The catalyst for the next US civil war?




Since the Biden Administration has adopted an open border policy, Texas has implemented a state law whereby they will arrest all illegal aliens entering their state. The federal government has done everything to prevent Texas from stopping the surge of migrants and neither side will cave. “The recent actions by the State of Texas have impeded operations of the Border Patrol. Those actions conflict with the authority and duties of Border Patrol under federal law and are preempted under the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution. Texas’s actions also improperly seek to regulate the federal government,” the DHS said in a letter to Texas AG Ken Paxton. Texas responded by saying it will “not surrender to Biden’s destructive open-border policies.”


A mother and her two children drowned in the river while crossing into Texas. The federal government is solely blaming Texas rather than their failed policies that invited people to cross into the nation in the first place. The Mexican government stepped in to retrieve the family, and US Border Patrol did not show up until after the incident. Forget the millions who have died from the drugs and crime crossing into the US; the MSM will now focus on these three people over the coming weeks.


Numerous Republican governors in other states, especially the south, are sending resources to Texas immediately. Around 100 migrants are crossing into Texas from this specific area every HOUR. This is one of the dirtiest ploys in recent political history. The year 2023 marked the first time in modern US history that the number of migrants far outpaced the number of births in America. The demographics of America have been permanently altered and people are continuing to pile into the country. The Democrats admitted the open border policy was a deliberate attempt to flood the nation with people who would vote for socialistic policies as the usher in the New World Order, but most were utterly clueless regarding the resources required to carry out their failed scheme. Now, their Sanctuary cities and states are in ruin; they have run out of resources.


American Dream


The far-left told migrants to come to America where the American dream would await them. The American Dream of the 1950s is DEAD. Even hardworking Americans can no longer obtain the lifestyle that was once promised and provided to legal immigrants. These migrants today are unable to work and expect the taxpaying citizens of this nation to pay for their new lives. The future of our nation depends on stopping the deliberate invasion of America.


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