The Newly Formed Alliance Between Trump & Mexican President AMLO Is Temporarily Blocking a Chinese Led Red Dawn Invasion of the United States


The preparation plans for a Red Dawn invasion of the United States is beginning to take definitive shape and form. This multi part article explores this plot.

Forces loyal to Mexican President, AMLO, are attempting to save their country from a complete takeover of CHICOM forces. The targets of the takeover are threefold at this point in time and include the following.

  1. Mexican Pacific ports.
  2. Mexico’s potentially massive energy industry.
  3. Control of Mexican northern states. This goal is critical to China’s long-term goal of invading the southern under-belly of the United States through what is typically referred to as the Red Dawn.

In this article, direct evidence, much of it has been previously published on the CSS, which demonstrates the Chinese move to control Mexican energy. This is being done for two reasons:

  1. The CHICOMS do indeed need cheap energy source that they control if they are going to wage war in Central and North America and it needs to be cemented in Mexico's northern states in order to avoid the pitfall of long supply lines.
  2. If the CHICOMS are able gain absolute control of Mexican energy, they can control AMLO and Mexico can be used as a staging area for a Red Dawn offensive.

There is a third element to this plot that supersedes control of energy and that is to plunge Mexico’s northern states into civil war and the Chinese are using their control of the cartels and some very corrupt governors to achieve this aim. In the vacuum created by this civil war, the CHICOMS will assume control through their proxy cartel subordinates. This aspect of CHICOM control of Mexico will be presented in the article in this series with definitive proof that names public figures, covert American Deep State support and the role of the Chinese as well as the drug cartels (eg Sinaloa and CJNG) that the Chinese effectively control.

If CHICOMS Can’t Control Public Officials They Will Murder Them

In July of 2020, I published a video which detailed the assassination attempt on the Mexican City Chief of Police. However, the video was removed, so here is the description:

The Mexico City Police Chief barely survived a massive and attempted cartel hit which was sponsored by the CHICOMS. The reason for the hit was quite obvious. When AMLO was selected and installed as the Mexican President, he was assessed to be an avowed socialist with strong Marxist overtones and it was thought by the Mexican oligarchs and their CHICOM allies that AMLO would make a suitable puppet. AMLO came into office with a vile rhetoric directed at President Trump. The President fought back and an ongoing battle ensued. At least the war ofw words continued until AMLO realized that he did not control Mexico and that he was merely a figurehead and that the CHICOMS, the intermediary of the Rothschild banking cartel and the United Nations, was running the show in Mexico.

In the last two CSS articles, it was revealed that an Obama/Holder alliance has been forged to create a major destabilization of the United States using violent means. This American-based Deep State cartel has another participant, COMMUNIST CHINA. I previously published the following and the content almost went unnoticed. However, this article only explores the Mexican side of this expanding cartel which is setting the stage for Red Dawn. In December of 2016, the CSS published the following account from the Economic Times:

 From Economic Times (December 25, 2016):

"Ten Mexican states hit by gasoline shortages, Pemex blames theft from pipelines

Mexico City: At least 10 Mexican states over the past few days have suffered serious gasoline shortages, which the state oil company Pemex attributes to the clandestine theft of fuel from the pipelines. "We are currently taking various measures to re-establish the adequate and opportune supply of gasoline and diesel to the country," Pemex tweeted. As local media have reported over the past few hours, the lack of fuel at gas stations affects at least 10 states of the nation, Efe news agency reports. The states hardest hit are Michoacan, which on Friday reported severe problems in several cities due to the lack of fuel, as well as Aguascalientes, Guanajuato and Zacatecas. Other regions like Oaxaca, Chihuahua, Guerrero, Morelos, Puebla, Tlaxcala, San Luis Potosí and Durango are also experiencing gasoline shortages in a number of their cities. On December 21, Pemex announced the suspension of operations on the Salamanca-Leon pipeline due to clandestine drainage, which interrupted the arrival of fuel to a number of regions around the country."  

In short, the CHICOMS and their Mexican partners are using Mexican energy to blackmail the elected government to do their bidding. This is the establishment of a CHICOM protection racket in order to assure Mexican compliance.  

It just so happened that I was able to establish a causal link between the establishment of a CHICOM protection racket and the sabotage of the Mexican oil fields when I published this account in December of 2016:

Chinese Investment Into Mexican Energy

The recent Mexican energy crisis, which has already been attributed to sabotage (see above), is not the first time that the Chinese have shown interest in marrying their energy interests with Mexico. As far back as April of 2016 we see indicators of this fact. As reported in Mexico News DailyChina's CITLA and the Mexican government inked a $200 million energy deal with the support of the UN funding arm, the World Bank. 

"Mexico’s energy sector is attractive enough to the World Bank’s private-sector investment arm that it will participate in a US $200-million investment in a new oil company. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) will put up $60 million and the private equity firm China-Mexico Fund, which is managed by an IFC subsidiary, the remaining $140 million to fund oil exploration and production by Citla Energy."

It is my position to not believe in coincidences. The present energy crisis in Mexico has been planned for at least 8 months with China ready to step in and pick up the slack in Mexican energy needs. The participation of the World Bank brings in the United Nations into the equation. Unless I start becoming a coincidence theorist, I can draw no other conclusion than the present state of affairs with regard to Mexican gas shortages is a well-orchestrated plot designed to bring Mexico and China closer together and further separate Mexico and the United States. Why?

Before answering this question, I need to expose one more element of this Chinese conspiracy to take over Mexico’s energy industry.

AMLO is not on board with this Chinese takeover and this is what has been responsible for AMLO’s pivot toward Trump. There is an additional consideration…If AMLO were to capitulate to CHICOM demands and let Mexico be used as a staging area for the Red Dawn invasion, much of Mexico would be destroyed by an American aerial retaliation perhaps even tactical nuclear weapons released by the US military. AMLO has no desire to get caught in the middle.

There is also more information coming out of Mexican state-owned energy giant, PEMEX. PEMEX oil is AMLO's golden child and its future promises to dramatically raise the Mexican standard of living and this would help secure AMLO’s position as President with the people. I have had a source inside of PEMEX and have had for 3 years. However, the CHICOMS have a different plan. They dominate PEMEX and are using the energy giant to blackmail Mexican officials.

Here are excerpts of a letter that my 3 year Pemex informant sent to me and his operative name is "Oscar" and it was sent to me regarding the Chinese domination of PEMEX. The full letter was published on 11/9/2019 on the CSS

The Chinese are dictating policy to our oil company. We have Chinese managers that we must now report to and get approval for various line decisions. I feel we have crossed over into becoming one of the BRICS that you have written about so many times. We are permitted to interact with the States but much of our oil is being sent to China. They are paying in gold, or gold based currency. I hear that bitcoin is coming.

As I have told you in the past, my family has members who are in the cartels but you could say that all of us are in the cartels. Some of the cartel members tell me how the Chinese are controlling their operations much they are in my company. I feel like we are becoming the puppet state of China. 

Here is the main reason that I am writing to you this time. Since I last wrote to you in May, we have shifted the nature of our production. We are in what is a war model of operations. 

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has promised to boost Pemex’s budget and raise output and we have done that. Some senior offiicials have been paid a big bonus for accomplishing this. But following refinement, the handling of the oil is very strange. Much of it is being set aside and the distribution of the oil is much different than it has been before. Some of our accountants will privately state that the oil is being sent to the Chinese domestic operations within Mexico...I am saying that China has military in this country. This is where my family cartel members have information. We are also sending oil for new vehicles in use by the cartels. I have learned from my cousins that some of the cartels are stealing vehicles from Mexican people and then coverting these vehicles into military vehicles. (Editor’s Note: This communication is almost 12 months old. It was just reported in Mexican media in the past 2 months that the border drug cartels have been supplied with heavy weapons and mechanized military vehicles). The most common conversion consists of turning pickup trucks into troop personnel carriers armed with 50 caliber machine guns...

This is what I think you will be interested in. I have learned that Pemex has built local oil storage facilities in several northern areas  and they are keeping it secret. I have learned that the National Guard is involved in this. I can only think of one reason. A mobile army is being built in the northern part of Mexico and they are planning to attack the United States. I have enough evidence to state that the Chinese are behind this. I know that you will understand what I am saying because you have said that the Chinese control cartel drug businesses. This is partially true. The government still controls much of the illegal part of the business. What I wonder about now is how much of our government is controlled by the Chinese. 

In another area, some fellow workers tell me that we are openly talking about freeing California from the imperialistic control of  President Trump. As I said we are increasing oil production and it feels like we are going to war and the cartels will be on the front lines. I believe this is true because about 3 weeks ago, we had a visit for a demonstration of production from the Chinese but also from people who were identified as United Nations. As you know I read everything you write and you had said about 6 months ago that United Nations was training our new National Guard. I think where this is leading is that Mexico is a puppet state of the Chinese who are associated with the United Nations. I think this will finally result in border confrontation leading to what you have said many times about a Red Dawn invasion. I keep meaning to ask you about the term why it is used to describe an invasion of the United States. 

I apologize for the long email. But I think all of this is related to the killing of those Americans. I think the cartels are acting as agents of the Chinese and trying to provoke a war at the border. My wife and me are thinking about leaving Mexico. If we do this to your country, your military will destroy my country and we have no defense. Our military is trained to protect the drug industry but it is not capable of standing up to your military...  


AMLO Pivots To Trump and the CHICOMS Retaliate 

Following the massacre of the 9 Americans, AMLO capitulated to Trump's demands and brought the perpetrators to justice. In the aftermath of AMLO's surface capitulation to Trump, the cartels tried to assassinate the Secretary of the Mexican Navy as a part of a thinly veiled CHICOM warning to AMLO to not cooperate with the Americans. Do you see a pattern? First they try and assassinate the Mexico City Police Chief and now Mexico's Secretary of the Navy who just coincidentially does drug interdiction work. His attempted assassination took place just on the other side of the El Paso, TX. border. I published a twitter video of a high speed pursuit of the would-be assassins as they tried to make their get-away following the failed assassination attempt. Five cartel members were killed. That video was also taken down.

On November 12th's broadcast, I predicted CHICOM retaliation against AMLO's baby, PEMEX. And following AMLO’s capitulation to Trump’s demand for justice was massive sabotage on the Mexican oil fields, once again.

Will AMLO, himself, be the next target of assassination in order to cement China's military objectives in Mexico. Certainly, the recent Trump-AMLO alliande is slowing down the progress of China's plans to invade the United States. 

The details of this report might obscure the singular purpose of what is being described by Oscar and AMLO’s sudden flip toward the United States. The CHICOMS, by gaining operation control of Mexican energy pipelines are attempting to establish oil depots in northern Mexico. This can only mean one thing: The establishment of oil supply depots in support of an invasion of the United States by CHICOMS and their Central/South American allies along with their cartel subordinates. This point cannot be overstated. AMLO is also in extreme danger. 

In Part Two, the destabilization of Mexico’s northern states will be exposed as well as the Obama/Holder role in all of this will be revealed, however, this will also bring Canada and the Calexit movement into play.