15 Reasons That Tells America That Trump Has Been Overthrown


In December of 2018, Trump said that if he was removed from office, there would be a revolution, an armed insurrection. In late 2018, Trump may have been right, however, Trump has been overthrown but the silence from the silent majority has been deafening! Please spare us the bravado and put away your M-16 as you will soon be outnumbered and outgunned by the blue helmets who are speaking Russian and Chinese. Trump’s reign is over, the Republic has been overthrown, the rule of law has been abandoned and very soon, nobody will be there to answer your 911 call. Trump has been overthrown and you are now living in an emerging communist country.

How can we be sure that Trump has been overthrown?

  1. After making unprecedented gains in the economy in his first three years in office, Trump allowed his traitorous son-in-law, Jared Kushner, business partner of George Soros, to construct the COVID-19 team. Every member of this team had distinct and illegal financial conflicts of interest, mostly with the Bill Gates deadly vaccine team and others with major pharmaceuticals.
  2. Once it was understood the COVID-19 primarily attacked only the elderly with compromised immune systems, Trump should have acted to end the COVID-19 façade and yet, the nonsense continues today. He has remained silent on the biggest fraud ever perpetrated upon a nation.
  3. Trump permitted the CDC to advocate for “presumptive diagnoses” in which no real medical confirmation had to exist, only the “opinion” of the doctor in order to fraudulently report an imaginary COVID death. This greatly inflated the number of fake cases and was used to justify the continual shutdown of the economy based on fake diagnoses and unrelated restriction. We certainly flattened the curve. We flattened the curve of the economy. The number of confirmed fake cases with regard to COVID-19 diagnoses was stunning! Democratic hypocrisy is off the charts! Just two days ago, Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, while continuing the destruction of her state through an unnecessary lockdown, went out and marched with Black Lives Matter and violated social distancing every step of the way. Where was Trump? He was nowhere to be found!!!
  4. Trump allowed his federal government to pay out federal money to cities and states that had CV-19 cases. The cities and states were incentivized to lie to get federal money while Trump’s three-year-economic-gains evaporated in 60 days.
  5. Around mid-May, Trump unsuccessfully tried to reassert control over the re-opening of a devastated America and Democratic mayors and governors gave the President the big middle finger. And what did Trump do? Do you hear the crickets chirping?
  6. Any President has the authority to federalize the National Guard, take control, and end any insurrection. Despite overwhelming precedent to the contrary, Trump allowed the Democratic governors to tell him to butt out and he could not intervene in their continual and unconstitutional lockdowns of the country.
  7. While the Democratic mayors and governors ordered police and the National Guard to stand down during the looting, burning and murders associated with the contrived riots designed, to not really protest George Floyd, but to create national instability as a prelude to regime change, Trump acquiesced while his country was being burned down to the ground.
  8. The Democratic mayors and governors are encouraging, through willful neglect, to allow the violence that is consuming the country to continue. Trump could use the DOJ to prosecute these mayors and governors under the Insurrection Act as an accomplice which is aiding and abetting the violence in their jurisdiction. Again, crickets chirping.
  9. Trump is the Commander-In-Chief, and as such, he is in charge of the military. Except Trump is not in charge of the military. Mattis and Allen have told the military to not obey Trump. Mattis and Allen could be brought back into active duty and sentenced for treason and  insubordination. Yet, Trump has done nothing but to allow this treason to spread amongst the ranks, particularly in the Pentagon.
  10. Speaking of the Pentagon, Trump allowed the Pentagon to disarm the National Guard in Washington DC and put the troops in dangers while allowing the murderous mayhem to continue in Washington DC.
  11. Trump allowed Defense Secretary Esper to criticize him in public in regard to federalizing the National Guard. Trump should have fired Esper that same day. Instead, he allows disrespect and treason to walk hand in hand.  
  12.  Trump has the ability to fire anyone in the military, including the traitors who disarmed the National Guard and he has done nothing about the treason.
  13. Although the illegal unmasking was eexposed, Trump allowed his Deep State-serving Attorney General to turn a blind eye to Obama and Biden’s complicity in the event by announcing that there would not even be an investigation. The unmasking was directed at Trump, his campaign and even his own family! Yet, Trump refuses to even act in his own self-interest.
  14. Trump issued an executive order against social media which would have prevented censorship of conservative opinion. The day after his EO, Candace Owens Twitter account was deleted. This was another big middle finger to Trump. He has done nothing to enforce this order and he never will. This gives Google, Facebook and Twitter et al, the ability to win over the ignorant 70% of America with unopposed leftist political opinion leading up the election. Meanwhile conservative opinion is completely silenced. This is political suicide with regard to Trump’s chances to get re-elected. As a result, Trump has two chances to be re-elected under the present circumstances. These two chances are called “slim” and “none”.
  15. Trump has not made one Deep State arrest.


President Donald Trump  (January 21, 2017-March 13, 2020) Rest In Peace!

Oh, we can look for signs of life in Trump, but in the meantime, Americans better turn their attention to adaptation and survival rather than activism.

The only ones who can save you now is you and Jesus with an emphasis on Jesus!