The Chinese Aided In the Theft of the Myanmar Election the Same as the US Election- The Myanmar's Military Has Moved to Stop the CHICOMS


The civil-military tension in Myanmar had been increasing since the landslide victory of the National League for Democracy led by Ms. Suu Kyi over reports of electoral fraud. Myanmar’s newly elected Parliament was expected to meet on Monday but the military junta moved in the early hours and declared the state of emergency. Kyi is not assuming power and is under arrest as a result of this coup.

The NLD rule in Myanmar coincided with the military campaign against the Rohingya refugees of the Rakhine province which led to the displacement of at least one million ethnic Rohingya citizens of Myanmar who have taken refuge in Bangladesh and other countries. It is interesting to note that 23% of the country is Chinese. And these Chinese do not like the ethnic Rohingya citizens. How convenient!

China, which uses Myanmar as a vital part of its Belt and Road Initiative, called on all parties to “resolve their differences under the constitutional and legal framework to protect political and social stability”. However, Chinese interests are not benign. Behind the scenes, the CSS has learned that the Chinese are accused of helping to rig the results of this election. These allegations parallel what tens of millions of Americans are saying about the American Presidential election in which Dominion voting machines, with Chinese participation, flipped votes in the American election. The Chinese are now accused of being involved in several fraudulent elections around the world.

To the Chinese, Trump had to go because he so outmaneuvered the CHICOMS and was blocking Chinese attempts at military expansion. Why is this significant? China has been trying to break out of it box, imposed by Trump for sometime. The only route to expansion has been the South China Sea and China has made few inroads as they are obviously pursuing a path military conquest for natural resources in Asia, similar to what Japan did in the pre-World War II.

The newly elected government was accused of manipulating voter lists and other voter irregularities in this November election. Behind the scenes sources are saying that the new regime, just like Biden was selected because they had promised to allow China free access through Myanmar to the open waters of off its coast. This would provide the Chinese Navy with flanking capabilities to American naval forces in the South China Sea.

The Myanmar military has had enough of the CHICOM Belt and Road Initiative. The resulting indebtedness has resulted in extreme indebtedness and if the indebtedness was accompanied by CHICOM soldiers rampaging through Myanmar to get to the coast, combined with the  Belt and Road  indebtedness, threatened to turn the country into a Chinese colony. And if a regional or world war were to break out, Myanmar would become a prime target. Further, the Chinese military would be motivated to pursue a purge against the military opposition leadership of the country.

As one would expect, there will be western intervention. However, and as one would expect, the intervention will not be coming from the Americans and that would only make sense since the US already has a presence in the area. Yet, it is the Brits that are moving to intervene. According to the BBC, the HMS Queen Elizabeth carrier has been dispatched to the area through the Suez Canal.

Why the Brits and not the Americans? Who do many Americans accuse of interfering in our election? Who is Joe Biden being accused of supporting and is being blackmailed by this country. The answers to all of these questions is China. And isn’t it interesting that the military remains in charge in DC. For the exact same reasons that the military of Myanmar will not allow the Chinese to gain a foothold (ie the execution of its top military leadership in the allowed occupation by China of Myanmar by the newly elected, Chinese-friendly government. Our military knows that Biden is complicit with China. This is why the US military has not completed the transition of civilian authority over the military from Trump to Biden. The military of the US, the same as the military of the Myanmar knows that the newly selected leadership is complicit and is in bed with the Chinese. Back to the British question. Why the flagship of the British Navy. Because the US military cannot act because this would expose the fact that Biden is not in charge. The CSS believes that the US military, like the Myanmar military fear a Chinese takeover and is preparing to act against Biden. The parallels between Myanmar and the United States is frightening.

Meanwhile, if China gains access to move freely through Myanmar, just as they presently do in Canada, our naval forces in the region are in extreme danger.



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