America Is Facing a Simultaneous WW III and Civil War As Biden Plans to Use Foreign Occupation Troops to Subjugate America Coupled With a Chinese Invasion

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America has so many simultaneous threats to its existence and the preservation of Republic, that it is impossible to identify the multitude of plots and associated bad actors. However, in this article. an overview will offered which will help the reader understand how close to WW III we truly are. The first part of this article will review seriousness of World War III breaking out. The second part of the article will provide a brief outline of how mainland of the United States is in serious jeopardy and the so-called Red Dawn forces have indeed been activated and their preliminary activities, used as a precursor to military invasion and occupation are well underway. 

World War III Almost Started In the Black Sea

In early June of 2021, Sam Honnold and myself covered the attempted intimidation of Putin be deploying 3 naval vessels off the coast of Ukraine in the Black Sea. The message from these three ships was clear. It was a threatening move warning Putin to not invade Ukraine as we know he in preparation mode to do so. The US Navy and the Netherlands each had a participating ship in this intimidating move. Interestingly, the UK deployed their prize ship, the HMS Queen Elizabeth.

On the way to provoking WW III, something interesting happened. The 3 ships were withdrawn to Cypress. Here was my summary of this from a report in June. This report followed Sam Honnold's appearance on both my TV show as well as my radio to discuss these events. I began covering these events in May. 


A Change of Plans

For an unexplained reason, the three ships withdrew from Urkaine and eventually reached the coastal waters border the Indian and Chinese border where India has amassed a 250,000 man army. 

Why would these ships go from carrying out Biden's will with Putin and Ukraine and then move to support a potential military action against China carried by the Indian military? Stay tuned because this was the first move to checkmate Chinese hyper-aggressiveness in Asia, particularily towards Taiwan. 

The naval task force in India is headed by the carrier, Ronald Reagan. It is supported by UK naval vessels, Indian naval vessels and a contingent from Australia. 

At the sae time that this was happening, the reader may recall that Japan issued a direct warning to China to keep their hands off of Taiwan or it would mean war. South Korea has also since joined the alliance. China is being held in checkmate on two ends of their country. China has threatened to strike against these allied forces. 


Checkmate China

Pastor Samuel Honnold and myself have been collaborating, since June of 2021, on the American-led alliance that is prepared to strike at China for their ultra-agressive moves. 

The most striking feature of this alliance is that it has been put together exclusive of Joint Chiefs Commander, Millie, as well as the Biden Administration, who is sitting on the outside looking in. On January 22, 2021, I published the following report in which I reported that Biden was refused admittance to the Pentagon. The Pentagon's JCS is split. Millie, a marxist, stands with Biden. However, much of the military command refuses to cooperate with Biden.   

What changed? The Queen used to on Biden's side because he was spearheading the purposeful demise of the  United States on behalf of globalist interests. Why did the Queen flip-flop. Reports state the Queen and her Bank of London has been left behind in the plans of the World Economic Forum and the planned Great Reset. This is why the HMS Queen Elizabeth and other UK ships are off of the coast of India. 

A review of the events leading up the check-mating of China is in order at this point:

Here is an excerpt from a report that I filed on May 15, 2021 on the CSS:

  1. Within 10 days, BOTH  the French military and 124 Retired American Generals and Admirals are commanding the American people to take action against their government. The Americans identified, in a public letter, fascism and Marxism that has invaded our country. Biden’s cognitive condition was singled out. This is a call to action. The American military knows it is too soon to initiate a counter-coup. However, they are painting the target. The French military was blatantly honest as they said unsavory immigration is leading to civil war in France which would result in the overthrow of globalist leader, French President Macron. These events are not unrelated. Both the American military and the French Military are organizing against the globalists. This is stage one which is to identify who the enemy is.
  2. Australia, Japan, France and the US just concluded joint military drills in preparation to fight China. This was done with NATO oversight (France and the US), and Biden had no command actions or oversight in this important drill. This represents part of the breakaway of France and the US, who’s governmental leadership is decidedly pro-CHICOM. When we combine items #2 and #3 on this list, the coincidence factor fades and it is clear that the French military and the American military have the same goal.
  3. Some of my colleagues in the alt media have this information. Russia and China have been skirmishing on China’s northern border. Putin, has had enough. He has released India from its pledge to Russia to not attack China without Russian approval. India is in the mood to do so as India has been hit by a Chinese bioweapon that has paralyzed the country. This is not Covid-19!  I expect to see India becoming much more aggressive against in the coming days.
  4. Putin has not attacked Ukraine. Russia needs a “pass-through” Ukraine to get their natural gas to Europe at a cheap price. Despite this important need, Putin now has dry fields and can roll in his tanks, has chosen not to act. Why? As I reported a month ago, Putin and Trump met and Netanyahu is onboard with any plan that will remove Macron and Biden and his handlers. This is a dangerous move for Putin, because if his invasion of Ukraine is not completed by Septembers, his mechanized forces will be caught in potentially wet fields and could be defeated!

The Queen of England, who now is in control of the Navy, along with American military commanders ordered a withdrawal of allied forces (UK, US, Netherlans) from the Black Sea in which Putin said he was ready to strike because this action interfered with his Ukrainian plans. Putin, at this point does not want war with the United States. In fact, Putin has told India that Russia will not interfere should they decide to attack their main enemy, India. Plans have been set into motion which illustrates that Biden is not involved in various nations aliging against China. This Pacific-based alliance consists of the following nations:

1. United States without Biden oversight.

2. UK with the Queen in charge.

3. Australia

4. India

5. Japan

6. Taiwan

7. Philippines (used as a staging area)

8. South Korea  

No doubt people are wondering about how the Biden administration has been marginalized from the military. This is really old news! Here is the report I filed as far back as January 22, 2021 which exposed the fact that Biden is being ignored by much of the military. 

Subsequent to this information, I filed this report in late July which clearly illustrates that the Biden administration does not control, at least, important elements of the military. Obviously they know he's a traitor that is putting US military lives at risk. 



China Has Amassed Its Military and Paramilitary Cartel Allies On Both United States Borders

According to a senior-level Federal LEO, who appeared on my TV show, the cartels are crossing the border in force. and carrying out political hits upon political targets. Further, the cartels are tasked with acquiring land on the Southern Border, inside the United States, which can be used as a joint operations base for both the staging of CHICOM troops and the construction of airfields for needed air support in a CHICOM invasion of the United States. The first wave of the Chinese invasion involves the paramilitary groups which are primarily the Sinaloa cartel which is not operating as covert pre-invasion forces as well as light infantry. 

Mark Daniels is the Sheriff of border county, Cochise County. His son a Sheriff's Deputy, shot and killed a senior cartel member. The Deputy and his family have been moved and I assumed the witness protection program has entered into this case. There have been three separate attempts on the life of Mark Daniels by the cartel. This is how compromised Biden's opern borders have become and how brazen the Chinese military, through their proxies, the cartels, have become. The government has purposely lost total control of the border and anything goes. Child sex trafficking is rampant. Drugs are flowing across the border in record numbers. 

The readers may recall that a Chinese military general was caught building a huge airstrip in Texas, thus raising concerns about then national security implications. In Arizona, the tactic is a bit differentas far as establishing pre-positioned bases. The CSS haslearned that the cartels are not buying land for this endeavor as it garners too much attention. Instead, they are executing a form of lend-lease . The cartels are telling these ranchers that they must lease much of their ranch to the CHICOMS,or face the murder of their entire family in this off the books operation.

This is all a prelude to invasion.However the story does not end here. 

Biden Plans to Use Foreign Troops On American Soil to Counter the Lack of Control Over the Military Enjoyed by Biden  

Over a year ago, the UN took over the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City. NATO, is taking over the naval base on in Norfold, VA. These are the vanguard troops of foreign troops who are coming to support Biden against the American people and the Constitution.

Additionally, Australia has shut its country down with the military for 6 new cases of covid. This is the cover story. Australia is preparing for an invasion by China. 

There are a lot moving parts to this story. However, one can rest assured that America will never be the same again.