Sometimes, it is easy to forget that I am writing for a new generation of Americans that have not been exposed to what I previously learned and published. Specifically, I am referencing the topic of concentration camps and the related topics of a Red Dawn invasion and menacing foreign troops on both our northern and southern borders. Today, we in the alt media refer to these concentration camps as “FEMA Camps.” 

There was a time in this country, that the mere mention of extermination lists (ie Steve Quayle’s “Red List-Blue List etc) was enough to get one accused of being a delusional conspiracy nut case. At the time that I was exposing the existence of FEMA camps, I was also one of the alt media journalists speaking about Chinese troops inside our country (eg Long Beach Port, designated UN inland ports) as well as CHICOM troops just over our southern border. Today, the Chinese threat has expanded to at least 250,000 CHICOM combat troops in British Columbia. We have the beginnings of CHICOM airfields being constructed in Texas for a high-ranking CHICOM officer. This is Red Dawn material which is also related to American concentration camps. Hold these numbers of CHICOMS in the back of your mind and I will refer to this real threat on a continual basis as it colors every fact and piece of evidence that I will be asserting this week. Yes, I have decided that it is critically important that I re-educate America on the topic of concentration camps (ie FEMA Camps). Although, my re-education will review the old FEMA Camp documents. However, we now have the context and know the endgame goals for those who would destroy us and I will linking these factors throughout the rest of this series. Some may ask, what qualifies me to write on this critical topic.   

All journalists bring certain expertise to their craft. There are the academic credentials and then there are the field experiences. I freely admit I lack substantive knowledge in the area of the economy. For example, I write and broadcast a lot on the topic of the economy. However, I freely admit that I am not an economist and therefore, I must rely on expert economists that I interview for my knowledge base, but when it comes to FEMA Camps and related topics, I amo one of the experts. However, and all modesty aside, I doubt there is anyone in the country, other than Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, Alex Jones and to some degree, Jesse Ventura who knows what I know on this topic of the coming Red Dawn invasion and American concentration camps. This is not a ego-driven badge of honor, my nightmares and visions, it is the curse that accompanies my work!

The context of concentration camps may slightly alter, but the basic facts remain the same. From 2010 to the Jade Helm years of 2015/2016, I wrote extensively on the topic but the revelations frequently lacked coherent context. I earned my reputation as a conspiracy theory nut through hard work and thousands of hours reading government documents on these topics. In other words, the federal documents (eg 39.4) were documents specifying action for a future time and we are now in that future time. Or, as Steve Quayle so accurately puts it, “What is coming is no longer coming, it is already here”. Subsequently and unfortunately, all of us are now living in these future times. In the past, I was able to tell you what was coming, mostly from original source material (ie open source intelligence), but I could not really explain the accompanying context in which millions of Americans will be rounded up and exterminated. Today, that context demonstrably exists and I feel compelled to share what I know and can prove to a new generation of awakened patriots. The realization of our collective fate is not the end goal to my work, it is the salvation of the soul. The only thing you turn to in regard to what is coming is the Lord Jesus Christ!

The topic of FEMA Camps is in my wheelhouse. It is what I know best. My academic background lends itself to understanding the geopolitics, psychology and societal history of such genocides such as the one being prepared in not only America, but in four other English-speaking nations (ie the CANZUK nations of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK). Academically, I have undergraduate, graduate and post graduate degrees in history, sociology, psychology, research methods and statistics. My academic background and journalistic field experience as a researcher and publisher have provided the context in which what I am dubbing the Great American Holocaust is coming into full view. Both Steve Quayle and myself believe that the profession of an altmedia journalist is nearly over. These revelations, which I am going to impart this week will likely be my most salient work. However, it is likely to be my final work.

What is the end goal of our collective enemies (eg the Biden administration)? I have decided to start from the end and work my way forward. The number one goal of the globalists (ie Deep State and their Democratic Party operatives) is to eliminate Christianity. Simply put this is true because the New World Order is decidedly and demonstrably Satanic. If you are a Christian, you are a target for this reason and you are to be considered to be the 1930’s Jews of your day.

Also, if you are white and are an American, you must also be eliminated because you come from a power structure that is both filled with threat to Satan such as possessing the Christian and US Constitution notions of freedom and you possess the threatening belief that the will of the governed is more sovereign than the legitimacy of the government which now has become decidedly Satanic. If you doubt this premise, then ask yourself why the Democratic Party took God out of their party platform. In the recent National Day of Prayer, Biden did not even mention the word “God”, one time. And there is one more reason that Americans must be targeted. Our nation has 150 million gun owners with nearly 400 million guns. This is a threat to any autocratic, Satanic regime. Now that we know that many of you, non-woke Americans, are an enemy of the state, let’s look at documentation that reinforces these notions.

Christianity is being systematically destroyed comes to us in the form of the National Emergency Centers Act or HR 645 which mandates the establishment of “national emergency centers” to be located on military installations for the purpose of to providing “temporary housing, medical, and humanitarian assistance to individuals and families dislocated due to an emergency or major disaster,” according to the bill. The legislation also states that the camps will be used to “provide centralized locations to improve the coordination of preparedness, response, and recovery efforts of government, private, and not-for-profit entities and faith-based organizations”. The bill also provides that the camps can be used to “meet other appropriate needs”, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security. This a carte blanche mandate that many fear could mean the forced detention of American citizens, under the NDAA, in the event of widespread rioting following a national emergency or a total economic collapse. Hence, we now have the Clergy Response Team run under the auspices of DHS.

On December 9, 2014, I conducted an exclusive phone interview with Pastor Mansfield who was recruited to become a member of the Clergy Response Team which would operate under the control of NOVAD and DHS. Mansfield’s revelations about his experiences are stunning and concerning at the same time. Pastor Mansfield attended several briefings and he could barely believe his ears. He learned of the government’s plan to enact martial law as well as to implement forced population relocations. Mansfield emphasized that when martial law is enacted, the enforcement would be immediate. In other words, family members will be separated from each other and part of the training that the clergy received was how to comfort separated family members. Pastor Mansfield emphasized that the FEMA/DHS drills were predicated on bioterrorism. The pastors were trained to go to homes were people refused to be relocated by the authorities and  their immediate job was to convince the reluctant to willingly go to the relocation camps. Ostensibly, this was to be done in lieu of sending in the SWAT teams. I asked Mansfield if FEMA camps were real and he stated that much of the clergy training focused around this scenario of pastors operating within the forced relocation centers. The main goal of a pastor assigned to a FEMA was to bring order and encourage compliance with DHS requests, hence, the emphasis on Romans 13. The pastors were forced to sign non-disclosure. Interesting, the pastors were told not to quote Christian Scripture. The DHS document which was prepared for the pastors clearly stated that Scripture had been used to “oppress” people in the past and the presenters strongly discouraged the its use. Please see the following excerpt from one of the DHS training manuals:  

“During a time of crisis people do go through a  “crisis of faith.” Sometime quick mention of God and scripture may not be helpful. As we all know the Scripture has been used to oppress, dominate and at the same time used for healing and reconciliation- renewing of relationship with God and people. If the pastor senses it is appropriate to use the scripture and prayer, it must carefully be done for healing of victims not to uphold pastoral authority.” (Page 14)   In other words, all legitimate pastoral authority was abrogated by the pastors who participated in the roundup of American citizens.

  Also on page 14 of the same training document, pastors were admonished to avoid“Unhealthy God talk….” Specifically pastors are ordered to avoid using references to God when helping people cope with the loss of a loved one:

“4. God must have needed him/her more than you.”        
“5. God never gives more than we can handle.

  Pastor Mansfield also revealed that pastors will be issued badges under the Clergy Response Team program. Any pastor not displaying the badge, indicating that they have been trained under these guidelines, will not be permitted into the established and designated “DHS safety zones”. This reminds me of the banishment of religious figures from Plymouth Colony who, in good conscience, refused to go along with some of the extremism of that day. Along these lines, the Clergy Response Team is also a “Kool-Aid drinking program”. Pastors are absolutely forbidden to publicly to speak about any aspect of the program. If you were to ask your pastor if they are a FEMA trained pastor, they will not likely tell you. Disturbingly, Pastor Mansfield reiterated several times that the number one job of these pastors is to calm down people and encourage their compliance within the people’s new surroundings. Pastor Mansfield also stated that pastors will be utilized as informants. This violates the legal privilege of confidentiality between pastor and church-goer, that is currently recognized by law. All church-goers can no longer trust the sanctity of personal confessions and revelations made to pastors, priests or rabbis’. This one illegal act by DHS completely undermines the Christian Church in America!


Pastor Mansfield felt strongly this was the government’s way of removing Jesus from America’s landscape and set the stage for the ushering in of a new-age religion. It is mind boggling to fathom how so many reporters and media types deny the existence of FEMA camps under these circumstances. It is also disturbing that any pastor would agree to participate in a program in which Jesus and the Bible end up on the cutting room floor. There is also something else that will end up on the cutting room floor and that will be your head. 

 Revelations 20:4 “Then I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was given to them. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony of Jesus and because of the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received the mark on their forehead and on their hand; and they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years”. And who will behead these Christians? 

I believe that this question is answered in the following scripture, not of the Christian faith.Take a look at Sura (chapter) 47 contains the ayah (verse):

When you encounter the unbelievers ….

[26] He and his followers beheaded opponents, Christian and Muslim alike…”  Sura 8 [al-Anfal]:12 states “I will cast dread into the hearts of the … caliphs beheaded tens of thousands of Christians (admittedly many of them …

I think we have learned who some of the concentration guards will be and what their primary duty will be. Is this is the justification for ISIS and the cartels, under the control of the CHICOMS, to be performing these heinous acts against Christians? Do you remember the brutal deaths of the nine Mormon Americans in Northern Mexico last year by the Satan-worshipping cartels?  It is clear from the two scriptures that both Christianity and Islam foretells a time when non-believing infidels (i.e. Christians) will be beheaded by radical Muslim extremists (i.e. ISIS). It is also clear that this prophecy is being fulfilled in our time. Will these acts be carried out on American soil and against American Christians and Jews? The following does not specifically speak to the intended persecution of Christian and Jews, but the playing field to do such a thing has clearly been established.  FM 39.4  provides the means to carry out such heinous acts.

We have precedent for the beheading of Christians by radical Muslim forces, we have religious doctrine calling for the beheading of non-Islamic believers, we now have the “camps” where these acts could be perpetrated against American Christians and we have pastors hired to calm the people but they cannot mention Jesus or the Bible. We should all be connecting the dots. 

There is competition for control of the existing FEMA camps. Former President Trump felt strongly that he was going to need them to put down the insurrection  from Left which had already started. Although coviddid in his presidency, the Deep State is still hoping by some means to take control of the political process and these camps will be needed for you and me.  I am going to be developing this theme in a later article. People should be able to practice their religion without infringing on the rights of nonbelievers. However, when one doctrine demands beheadings for nonbelievers, then we have  a problem. And when the United Nations is mandating that the U.S., under former President Trump, must accept 70,000 Muslim immigrants, maybe we should all be paying closer attention.


I received this email from a nurse on January 26, 2016.

Hi Dave, I couldn’t believe it- but I verified with our hospital billing department that the billing code for death by guillotine is ICD9-E978…  The code would be used for jails billing the Feds for serviced rendered…