What Percentage of Americans Will Willingly Take the Coming Bill Gates' Deadly Vaccine?


“The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing”

Edmund Burke


This article seeks to answer one question: At the end of this year, how many Americans will willingly roll up their sleeves and take a Bill Gates vaccination that we already know will be part of a depopulation scheme?

It is my beliefe that Bill Gates could be standing in front of all Americans, with syringe in one hand and cyanide in the other and millions of Americans would roll up their sleeves and gladly volunteer for his depopulation agenda in which by the year 2025 (re: Deagel Report), 90% of you will not be around if Gates and his minions, Fauci and Birx, get their way.

Let's see if the data supports my position that acceptance of mandatory vaccines is a battle that has already been won by the globalists. 


Robert F Kennedy UNLOADS on Bill Gates... - Noorderlingen in ...

First, let me remind you that it was first Steve Quayle that said who once said on my radio show, more than once; "Shot in the arm, shot in the head, either way you are still dead!"

Why won’t America stand up for herself? Why is the country, once a country which possessed courage and conviction, now sitting idly while allowing itself to be taken to the slaughter without so much as a whimper? A good part of the answer to the above question lies in the psychological concept known as “Learned Helplessness” as discovered by Martin Seligman in the 1960’s. “Learned helplessness” occurs when an animal, or a person, is repeatedly subjected to an aversive stimulus that it cannot escape from. Eventually, the animal will stop trying to avoid the stimulus and behave as if it is utterly helpless to change the situation. Even when opportunities to escape are presented, this learned helplessness will prevent any action!!!  Welcome to the present crisis. 


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The Seligman Model

The Seligman model of "learned helplessness" can be divided into the three phases:

Phase One

In the first phase of the learned helplessness experiment, Seligman placed a dog on an electrical grid, shocked the dog and noted that the dog would demonstrate the ability to escape the aversive stimulus. America used to have this trait we could call resilience. It was a dominant trait. No more, courage and resilience are rare among our people. 

By the time that the present CV-19 crisis arrived, most Americans have been convinced that their indiviudal actions do not matter in the affairs of state. When we look at the historical vectors which point to America's inability to escape a negative stimulus applied by its government, I look at the Vietnam War. After the TET Offensive in 1968, public opinion turned against the war. There were riots at the 1968 Democratic Convention in protest to the Vietnam War. The brutality of police (state) response, was on full display on national television where "the whole world was watching". Draft cards were burned, college campuses were occupied but young men were still drafted and sent to a war that I believe was partly designed to break the spirit of the country. It was a war that was designed to be unwinnable and teach the people that at the end of the day, all the protests in the country, will make no real difference. The Kent State Massacre, in May of 1970, 50 years ago, speaks to the failure of the people to impose their will on their government. So, although America showed the escapability common to phase one, with regard to the Vietnam War, America lapsed into Phase Two where they had been conditioned that their actions made no real difference. 

By point of comparison, let's compare Vietnam to the present lockdown crisis:

1. At the time of the arrival of the bioweapon, America's full-time work force was 110 million people, working 30 hour or more. 

2. Today, nearly 37 million Americans have filed jobless claims. 

3. The aggregate unemployment rate is over 33%!

4. The unemployment rate at the time of the COVID-19 inception in America, was 3.5%

5. Traditional social misery indexes state that for every rise of 1% in unemployment, 10,000 people die that would not have otherwise. 

6. The effective death rate due to lockdowns is 300, 000 as well as economic damage that may have passed the point of no return. 

How did America respond? A few business owners like Shelley Luther, opened their businesses. Most acquiesced and let this fake crisis, in which 90% of the victims are elderly suffering from conditions that would kill them anyway, destroy our country. We are in the process of being reduced to a 3rd world country that will soon not be able to defend itself. And, for the most part, we continue to stay locked down against all common sense!

We, as a nation, are not even rising up in big enough numbers to make any REAL and permanent difference. We have slipped into Phase Two.

Phase Two 

In the second phase, the dog was barricaded on the grid and was unable to escape the painful shocks. Eventually the dog laid down and passively accepted the shock. 

Passively accepting the shock is precisely what America is doing. Food inflation has hit the country because food plants have closed and the government will not even move to reopen with the National Guard, and people accept this without so much as a whimper from the majority of the people!! Just like Seligman's dog, most Americans are laying down and accepting their beating. 

Phase Three

 Seligman then removed the barricades and the dog could have easily escaped the shocks. However, the dog, conditioned by the prior set of events, simply laid down and accepted the shocks, without mounting any resistance whatsoever. This, in large part, is where America is at today.

Trump has recently shown signs of life! He has ordered the Democratic Governors to open churches, or face his interference. Oddly, Trump should not have to have issued this order. People by the tens of millions should flocked to their churches and forced the reopening. However, even our pastors suffer from learned helplessness, or the financial cost from losing their tax exempt status was just a little bit too much to risk for these milk toast pastors. 

What does Phase Three mean for the country's willingness to take Gates' dangerous vaccine? Why is it dangerous? If is dangerous because Gates is in charge. It is also dangerous because no vaccine can be safely developed in less that 4 years with regard patient safety, much less treatment efficacy and the "vaccine" is being rushed to market in under a year. Don't forget, it was Gates polio vaccine that paralyzed 300,000 children in the third world and we should not forget about the sterilization elements found in so many of Gates' vaccines. More on this in the conclusion. 


Clearly, one of the main goals of the CV-19 event was to permanently destroy the will of the people to resist. I have often said that if 2.5% of California's population had congregated on the beaches of California on a designated day. That would have been a total of one million people. The next day, all businesses should have opened and Gavin Newsom would have been hiding in the Governor's mansion. However, his despotic will was stronger than the will of 50 million people living in California. 

In the Milgram experiment, in which participants were falsely led to believe that there were putting to death another human being for giving wrong answers on a word pair test, 67% of the subjects complied with the REQUEST to administer fatal shocks. 

All of Seilgman's dogs eventually caved in and went all the way to Phase Three, where they passively complied despite experiencing great physical pain. About 20% of the dogs mounted significant resistance before breaking.

In the Solomon Asch conformity experiment, 60% of the people knowingly gave false answers because everyone else did. This would translate into the people repeating the mainstream media mantra that Gates is a hero and his vaccine is safe.  

Therefore, we are left with a question: What percentage of the population will roll up their sleeves and accept the coming mandatory vaccine? Answer: At least 3 in 5 people willingly participate in their planned demise by rolling up their sleeves when ordered to do so. It is more likely that 80% will comply and the rest of the "deplorables" can be sent to Hillary's "fun camps". .