More Reports Confirm that the CHICOMS Are Amassing Thousands of Troops on the Canadian-US Border

chinese marines

I have been invited by the GENSIX people to develop a presentation which outlines the degree of infiltration that America is experiencing at the present time. I am going to present a teaser for what I am going to be presenting in October. Click here for more information for the conference.

Western Canada Being Occupied by CHICOM Troops 

Previously, I covered the fact that we have a large contingent of CHICOM troops operating in Western Canada just north of the US/Canadian border. The CHICOMS are moving drugs with the help of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The CHICOMS control British Columbia's largest port, just like they did Long Beach before Trump put a stop to it. 

I recently interviewed SARAH WESTALL on our new TV show, The Common Sense Show.TV. Coincidentally, a day after our interview, Sarah reported along with Kevin Annett, that CANADA now has CHINESE TROOPS hidden within Canadian Native reservations.

The CHICOM troops are taking and protecting resources from the reservations under the authority of Trudeau & the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

CHICOM troops now move freely in Canada under the cover of COVID-19 lockdowns as well as legislation from the Canadian government which allows the CHICOMs to use their military to “protect” CHICOM assets in Canada.

Sarah's interview with Kevin Annett can be accessed at this link

More Sources Come Forward

The story regarding CHICOMS being located on the edge of our norrthern border with Canada are growing since Sarah Westall released her interview with Kevin Annett. The only discrepancy on the report is how many CHICOM soldiers are lying in wait.

Yesterday, Paul Martin contacted me on the same subject because he knew I was actively covering this. His source, well known to him, claims that there are 6,000 CHICOM troops ready to attack from the North. Last night I interviewed Paul Martin about this and that interview can be accessed at this link

Earlier in the day, my best source, a retired high-ranking ARSOF source told me the same thing as Paul, except the number of troops are far greater and there are mechanized elements involved as well as some airborne capabilities. It is this source's belief that the CHICOMS were waiting until the military, under the presumed control of high ranking Democrats were going to forcibly remove Trump from office. My deep cover source also told that the Joint Chiefs are fully aware of Trudeau's betrayal of the American people. We also discussed that liberal Democrats are aware as well and they are suspected of providing the CHICOMS with intel. Further, my souce believes strongly that the  will attack when our troops are distracted (eg civil war, responding to an invasion of Taiwan by the CHICOMS, etc). Also, according to this source, this is the main reason that General Mark Millie, of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, came out and stated that they were not going to intervene in the 2020 election in response to a Democratic response to help take Trump out  of office. Here's a report I  ran on this issue. 




Again, what is not fully known is when these troops will becoem operationalized and attack the United States out of Canada. I am convinced that this Red Dawn threat will occur af ther United States is sufficiently weakened from other conflicts.