Bill Gates, George Soros and the CHICOMS Have Brought Tyranny to Your Neighborhood

bill gates

The Satanically inspired evil that has consumed our media and politics on a national level has now arrived in our neighborhoods. Our local communities are undergoing a full frontal assault, not just from federal authorities, but from local authorities.

Although no one article can adequately cover the entire spectrum of the infiltration and subsequent treason that is eroding American sovereignty and civil liberties, this article will update the public about the genocidal Bill Gates with some stunning revelations about vaccines. Gates’ admissions are shocking to say the least. Further, one example of globalist tyranny and how it has taken over one school district in Scottsdale, Arizona will be provided as well.  Both directly and indirectly, through Gates colleague, George Soros, your children are falling prey to Gates-inspired mandates. 

Bill Gates has a relenant history that has to be considered as he has crippled and killed hundreds of thousands in the third world with his dangerous, but profitable polio vaccines. He also positioned himself to make huge profits as he conditioned an unsuspecting public, through Event 201, that an out-of-control pathogen was coming America’s way after escaping from a wet market in Wuhan, China (lol)!  

Historically, Gates polio vaccines were an unmitigated disaster and the current covid vaccines are producing very similar results. Yet, Gates’ failures, be they accidental or intentional, have discouraged the imposition of his will on the people of not just the United States, but on the planet as a whole. Gates has funded and promoted vaccine passports systems around the world. He uncompromisingly promotes authoritarian, Nuremburg-violating mandatory injections and lockdowns. He and his allies in Big Pharma, the CDC and NIH are profitting from humanity’s demise, and this outweighs all other domestic and foreign policy issues in the United States.

Under Gates and his colleague Dr. Fauci, they have both sponsored some medical research’s darkest moment including the torture of dogs, the denial of HIV treatment to Gays and telling the public the bold-faced lie that children can contract AIDS from casual contact. To Gates, his public statements are all about defending illegal and unconstitutional medical mandates that violate the liberty of the individual. “Stand in line for your “25th  round of CV-19 booster shots” will be words someday uttered by Gates as he continues on his mission to to inject every man, woman and child  in perpetuity. while imprisoning free-thinking people who do not comply.  

With his recent victories over humanity, Gates is openly discussing his intention to control personal finance, limit civil liberties, control governments and major banking and corporate financial systems, across the planet through the fake science of fighting climate change. Gates also called for billions to be donated by all governments to prepare for Smallpox bioterrorism. At least we know what is coming.

There is one silver lining to Gates’ tyranny, he has admitted what most of have known for a long time. Namely, the vaccines do not stop the spread of the virus. In a recent interview, Gates actually admitted that the vaccines do not stop the spread of the virus as he proclaimed “we need a new way of doing the vaccines.” It would appear that Gates plans to eventually substitute permanently affixed skin patch to one’s skin as opposed to taking the vaccines. Is this an admission that Gates is bending to the increased skepticism of a public that is seeing through the voodoo science that permeates the CDC and the NIH, where, for example, herd and acquired immunity have been set aside in the interest of political gain? This is probably a fair assessment, however, Gates and his globalist allies continue on an undeterred path to destroy all of humanity.

Those of us that have covered the genocidal mindset of Bill Gates, fully comprehends that depopulation of the planet is his ultimate goal. Gates fully embodies the notion that the planet should be depopulated by 90% and that all effort should be made to profit on humanity’s demise.

Gates also represents the notion that what humanity is facing today does not just consist of political, social, cultural and economic challenges our collective existence, we are ultimately facing Satan’s warriors. The once hidden spiritual struggle that has beset the planet since the days of Genesis 6, when the fallen angels were cast down to earth, is now on full display for those who have eyes to see. Soros, Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, Bezos, Musk, Gates, et al., are agents of this Satanic takeover that is propelling humanity headlong towards the Tribulation!

What amazes this researcher is that despite the fact that even Bill Gates admits that the vaccines do not prevent the spread of the virus, Soros-converted local officials have convinced, or bribed officials as Soros has invaded judgeships, city councils, county prosecutors, mayors, governors, state legislators and school boards across the country with nonsensical and medically illiterate propaganda that is keeping even our children enslaved. Take the children for example: Childhood incidence of covid is rapidly declining. Unless a child has a serious comorbid condition, they are not at risk. Yet, the vaccines that are being mandated for children ages 5-11, present 5 times the risk of death as covid. Why? Why are we doing this even when despots such as Bill Gates admit that the vaccines don’t work. When one looks at the totality of the events and facts, it is clear that this is not just about Big Pharma/Bill Gates profits. This is now about depopulation!

Just how thorough has the infiltration of Soros operatives and the CHICOM influencers have been? Just look at California, in particular, Los Angeles. Kids are propagandized by inappropriate discussions of various sexual practices and lifestyles as early as six years of age. Kids are also taught to hate one another on the basis of skin color thanks to Critical Race Theory. Not only is our collective health being destroyed by vaccines, so are our children's psyche and souls.

The  controversy of the wearing of masks and mandatory vaccines of the young has come to school boards, as this is how far Gates partner-in-crime, George Soros/CHICOM influencers have reached. These infiltrations and subsequent infestations are on full display. Just take a look at the Scottsdale, AZ school board where institutionalized evil is on full display for all to see.

The contemptuous and the despicable  Jann Michael Greenburg, who is serving as the president of the Scottsdale Unified School District Board in western metropolitan Phoenix, has revealed a spy program related to his critics that rivals anything ever put together by the KGB or the East German Stasi. Greenburg has been collecting personal informationm including social security numbers, financial records, etc.,  about parents in his school district who oppose his unscientific covid restrictions for the Scottsdale schools. This is both an elaborate and very expensive as well as time-consuming endeavor, all designed to rob parents of their rights and bend the children to the will of the profit-orientated pharmaceuticals as well as the enshrinement of the power of totaliarian principles in opposition to individual civil liberties.

Before considering the heinous actions of Greenburg, the compromising of Arizona must be considered in assessing and analyzing this threat to Scottsdale’s children. Through the 2020 election and the subsequent “fraudit” the events have proven that Arizona, from top to bottom, is a state that is fraught with corruption and outright treason. Either, or both, George Soros and/or the Communist Chinese government have exerted influence (eg campaign donations, business reclamation projects for key elected officials} and have used specific elected officials to deepen Chinese influence over such officials as the Governor, the Secretary of State, several state legislators, members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, County Clerk and Recorders and the Maricopa County Sheriff and that is only the short list. From the CSS, coverage has been provided, all across America on the topic of Soros/CHICOM infiltration and takeover of our various political systems.

Now it appears that the communist influencers have reached down into the school boards as they have in so many American communities like Loudoun County, VA. Now that the contextual background has been established for Arizona politics, let’s consider the totality of Greenburg’s actions. He has an extremely expensive and elaborate dossier spy system for many Scottsdale parents who oppose his Bill Gates type of approach to medical tyranny as it relates to the children of Scottsdale.

I find it negligent on the part of the media that they are not looking at motive in the Greenburg case. In fact, the local media has proven negligent in its obvious lack of coverage in this area.

It is difficult to believe that Greenburg is solely motivated by profit for his actions designed to keep his school board seat. His pay for his position on the school board is $0! It is hard to believe that this data gathering is some type of bizarre fetish because it is related to the topics of masks and vaccines. The spying is undeniably related to the protection of existing and the ineffective practices of vaccines and mask mandates. Subsequently, we are left contemplating Greenburg’s motives. What could possibly underly Greenburg’s bizarre antics? In cases like this, it is often prudent to “follow the money.” This must be true because Greenburg’s motives are certainly not about keeping school children safe as even Bill Gates admits that these practices don’t work.

With what I know about the Soros influence in local politics in Arizona, it is hard to not see his influence in matters such as these. If the dissenting Scottsdale parents want to get to the bottom of the Greenburg case and its motivations, they should FOIA his campaign contributions. I would be shocked if we did not uncover a funding source(s). I would also be surprised if Soros proxy groups do not appear.

It is hard to not imagine that behind this smoke is a very big fire and a few well-meaning Scottsdale parents have stumbled into what is likely a major operation of deception and control and I know that when we look at the Cave Creek School District, they same controversies are appearing and have been covered by Lisa Haven. I was recently brought in as a consultant by a group that was investigating a local Phoenix area school board who received golden parachutes, promises of future business endeavors and outright financial renumeration. I see some of the same elements here. Keep digging Scottsdale, you will get your answer.  

Meanwhile, we must realize that when it comes to politics, you can trust nobody. Everyone is subject to the payouts that come from Soros operatives. Every key level of our 3 levels of governments are compromised.

There are some obvious conclusions that come from these scenarios and parents should take heed. First, refuse all vaccine and mask mandates, they are unconstitutional. Second, take your kids out of all government, NEA-related school districts and enroll your child in a quality charter school or private school, and there is always the home school option.

While America tries to awaken at this late hour to the tyranny that has consumed our natio, it is time to get out of their system as much as possible. Most of all, your children are vulnerable to these school board monsters, protect them!