How China Is Conquering America and the Rest of the World


The CSS has recently conducted a meta-analysis of how the Chinese, the new world policemen, supplanting the United States, manage to gain control of key corporations and politicians. The plan features both economic characteristics of vertical and horizontal integration. Through these tried and true economic practices, the CHICOMS control the NBA, Hollywood, many streaming services, General Electric and controlling interests in many advertisers in prime time radio and television. Big Pharma represents the depth of CHICOM penetration. When the Wuhan flu hit America, the readers will no doubt recall how it was revealed that MOST of our medicines were manufactured in China in this clear example of both vertical and horizontal integration which controls the industry.

This story covers how the Chinese are positioning themselves on a number of fronts to control nation-states on behalf of the self-appointed elite.

How quickly we forget how the CHICOMS purchased America debt for decades of treasonous leadership coming out of the office of the President. And dating back to Al Gore, Bill Clinton and the criminal DNC, how can we forget how the CHICOMS acquired Silk Worm missile technology. This put American lives at risk, but who cares as long the politicians and CEO’s are greased and the CHICOMS close the gap on military superiority. By the way, two years ago, the CSS demonstrated how Hunter Biden leaked F-35 technology to Wuhan in 2015. We suspect, but cannot prove that the same Air Force 2 flight, in which Hunter Biden was on board, transferred the American developed Wuhan virus. And, of course, the “Big guy” the demented Joe Biden got his cut as demonstrated on the laptop from hell. However, the MSM just sweeps it all under the carpet.


The Chinese can put 100 million men on the battlefield. However, the CHICOMS have difficulty projecting military power because of their lack of aircraft carriers and coordinated Deep Space programs. However, there will be times in the near future where the brute force of the CHICOMS will be used in key pressure points to help the Deep State gain complete control. As has been demonstrated repeatedly, we can expect at a time of high drama and civil disobedience, the CHICOMS, through the UN’s Kigali principals will be used to seize American guns in a brutal show of force. What is not known is how the Pentagon will respond to this incursion. However, as we have covered, in depth on the CSS, we can expect this action will be a cornerstone of the destruction of America.

Belt and Road Initiative

Because the CHICOMS are the new world policeman, they have access to unlimited banking funds and and they use these “off the books” projects to build infrastructure project in dozens of countries. When the countries predictably fail to repay the debt, the CHICOMS gain control of their governmental leadership, water, food, and political power. Some examples of where this has already happened and is happening around the world is in 7 different countries in Africa, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, beginning in New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Canada, and many more. China controls the politics of much of the world through these predatory business practices. Their partners are the IMF, the World Bank and the banking cartel in Basel as well as HSBC.

Infiltration of Local Police

Have you asked yourself how ANTIFA and BLM members can be arrested by DHS for acts of domestic terrorism and then released without bail and no charges are ever brought? In both Portland and Seattle, as well as the January 6th Capitol riots, many of the Capitol police stood down and allowed ANTIFA and BLM into the Capitol building. Someone should ask Pelosi where the money came from. How much money has DC mayor Bowser accepted from these groups. I have previously demonstrated that CHICOMS  That s because Governors’ Brown and Inness and their respective mayors in Seattle and Portland are receiving CHICOM money donations for their “campaigns”.

In South Africa, the CHICOMS and the ruling party  are seizing, and many times murdering white farmers, for their land, food and mineral resources. The CHICOMS share in the spoils.

In Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua are using international banking and Belt Road initiative debt to control the governments, their militaries and local police departments. Canada is selling its future to the CHICOMS so it can position to be the leading exporter of fresh water. The CHICOMS are taking their cut. And now, as Steve Quayle sent an article to this effect, the CHICOMS are now infiltrating the RCMP and other law enforcement. This is common practice.


China controls the cartels and one wonders why Nancy Pelosi and Biden want totally open borders.

Every country listed and the entire congressional delegation of California including Kamala Harris and the Biden crime family. Profits skimmed off from banks like HSBC and their cartel money. Money raised through sex trafficking, drug dealing and illegal arms shipments are funneled into the “pay-off” funds.   For example, last year, the CSS published a photo of Beto O’Rourke and Nancy Pelosi with former Mexican President Nieto who took $100 million dollars from Guzman to allow the Sinaloa cartels free reign of the drug empires and handsome payments are make in international banks. We also know that last year that Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi visited Guzman’s wife in Italy.

The CHICOMS have their political sex cartel, just ask Swalwell. Mitch MConnell’s wife, former Secrtary of Transportation Secretary Chao’s parents are top level CHICOM and CCP operatives in the trading and port industry in China. By the way, McConnell took campaign donations from Dominion and blocked two election integrity bills in the Senate. What could go wrong? China owned the majority leader of the Senate, not to mention the newly selected President.  Let’s not forget that Sen. Feinstein’s 20 year driver was determined to be a CHICOM spy and all this is ignored by the MSM. No DOJ investigations, just the sell out of the United States and its people in the present communist takeover.

Controlling Majority Ownership of Key Corporations

Hush money and bribe money are used to control key corporations and political action committees. The CHICOMS own most of our politicians through this process. The CHICOMS also distribute money to politicians through donations from subsidiary interests that the CHICOMS control (eg General Electric).  


This was the result of a 27 article analysis previous published on the CSS and we did not even scratch the surface.