Will 2021 Boast The Reddest October Ever?

chicom carrier

by Sam Honnold

Gospel Gunslingers

It has been 104 years since the famed October Bolshevik Revolution established the USSR, the world`s first communist nation-state.  Tsar Nicholas and his family were murdered unceremoniously along with literal millions of good Christian Russians.  Vladimir I. Lenin had added the crucial final ingredient to the communist ideology--democide--institutionalized mass murder. 

Since that fateful month, there have been many communist takeovers in the world, as well as attempted takeovers repelled at great cost and with great loss of life.  In Cambodia, 1/3 of the entire nation's population was liquidated after the US withdrawal from neighboring Vietnam (a disaster to which Biden's botched Afghan withdrawal has been repeatedly compared).  Those hunted to extermination included all members of civil government, all schoolteachers, and all persons over 30 years of age.  Communism has always presented itself as peaceful and just (a person who does not speak or understand English is ironically  blasting John Lennon's "Imagine" at a high volume in the street as I write this) but in practice has always included megadeath-level mass executions of good people in every place where it's bitter root has taken hold.  Recently the dragon has arisen--Red China, the communist world leader and belligerent nuclear superpower, openly bidding for world domination and a the destruction of all good people of every color, this time over the whole globe!  This October day, the tide may have shifted as the militaries of historically Western, free nations have assembled off the coast of Red China,  with an amassing of firepower never before seen in the history of the world. Neither side can afford to back down or bluff.  The titans will clash, and soon.  The Pacific will be red with blood as many small nations fight for their existence and the great nations of the world stand with them! 

Yesterday Stripes.com reported that THREE AIRCRAFT CARRIERS had assembled in the Philippine sea, two US supercarriers with nuclear propulsion and the flagship of the British fleet, Her Majesty's Ship Queen Elizabeth (The newest and perhaps most advanced carrier in the world).  The truth is that the Japan Self Defense Force Ship JS Izumo also sailed in the combined fleet.  This ship TODAY proved F-35B interoperability (Confirming Trump's promise that she would carry the F-35 along with her sister ship), and brings the fleet total to FOUR AIRCRAFT CARRIERS!  Some of these ships have been spotted on satellite through the night having entered the South China Sea (crossing China's "line in the sand") and sailed north toward the heart of regional tension, the Taiwan Strait. In addition to NUMEROUS NEW WEAPON SYSTEMS carried by this fleet (buildup reported on this blog for more than a year), TODAY the F-35A qualified to carry the new B61-12 NUCLEAR BOMB in dual tests dropping non-nuclear mock B61-12s at both RAF Lakenheath, England and Nellis Air Force Base Nevada, USA. This weapon (able to be carried in the internal bay of the F-35 A and C variants for discreet carriage in full 5th generation stealth configuration) is guided to strike within 30 meters and has adjustable yield for proportional response (0.3kt, 1.5kt, 10kt, 50kt).  The aircraft having passed qualification, I suspect this weapon system is fully active although it was scheduled for deployment in 2022 and full delivery in 2025.  The B61-12 can also be carried on hard points on the F-16 in service with the Taiwan's Republic of China Air Force, and F-15 Strike Eagle employed by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, in case one of these allies were to come into possession of such a weapon to save themselves from annihilation. 

Many other nations understand the gravity of this confontation and have drilled repeatedly with US and UK forces, including Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, and that mighty and populous nuclear power, India, whose mountainous land border (according to Hal Turner last night) was threatened by the arrival of another 100,000 Chinese troops!