The Maricopa County election audit is the first real “official” review of a fraudulent election connected to the 2020 election theft in the United States. This audit has the potential to wake up ignorant Americans who still trust a corrupted election system that has rigged key election races around the country for a long, long time.

Like myself, there are many people who are excited to see the results. Like myself, there are auditors who know that their efforts are being compromised by infiltrators to the process. And like myself, there are auditors, who have made it clear to them, that vicious harassment will accompany any information leaks associated with the process. As reported on the CSS, Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs (D), has been caught ushering in alleged George Soros operatives on to the audit floor, or at the very least, these suspected individuals were clearly part of George Soros organizations. This is like the Dallas Police letting in known strip club owner and mafia strongman, Jack Ruby, into the Dallas Police jail basement while Oswald was being transferred. In both cases, this begs the question, who were they keeping out? Remember, the character and integrity of the Soros’ people hosts as consider that Secretary Hobbs sent a tweet out two days before the election that called Trump a “Nazi”. Please remember that Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey, refused Arizona State Senate’s request to convene before the January certification date of January 6th in Congress. Ducey did not want a recount, or a review of the election. Why? We are going to look into Ducey’s behavior over the next several articles as it related to Trump, the Communist Chinese and major conflicts of interests, although smaller in scope, but just like Fauci’s relationship with the Communist Chinese. As the audit unfolds, I am increasingly shocked by the width and breath of the conspiracy against Trump and the subsequent theft of an election as well as tireless efforts to cover it up. The conspiracy against Trump includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors
  2. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R)
  3. The Arizona Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs (D)
  4. The just-elected Maricopa County Recorder, Stephen Richer (R)
  5. Paul Penzone, Maricopa County Sheriff (D)

All five of these officials will get there turn in the barrel. As we proceed through the process of revealing the depth and nature of the criminality that resulted in Joe Biden stealing the election.

Stephen Richer

Let’s put aside the County Recorder immediately as someone who was recruited to be part of the fix. First of all, if I was newly elected, I would not enter this controversy, because he only took office just over 4 months ago and this tenure began over two months after the election. If he was not recruited to be a part of the “fix”, then please explain why he is going on the attack by appearing on national media, calling the audit, “fantasy” on such outlets as MSNBC. How would he know? He was not in office when the steal took place. He has conducted no audit, no investigation, just like the one he opposes now. So, again, how does he know the election was honest and handled with integrity? His only evidence that Richer offers is that he is a Republican that got elected in the same election as Trump and therefore, if Trump really won, he should have been elected along with Richer.

This child-like reasoning by Richer is easy to untangle. Nobody is alleging that the election theft was generally targeting all Republicans it targeted Trump and again, the Senatorial races in Georgia. Is this the best the County Recorder can do? When absentee ballots are missing, an allegedly altered, who’s to say that only the Trump votes were stolen or that Biden was the recipient of fake votes that altered the election. Richer has no way to legitimately answer this question. This is why you have an audit in order to answer these questions. I have concluded he is part of the fix and the real origins of his campaign finances should be analyzed for the conflict of interests that may be there. If Richer was not part of the fix, then he should have said, that I cannot comment on the election and its protocols because I was the elected official in charge at the time. I would have accepted this. However, his mad dog, publicity-seeking behavior strongly suggests that he is part of the coverup. In fact, he is defending the County Supervisors who are in contempt of court for not producing the election machine codes. Although this has not been made an issue, the bulk of the absentee ballots are conveniently missing as well. So far, they have only found the military and disabled absentee ballots. Where are the missing mail-in ballots?

Since Richer seem so dead set on defending the undefendable contempt of court by actions by the Supervisors, he should be made to account for these items as well since he has interjected himself into this debate on a national media level. How obvious could this cover-up be and one has to wonder what inducements have been offered to Richer. Richer, you are welcome to come on my radio show along with you colleagues the harassers (see below how I have been harassed). You can make your points in public. To the harassers, are you so chicken ____, that you can only hide behind your computers and your phones? Show some courage and come on my show…


The Harassment of Dave Hodges by Parties With a Vested Interest In Discrediting the Audit

I, too, have also been harassed for my part in establishing in exposing the election fraud. I have developed audit contacts. The only reason that these people would ever reveal information to me was because they could see that the fix was in and they wanted to do their part in revealing the truth before the audit is shut down.

Further, I developed, or previously had relationships with other investigators into the stolen election and they have previously published or broadcasted part of my findings. And how did the election thieves respond? They harassed me through my colleagues and friends. Why would they do this?

One person contacted one of my alt media contacts and in writing said, that your source (ie Dave Hodges) is bogus and a fraud. If my claims I have made were bogus and fraudulent, then why wouldn’t they just ignore me? I don’t have any legal ability to stop the steal. I am just a man with a modest alt media following. Who am I to draw the attention of a character assassination crowd carried with 4 of my media colleagues? I should simply be laughed off as a conspiratorial nut that should be treated for dementia. But to warrant this kind of character assassination on such a broad scale is very telling. One harasser went so far as to tell one of my media contacts that I was putting his life in jeopardy. If my claims were not true, as published in previous articles, why would these attacks be turned on my colleagues who dared to mention me on their shows or websites with regard to this topic? What did Shakespeare say about protesting too loudly? By the way not one of the character assassinations ever attacked my facts that I have printed. Every conversation with a colleague ONLY attacked my character. I take these behaviors as third-party endorsements as to the accuracy of my previous findings. Speaking of findings, I released two pieces of election fraud information that trips up my attackers and their credibility. I made two claims about the election process, the attackers contacted my colleagues to discredit me, and then a couple of days later the mainstream media released my allegations in a word for word account, but of course, the MSM left out some of important details. What were those claims that I left out? Keep reading.

  1. The missing absentee ballots  were not handed over by the Maricopa County Supervisors as ordered by the court order. However, I must defend the Supervisors, they cannot surrender what they do not have. They do not have control of these ballots, because they never had them. The Supervisors would have had to have agreed to divorce themselves from the chain of custody for these votes which is where most people know that a large part of the fraud took place. Why would they do such a thing?  I will cover this in the next part of this series.
  2. Voting law requires that key election officials have the codes for the voting machines. However, now know that the election officials on the night of November 3, 2020, did not have the codes. Who had them? Up until now, it was presumed that the County Supervisors had the codes. Now we know the truth. Just this morning in a live streamed Board of Supervisors emergency meeting, they admitted they had no codes to turn over to the audit team as ordered to do so. The pubic has no idea of the significance of this, so please let me explain. State voting law requires a chain of custody over the votes and the voting process must be supervised by duly assigned officials under the auspices of the previous County Recorder. This did not happen. This means that a third party had control over the voting machines and they could anything they wanted to the machines, including altering the final results, because there was no governmental supervision and control as required by law. Obviously, the County Supervisors do not have effective legal representation because they should have never admitted that they do not have the election codes.

Breaking News

Since I have been writing this article, there are new developments. I alluded to Richer inappropriately going on national media with claims the audit is insane. Also, since I started writing this article, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors admitted they did not have the codes (huge mistake). However, the election thieves are working overtime on their cover stories. They have taken the admission of not having the machine codes and created a cover story. Richer and the Supervisors have released to the media that Sheriff Penzone had the election codes. Are you kidding me? The Sheriff is not part of the hierarchy of command for elections. The Sheriff is the top constitutional authority in a county, but they are not part of the election process. There would be no believable reason that Penzone would have the election codes for “safe-keeping” as we were told. And this doesn’t change the fact that the election officials never had the codes on election night as required by law. Along these lines, I have another revelation.

Three months ago, I was interviewing Chris Kitze the former owner of Before Its News. Despite the fact that neither of us are with this publication we have stayed contact. Chris was on my TV show three month ago and he made a stunning revelation. Chris unveiled a chart that showed how many votes were counted by Dominion inside of China by state. With this latest information, I see why no election official had the codes as prescribed by law. It seems likely that the votes were free to be counted in China, because there was no real election machine oversight. This also brings in the Maricopa County Sheriff as an agent of cover-up. This is the same Sheriff that let BLM and Antifa rampage, unopposed through downtown Phoenix. Yet, on election night when Republicans were protesting the mismarking and disqualifications of their ballots by an imposed use of a sharpie that leaked through, Penzone (D) ordered the crowds to stop their peaceful protesting or go to jail. The fix was in for Penzone then and it is in effect now….

What I believe to be likely is that the codes were kept in China. And now with the missing code controversy, they have been leaked back to Penzone the day before the contempt hearing for the County Supervisors not producing the codes. What amazing timing and what a coincidence!

As we witnessed in Georgia, China played a huge role in compromising the election. We are going to find the same thing here in Arizona. The Chinese began their election theft with the planned release of the Wuhan virus. It came to America in an election year, thus with a lockdown election year, absentee ballots were used in record numbers and that is how the election was stolen. And in Arizona, most of the absentee ballots are missing!!!!! Another coincidence. Does Sheriff Penzone have these ballots along with the codes?

My dad used to say that more you stir excrement, the more it starts to stink. And that is what is happening in Maricopa County.   



   I am wondering how far my harassment will go? As I have said before, if I am on the list, it is best to be on the top of the list and quite obviously I am there.  To those public officials who dare to discredit a legitimate investigation expect to be put under the cross-hairs of my investigation because both named and unnamed people are part of the coverup. To my harassers, before you go to the next level, keep in mind I have your names and they have been disseminated to trusted third parties along with copies of your written communications.

Stay tuned the CSS is just getting started!