What Was Coming Is No Longer Coming, It Is Already Here


As Steve Quayle says, what is coming is no longer coming, it is already here.

In only a few short weeks, the path of subjugation that Biden has put America on is clearly taking shape. In fact, it is my contention that Biden is no longer acting as the Chief Executive of our nation. That duty has fallen to Kamala Harris as it has been announced that Biden will not be meeting with anyone (eg military, foreign dignitaries, etc.). Who is really running our government? Regardless of who is really running the show, it is clear that lists are being created and a clear enemies of the state posture has been adopted by the present administration. Here are a few of the building blocks of the present tyranny. A quick word about the vaccines. The FDA skipped the animal trials. You are the experimental subjects. We know there are major casualty rates. However, we don't know the extent, because if it being covered up. It is easy to assume the worst in this atmosphere of coverup and censorship. 

Why the 60,000 National Guard Troops in DC Until 2022

The fact that Biden and his fellow co-conspirator election fraudsters have to rely on such a large number of National Guard to protect the Capitol means that they are not worried about MAGA, the Proud Boys and Oathkeepers, it means that Biden has not completed the military transition. In other words, Biden fears the military because he does not control them and he is clearly worried about a counter-coup with the stolen election as the reason.

There is another dynamic at play here  as well. I have come to believe that the reason that the military is not cooperating with Biden is because they fear his Chicom associations. If the Chinese ever put a military force on US soil. Many our military leaders would be executed and they know it. This is the breeding ground for a coup. Biden and the rest of the Democrats are governing, as they should, out of fear.

The Church Continues to Be Compromised

Several years ago, I interviewed Pastor Walter Mansfield. He was one of the first pastors to be recruited to be a part of DHS’ Novad program. We typically call this the Clergy Response Team in which pastors act as agents for the Deep State agenda. There are very clear indicators, as well as sources that will quietly state that the program has clearly been activated.

Mansfield painstakingly showed the nation documents which demonstrated how pastors were recruited to encourage future FEMA camp detainees to peacefully go to the camps and encourage compliance because it was part of Romans 13 admonition to render unto Caesar. However, Mansfield made it clear that the pastors were prevented from referencing the Bible and subsequent scripture because the Christian religion had been used to abuse and oppress Americans in the past. This anti-Christian attitude caused Mansfield to quit NOVAD and speak out against the program in violation of his signed national security agreement.

Again, these forces are being unleashed  as part of the lead up to a rash of false flag attacks. Christians will begin to see many pastors preaching the same sermons in the upcoming weeks which encourage the flock to submit all governmental authority because it is God’s will. The false flags will morph into a Nazi Germany footing in this country.

Modified, Economy-Destroying Lockdowns Continue

The elite grew tired of small businesses nipping at their collective heels. Prior to the so-called pandemic, small business was strong, thanks to Trump, and were garnering a major market share as compared to the elite’s box stores who later received preferential treatment as “essential” businesses.

Modified lockdowns and will continue to be part of the landscape for most states, as the people will never be allowed to recover before the vaccines become mandatory and the new reset, complete with its digital currency are ushered in. These factors will indeed constitute the “mark of the beast”. At some future date, historians will describe these events as the pretext for the coming holocaust. I am convinced that the lockdowns are designed with the purposes of destroying the economy and breaking the will of the American people.

Though Unregulated Immigration, Biden Implants An Army of Terrorists

Most Immigrants pose no threat and given time, they often become productive Americans. However, there are persistent reports of MS-13, the CJNG, Iranian terrorists and national Chicoms crossing our border with regularity. This is why there are law enforcement agents who believe that the FBI’s current behavior, consisting catching and releasing fake MAGA supporters with pipe bombs and subsequent removal of same from terrorist watch lists,  speaks to the intent of the criminal FBI in overseeing the coming false flag attacks in order to justify the rolling out of the new “secret Gestapo police” that will commence round-ups of 80-100 million Trump supporters.

These border incursions are well-documented and they have left the Border Patrol, the DEA and DHS feeling overwhelmed. One LEA told me that we feel we are fighting against Hitler’s government in pushing back against the onslaught of terrorists coming into the country.  

The Review of Food As a Weapon of Strategy Being Perpetrated Against Americans

Since the plandemic, the following has taken place:

  1. Thanks to the pre-planned COVID, the world’s food supply chain is destroyed.
  2. Thanks to negligence, the meat packing plants are still closed. This is producing an artificial food shortage that can later be exploited.
  3. The dollar will soon be removed as the World Reserve Currency. This will cause the dollar to lose all backing and the dollar will hyperinflate. Food prices will quickly become unobtainable.
  4. The coming economic crisis will couple with farm ownership issues to produce one stunning revelation: The government will soon control all food. The Green New Deal will know no opposition. Supporting factors include (a) Bill Gates is the largest individual farm owner in the US; (B) the new Capital Gains tax will prevent most farms from being inherited; (C) Large corporate farms are taking over family farms; and, (D) The compilation of these factors will present a situation in which the control of all food will be consolidated in the hands of a few.

Starvation is a powerful tool to ensure cooperation the public in the participation of their own demise.

Gun Confiscation Will Prevent American Self-Defense From a Tyrannical Government

History clearly demonstrates that any form of gun confiscation removes the only barrier standing between the people’s defense of themselves against the tyranny of those that control the government. This day is already here, it is just that the country has not overcome their cognitive dissonance. You are on a list and your only means of defense has been targeted. Surrendering your gun is tantamount to submitting to the coming genocide.



This is just a brief outline and review what has previously be presented on the CSS. It is not as if this COULD happen. Short of divine intervention, this is already a plan in motion. Behind the plan, in descending order is the hierarchy of the global elite, the Chicoms, a shifting EU, the Deep State and the Biden administration.