The DAVOS Great Reset Will Mark the End of Nation-States, the Middle-Class and All Civil Liberties


I have been inundated with communications in the last few days about the World Economic Forum in Davos which is set to convene in January of 2021. Also, many of my colleagues are alerting that what is coming out of this conference as well. This article is a culmination of what many have sent to me and from my private conversations with people who follow Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 issues.

There is a changing of the guard going on across the planet. The desperate times are attracting the evil ones and their nasty desires for humanity are surfacing for all to see and unlike the past where their intentions were headed, they seem to care less that we peasants learn what they are up to.

In short, many are casting eyes upon the World Economic Forum (WEF). They have used COVID and the coming great global famine, that they will blame on climate change as the excuse to enforce their socialist, depopulating agenda.  

Predictive Programming Regarding the End of Times

As an aside, the six-year Michael Bay, TNT original series called the Last Ship may be the best predictive programming show ever made. In the show, they covered the following crises as a part of their story line:

  1. A man-made virus murdered 80% of the planet.
  2. Nation states dissolved which is a decided goal of the globalists.
  3. A massive famine wiped out many of the people who survived the virus and the thing that saved them was a magical vaccine that was developed aboard the Last Ship.
  4. Finally, the United States was attacked, Pearl Harbor style, and a Red Dawn scenario was unleashed.

Some believe that predictive programming must be engaged because of some cosmic rule requiring notification to the masses of the globalist, satan-serving entities. I am don’t know about this, but this show is a text book of what has happened, or is on the verge of happening.

For the New World Order to Happen America Must Be Destroyed

 They call it the great reset, capitalism is being destroyed. The middle class of America (eg small business owners) are being targeted. Many of their businesses were targeted as not being essential. This was a necessary component in order to obtain the goal of neutralizing America’s opposition to climate change and the other nation-destroying strategies.

So, one may wonder what will be in what is being called the “great reset”. We are living through the first stage. America’s economy is not the only thing being destroyed. The American psychology is being broken. Facemasks, social isolation, artificially imposed poverty through the lockdowns and the overall destruction of our culture (eg entertainment) has largely been achieved. With record suicides, drug abuse and record rates of domestic violence, Americans are a broken people. The mainstream media is complicit and it is all being accomplished under COVID and next will be famine inducing climate change.

The UN and the Coming Global Famine

The head of the UN food security recently stated that since COVID, Latin America has experienced a 269% increase in food vulnerability. Likewise, Central and East Asia have experienced an 173% increase in food vulnerability. Interesting, the US was not listed as if the UN did not want to alert Americans as to what fate awaits them. Here is a short video I made regarding this UN report:

DAVOS: The Great Reset

 Here is how the globalists at DAVOS are going to accomplish their goals:

  1. The average person will not be able to print or produce materials that contain “contrary content”. Any violator will have their website removed and access to social media will be denied in the US version of the CHICOM social credit system.
  2. The use of petroleum and other fossil fuels will be taxed into oblivion.
  3. Bartering will be outlawed as it is in New Zealand’s beta test.
  4. Home gardens will be outlawed, also being tested in New Zealand as well.
  5. In effect, the business control of government, provided for under the TPP, which Trump destroyed, will be in effect. The planet will be governed by a select few corporations. Why do you think companies like Coca-Cola, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, are contributing to Antifa and BLM? These subversive groups are the foot soldiers that are destroying the Constitution.
  6. Under the new system, governmental rule will resemble modern day China. If one is accused and arrested, one is convicted and justice is swift and severe.
  7. The economic strata will resemble the first 20 minutes of what was depicted in the first movie installment of the Hunger Games, another predictive programming feat.
  8. Green everything will be in play. No private transporation will be allowed, nor could be afforded by the former middle class.
  9. Digital currency, centrally controlled will be implemented, thus, opening the door for the mark of the beast.
  10. Do you remember the movie Superman in which it was discovered that he was the first live birth on his home planet in 300 years? General Zahn, in the movie, said it best when he stated that all were programmed for a specific societal purpose through gene editing. This is our fate as well. Another piece of predictive programming coming true.
  11. AI will run everything. It is believed that the food rationing that is coming will systematically starve to death the working class (formerly the middle class) overa period of time. All food will GMO food.
  12. Ultimately there will be national constitutions. Private property ownership and savings accounts accrued by the non-elite among us, will become a fading memory.
  13. Parents will be stewards of their children, but they will not be arbitrator of their fate. Pedophilia will be legal and your children can be conscripted as can anyone at any time.
  14. God and Jesus will be outlawed and pagan worship will prevail.
  15. Vaccines for all, all the time, will keep the huddled masses in a perpetual state of physical decline.
  16. The whims of oligarchs, like Bill Gates, will be law.
  17. Self-defense will be a crime.
  18. Constant surveillance, North Korean style, will be employed to separate out the resisters. Can you say FEMA Medical martial law camps?


This is your future, according to many who follow the Agenda 2030 crowd and the great reset of the planet. If there was any doubt as to whether you were living in the last days, all doubts should now be removed.

This was all made possible because we did not resist the destruction of our economy and culture under the guise of COVID! We met the enemy and he indeed was us!