Fake Test Numbers, Fake Victims and Fake Doctors Have Led to the Destruction of the United States


America has been conquered by a greatly exaggerated virus. The tests are bogus, the lockdowns are irrelevant, but the destruction of our country and the coming dangers are very real!

Not that one can trust fake news agent, Laura "Just Concede Trump" Ingraham, but she had an amazing revelation on her show with guest Dr. Scott Atlas stated that the death rate for the Coronavirus is .2%, which is far less than the flu. And yet, we have destroyed our economy, our mental health and our Constitution over a greatly exaggerated scamdemic!!! Fake numbers continue to destroy small businesses and the livers of employees and their children. There is no end in sight. Here is a brief report on the fact that nearly 110,000 eateries are on the verge of extinction!

In fact, over 50% of all small businesses sit on the edge of extinction:


The following is something that we already knew, but it is worth mentioning here in the midst of all the fraud involving numbers as I reported on April 18th, FDA Acting Commissioner Hahn stated that he was not going to require the test manufacturers to validate their tests because of the emergency nature of the virus. So, the public was left to "trust" the test results with empirical proof. That is not science, it is child-like faith. As I have been saying since April, if you do not have established measures of validity and reliability, then one does not have an accurate test. 

Hi Dave,

 I used to perform PCR for Herpes and Bordetella (pertussis). Per regulations, we were required to include a disclaimer on each result that the test needed to be correlated with symptoms. This is because the test DOES NOT TEST FOR ANY VIRUS- only parts of gene sequences. Its inventor stated that it should NEVER be used for diagnostic purposes. Unfortunately, he came down with a severe case of death months before this "pandemic" got started.

  One of the reasons that Elon Musk (and others) got discrepant results at multiple places on the same day has to do with how the test is interpreted. Each institution decides how many "cycles" define a positive test. That is, how many times the sample is searched after first making many copies of the gene sequence being searched for. From what I've read, most places use a cutoff of over 30, but some experts say the cutoff should be much lower. I do not remember what we used, as it was pretty automated and would flag unacceptable results. In other words, I didn't have to think much! Anyway, this came to light when one passenger was tested getting on the plane in one Asian country, and getting off in another Asian country. as it turned out, each country used a different cutoff of when a positive occurred.

  One of your commenters noted that "the virus" has never been isolated-per page 42 of the CDC website. I am assuming this means it can't be grown on the usual media. I've also found out that each of its spike proteins has the same sequence as other human body parts- so I am assuming that the vaccine will cause the body to attack itself. Needless to say, I will NOT be taking any vaccine. It's a little naughty to call this a vaccine, when it's really Gene Therapy- and we know how badly that has gone in the past. And we know from previous corona vaccines in animals that there never has been a success due to death upon a second vaccine or garden-variety coronavirus wild exposure. 

   BTW, one can learn a lot by viewing the CDC's website. They have a study on it stating that masks do not prevent transmission of viruses-each when the wearer is actively sick. But we all knew that anyway.


This fraud, perpetrated by the Big Pharma lackeys inside government health care agencies have turned the medical profession into the theater of the absurd as evidenced by the following report in which an Austrian PM tested cola for CV-19 and obtained a positive test result:

The alt media has been warning that despite the fake numbers associated with the coronavirus, the eventual threat to our supply chain, with regard to access to food is real. Here is another report which speaks to the growing desperation of increasing number of Americans and their encroaching food vulnerability:

In a time where flu rates are down by 92%, we are supposed to believe that CV-19 is at record levels when it is transmitted in the same manner!  The only conclusion is that the REAL flu numbers are being substituted for coronavirus as the take down of America continues unabated. 

We should have all been up in arms when the fraud was first apparent as the government paid for each coronavirus diagnosis and death. Our medical establishment encouraged and perpetrated fraud upon the American people with an avalanche of fake cases. 

Our country is now a shell of what it once was. One better believe that there is a purpose to this fraud and my very strong suggestion is that all of us better get right with Jesus as we are entering the communist twilight zone as Biden-Harris will stand alongside Hitler, Mao and Stalin. In case you have not figured this out yet, Americans should be placed as the latest endangered species.