Lockdowns Have Consequences As Near-Term Food Inflation Will Soon Give Way to Severe Food Shortages and Famine! Welcome to the "New Normal"


As I can remember from my youth when we used to say “We throw away more food than the rest of the world eats”. That “old saying” is no longer valid. Soon, tens of millions of Americans are going to go broke and they are going to do so, very soon. A broke public that cannot pay rent and mortgages, afford food, afford or be able to obtain health care and supply their families with food and shelter is growing and this reality will soon “touch” the majority of American families an no conspiracy theory is needed to explain the emerging new normal. However, this new normal owes its origins to conditions that were forced upon America a generation ago. Is this a long-term plot to collapse America through the failure of the food supply system and the collapse of the supply chain from foreign goods and products?

The Relevant History of Our Emerging Food Dilemma

If anyone is looking for evidence that the current dilemma was not pre-planned, I submit that one would have to be a die-hard coincidence theorist, in which everything in the world happens by accident in order to believe that fiction that this was not pre-planned.

  1. In the 90’s, the so-called terminator seed was introduced. It was a predatory seed which would blow into people’s gardens and farmland and “takeover” the multigenerational seeds that had been very profitable with farmers for time immemorial. This was a “Monsatan” creation that I remember being extensively covered by Art Bell as he was highly concerned. Further, my long-time former NSA friend, Vance Davis, was raising the alarm at this time as well. Back in the 90’s many were saying that the potential to control food output was not a generational reality. It was at this time, that I began to be concerned about these GMO seeds and their health impact on human immune systems as I learned that these monster seeds led to the creation of foods that compromised the human immune system because it left the human gene envelope open to unhealthy “foreign” substance occupancy. Then of course, our criminal Congress allowed the main GMO creator, Monsanto, an exemption from having to conform to FDA labelling requirements and on it and on it went with regard to the forsaking of food safety for Americans.
  2. It was in the early part of his century that I began to interview farmer after farmer in North America about predatory Monsanto terminator seeds blowing on innocent citizen farms, throughout North America and then sending in their thugs to trespass on farmer lands to find evidence of “unpaid” for seeds on farmer lands. Monsanto would sue farmer after for millions of dollars and most of the farmers could not afford to defend themselves with expensive lawyers and the food growers would capitulate and allow Monsanto to become their unwilling partner, or even sometimes, the farmer would be forced to sell their farms for pennies on the dollar to Monsanto. This led to the tremendous spike in farmland becoming controlled by the corporations. This placed a stranglehold for the control of food on much of the farmland in America beginning in the late 1990’s.
  3. It was during this same time frame that Monsanto began sell the highly carcinogenic week killer, Roundup, to the unsuspecting farmers. Today there are a multitude of lawsuits against Monsanto that fill our airwaves with requests for people who used Roundup and then proceeded to get cancer. Today, we are forced to acknowledge the fact that our food is not fit to eat and many agricultural products were sold to an unsuspecting public and it helped caused cancer rates to spike.
  4. Your right to control your personal food supply was given away by administrative policy and Executive Orders that owe their origin to the Federal government. Obama’s Executive Order 13603 gave permission to the Executive branch of the government to seize whatever private food supplies they deem necessary, in whatever volume, they deemed necessary, from whoever they desired to steal food from whether they be corporate or private. Subsequently, in the coming food shortages one would be naïve to not believe that various agencies within our government will not be appropriating food from its citizens.
  5. In the 1990’s, the Air Force produced a document called “Air Force Owning the Weather” 2025. I obtained the document and found it contained numerous patents that had been granted for technology, mostly using Project HAARP, to create so-called weather wars that could bring devastation to farmland through the manipulation of the Jet Stream and subsequently bringing extreme weather to critical food-producing land. Droughts could be introduced, famines could result. Extreme weather (eg tornados, hurricanes and torrential rain) could be introduced and it was in the past two years where Americans have lost millions of valuable food growing capacity by the loss of valuable farmland that many of us believe was targeting in order to set the stage for what we are doing today. This greatly lessened America’s ability to withstand a prolonged attack on food reserves through other factors, like a pandemic. I have spoken to several key food producers, some serve on major food cooperatives bodies in the United States and they are uniformly saying the same thing. Today, due to the COVID-19 crisis, America’s food reserves will soon be non-existent. Most of the people that I have consulted with state that they believe that this was done by design with the purpose of using food as a weapon as so many dictators have done before.

The Coming Severe Rates of Food Inflation

I was recently contacted by a pair of people who are in the ownership business of food distributors, subsequent members of various food boards and one is a part owner of several grocery chains. They agreed to speak to me on a condition of anonymity which I had no problem granting because their statements are easily traced for accuracy. However, what is most valuable is that these two people are able to connect the dots on the food supply problem in ways that many cannot.

The first major problem that was identified in the interviews was the coming food inflation. Both people felt that the spike in the prices of things like wheat and seasonal fruits and vegetables will be severe and impact many food distribution companies that will find it no longer to distribute the food in the supply chain to most grocery stores called the “just-in-time” deliveries in which food is delivered to the grocery stores 3-6 times per day. The public may have noticed that in events such as Hurricane Harvey, it took exactly one day for the shelves to be emptied. As it was pointed out to me, America would be lucky if the present crisis would ONLY result in food inflation. The condition of food inflation, to some extent, is already with us, as the buying public is finding that manufacturers are offering smaller sizes at a slightly higher price to disguise the food inflation that is already occurring. However, food inflation will soon give way to spot food shortages. Through the advent of free trade agreements (eg NAFTA), Americans, by treaty, are virtually forced into buying foreign food at an inflated price. Soon, our foreign food suppliers are expected to price gouge America as we enter a food shortage era. Inevitably, this will lead to food shortages. Add to these concerning facts, consider the shut down of our economy by restrictions being put into place is destroying our economy. How are people going to be able to afford food in a normal economy, given the number of people out of work? This is a powder keg that will blow up in our collective faces by this summer.

Coming Severe Food Shortages Due to the “Lockdown”

Beyond the interviews I have been conducting with these two sources, I have also heard from people who are simply involved in the grocery store business at the store level only. The uniform and unwavering message is that extreme food shortages are expected by this summer and some Americans will be at risk.

One person connected to the grocery business told me something that I was already aware of in that last year marked the first year where Americans ate more meals in restaurants than they ate at home. With COVID-19 restrictions, this trend is quickly reversing and this is the beginning which will place an acute strain on grocery stores to supply their customers with the food they need in the amount that they need it.

As one grocery store owner told me, “I have no way of compensating for the heightened demand which is more than doubling”. This source said that even if there was no panic buying, as a country, we would soon find ourselves in a 50% shortfall with regard to available food. As he pointed out, “I cannot create double the freezer space, double the refrigeration needs, double the shelf space and double the work force”. Add in the fact that the public is in the midst a severe panic-buying mode, he will never be able to meet demands under these conditions. Ultimately, every grocery store will find itself in the same extreme place in the near-future. Additionally, there are subtle signs that are appearing in the food industry as well. Eventually, long-term storage of food much give way to the use of seeds. And what are we seeing around the country? There are spot shortages of non-GMO seeds. The shortage is not critical but it is growing based upon the communications I am receiving from the public. The result will be a country in extreme peril.


If you want to know why the government is overreacting to the controls placed on America over the crisis, I am about to reveal why. I know for a fact that certain federal law enforcement agencies have invariably trained for the inevitable food riots that are going to happen sooner rather than later.

At the end of the day, we have to ask ourselves how wise it to lockdown our economy? What will eventually kill more people? The flu or starvationa and violence created to stave off starvation? Brazil and Sweden are open for business and they are have the same Coronavirus death rates as the United States. 

I hope you are prepped and are prepared to defend your supplies from those that did not heed the warnings.


1. People have asked why we can't just convert restaurant food to store food. As the experts tell me it has to do with the packaging. The packaging conversion would be expensive and burdensome because of food handling regulations. The total conversion would take several months up to two years. 

2. I strongly encourage the reader to link to an article on Steve Quayle's  Q-Alerts in which the article provides excellent supplemental information.