the nick of time and stopped the imminent shipments, headed for 18 countries which would have easily developed into a world pandemic. What makes this story particularly disturbing lies in the fact that level 3 containment protocols, which is a WHO requirement for the handling of toxic materials, mandates that these materials were to be kept separate. And this was totally ignored by Baxter. The only question remains, was this a case of gross and unimaginable incompetence or was this a deliberate and planned event?

 Gifted researchers like Mike Adams have clearly documented the issue of overall vaccine safety. In 2009, the awareness was just coming to light that some vaccines and kill and disable its recipients. It is not just Baxter, but it is a multitude of the pharmaceuticals that are dangerous and this should be the questions that we are asking of Bill Gates and his patners at the CDC. Trust nobody, given the track record. 

Novartis and its Nefarious Track Record

In a classic case of faking with the right and then unleashing a devastating overhand left handed punch, Novartis s has quietly emerged as the leading contender, to develop the H1N1 vaccine also has an agreement with WHO, and they appear to have won the race in developing a pandemic vaccine. The H1N1 vaccines contain ingredients called adjuvants which are strongly associated with causing life-threatening autoimmune disorders, including MS. Animal studies using this adjuvant have found them to be nearly 100% deadly in a series of repeated studies. In a disturbing development, Novartis has acquired the scandal ridden Chiron Company which has specialized in the development of the adjuvant, MF-59, which has been strongly implicated in the explosion of Gulf War I autoimmune illnesses suffered by American GI’s, who took the infamous anthrax vaccination (Google Joyce Riley for more details). The dangerous ingredient in MF-59 is squalene, when used in vaccines, is associated with every dangerous autoimmune disease in existence. Novartis has incorporated MF-59 into its H1N1 vaccine which also includes tetanus, diphtheria and mercury. And WHO and our very own government thinks this is acceptable medical practice and is preparing to unleash this nightmare upon an unsuspecting American public?

 On August 23rd, from 930-11pm (Central) as I interview Dr. Carley and medical researcher and author Patrick Jordan. Their documentation and systematic presentation of the fact should put to rest any doubts as to the deadly seriousness of this coming threat.

 Unfortunately, the owner of Republic Broadcasting took down the broadcast and will not surrender it to me when I decided to go independent for a variety of reasons. In the interview, the safety of the vaccines were called into question and this interview provided a blueprint for us to follow when the CDC comes out with its profit-driven vaccine in the near future. I will publish these concerns in Part Two where the overwhelming evidence is offered.  

Mandatory Enforcement of the Coming Mandatory H1N1 Vaccine

If the coming H1N1 vaccine was an option, available to the public, and not going to be mandatory, then this piece would represent the ramblings of paranoid conspiracy theorist. However, there are voices, quieter voices from law enforcement which are warning us that we should be on guard for what is coming.

On July 5, 2009, on The Common Sense Show, Annie DeRiso and I interviewed Scott Wagner, the director of the Columbus, Ohio Police Training Academy, and he was adamant that high ranking police, everywhere, are privately arming themselves to the teeth for what is coming (i.e., martial law). Martial law? In response to what?

Retired Kansas State Trooper, the late Greg Evensen, has provided even more detail as he states that he is privy to information, through his high level law enforcement contacts, which has detailed how the flu vaccine administration is going to be enforced. This fall, DUI roadblocks will be used to scan motorists RFID wristbands, or medical RFID ID medical cards to ensure the required vaccination has been administered to each individual in the car. According to Evensen, those who are not inoculated will be taken to a holding area and are given the choice to take the vaccination. If at this point, the person still refuses, they will be forced on to a bus and transported to a “quarantine center.”

 Americans, this revelation from Greg was in 2009. Similar to Scott Wagner, aren't we getting insiders coming forward decrying how the Coronavirus scandal is being handled? 

Again in 2019, and as a result of one my recent shows on the coming deadly vaccine, I have been contacted by law enforcement personnel, from three different states, which have, in effect, confirmed the Evensen account. I can unequivocally state that each of the law enforcement personnel were genuinely frightened and were hopeful that the dissemination of their private accounts could forestall the coming events through exposure. I don’t normally put stock in anonymous accounts by individuals who are too afraid to go on the record, unless you consider that I have known one law enforcement source since childhood.


There is a lot to be learned from these accounts from 11 years ago. This was clearly an attempt to by the authorities to employ martial techniques, using H1N1 as a cover for their attempted installation of a police state that would never disappear. However, we generated so much heat in the alt media and with the public, the globalists backed down.

I maintain that we are facing the same danger. The CDC is lying. The World Bank has sold pandemic insurance since 2017 and the parallels to this crisis, as compared to today, are mind numbing.

Now, if you are not convinced, please come back to Part Two. Part Two will present documentation which validate my greatest fears beginning with the intention to distribute home test kits, courtesy of a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donation of a $100 million. This has UN support and this leads down a documentable rabbit hole that will shock you. Remember, this is the globalists second attempt at using this strategy. From my perspective, this second attempt is much more sophisticated than the first. Their attempt turned to beta test, produced some clever revisions and they have also gained control over social media in that time in order to prevent vaccine opposition.