The Fox News Psyop Upon America

fox news

Did you hear about the 43 South Koreans that died from flu vaccinations that the mainstream media just continues to bury? There are medical treatments that help and that hurt. The ones that hurt humanity are buried and covered up in the mainstream media (MSM). The MSM is least trusted organization in America today. Such is the way of the MSM as they obfuscate the truth for personal gain. 

During the election cycle and the immediate aftermath, Fox News showed the world what I have been saying forever. Fox News is controlled opposition as they are a psyop upon America? 

The Murdock sons are morally bankrupt and they want to be at globalist parties proclaiming what they are doing to suppress liberty. As an aside, when it comes to the welfare of the American people and their liberties, American people would be better off with Fox News going broke than even CNN who has already been thoroughly discredited. If President Trump were to be on Fox, I would watch, but there will be little else that will every lead me to watch the most deceptive network in the World. Occasionally, I will drop into to see what evil is up to, so you don’t have to. If I had my way, all of America would turn away from the 6 corporations that controls 95% of the media and bankrupt them as we turn to the alternatives. Unfortunately, half of our country is dumber than a box of rocks and are taken in by fake polls and fake news that is ultimately designed to get people to give up their freedom of choice in a manner that sacrifices our freedoms and the fruits of our labor.

In addition to the loss of freedom and revenue, America is being attacked on a spiritual level where pedophilia is being normalized and the acceptance of all Satanic perversion is the order of the day. This is who Fox News, NBC, C(the)BS and MSDNC supports. In the universe of the spirit realm, these people support Satanism in their worst form and their followers are being put on a path that will eventually culminate with them being rightfully thrown into the Lake of Fire. I only wonder if God will permit us to cheer as devil worshippers like Hillary have terrorized their last person…

Fox News is backtracking on its election coverage, but the psyop is obvious. The average person is saying to me “What about Tucker, Hannity and Laura?” Let’s take a look at Satan’s trinity. Tucker Carlson sounds like you and me. I have no idea what is in his heart. However, if he had any morality, or Christian decency in his being, he would have already left Fox for pro-American broadcasting service such as One American News Network. Come on Tucker put your money ($25 million annual salary) where your mouth is. He can’t, or better yet, he will not for the root of all evil is the love of money. This is Carlson’s defining trait. The Presidency of his nation has been stolen. And as will be exposed on the CSS, tomorrow, millions of Americans are going to die (Deagel Report). And Tucker pretends to be your prosecutor against Satanic, Leftist-inspired evil, while he is being paid to say what he is saying five times per week by Satanic, Leftist-inspired evil. Whether Tucker Carlson realizes this or not, he is being controlled by the most evil forces on the Earth and I therefore, have to ask, we are still listening to him because…?

Then there is Hannity, the Fox News one-trick-pony. It is always the same message in different forms each and every night. The virtuous President is being falsely assailed by the Democrats. “OMG” the President had the election stolen, but like his persona, the depth of his coverage is extremely superficial and they never get their great guests, like S. Powell, to really get into in depth coverage of how the 2020 election was stolen. Fox News ratings fell into the toilet and the pretend outrage they are now expressing on a nightly basis, is pretend PR of this network. As I have analyzed Hannity (net worth $250 million) in the aftermath of the greatest theft in American History, I can accurately say “If you have seen one Hannity show, you have seen them all”.

Then of course is Laura and her infamous “angle”, the angle of deception. She has Kamala Harris’ morals as she is clearly a pretend journalist that is for sale to the highest bidder, which is Fox News at the moment. In the clear aftermath of unprecedented voter fraud, she called on President Trump to acquiesce and conceded! This is the moment that Fox News ratings collapsed. Now, this Jezebel of journalism has backtracked with poorly defined examples of election theft. What a total sellout! I cannot imagine having to be so tied to your multi-million dollar salary, that one has to forfeit all integrity in their life. This woman, plus Carlson, plus Hannity, are Leftist actors pretending to be journalists. It is fortunate that we have seen enough beneath the covers that we know that that they are really political prostitutes. Do you know why these “presstitutes” are allowed to hang out their journalistic red light? The answer is simple….they take the legitimate discoveries and headlines of the alt media, take the headlines as their own and then lead us down the path of disinformation. They are also trying to take market share away from the alt media.

In the event that any, or all of the three Fox News media figures depart from their network, I will apologize. However, the longer they wait, the softer the apology. 

If any of these so-called journalists had any integrity, they would have left Fox News, which by the way, is for sale. Oh yes, you will hear about this after the inauguration.

Finally, Fox News knows what I am about to say. There is a plot that is lying in wait, that is so heinous, that many won’t believe it unless they see it on CNN and Fox News. And they will now see this plot on these networks, because it is their job to keep up distracted from the truth so we do not rise up in support of the President’s plan to use the Insurrection Act in order to correct injustice of the 2020 election.

Please allow me to set the stage for what is unfolding. Let’s just stick with what has been reported in the MSM.

  1. Defense Secretary, Esper and his anti-American disloyalists have been fired by Trump.
  2. Trump is in the middle of firing major officers in the Pentagon, most of whom where appointed by Obama.
  3. Trump is bringing troops home from 3 different theaters of war which includes Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. Why? At the supposed end of his Presidency, why would Trump do such a thing? The answer is crystal clear, he needs these battle-hardened troops here in America to enforced the Insurrection Act.
  4. The CSS has learned that immediately after Thanksgiving, the details of what Sydney Powell has been saying will be released by the President. The MSM and Big Tech will attempt to censor, but the release will be massive and any American desiring to hear the message will hear it. The President is biding his time and he will only be stopped…JFK style.
  5. The war for America is at hand. I only hope you have your preps in order.

I have spent this week providing background for what I am ready to release. I am not the only one that is in possession about what “heels in the air” Harris has in store for America. In fact, her threats against America have been echoed by AOC and Michelle Obama. The details that underlie the threats will begin to be published in the next several installments of the CSS. I expect that others will publishing the same, because a general information dump to key members of the alt media has already taken place.

When the Godless Democrats repeatedly said that this is the war for the soul of America, they are telling the truth. Since we know that the Democrats have erased the word “God” from their party platform and they have eliminated “In God we trust” from their new version of the Pledge of Allegiance”, they are telling whose team they are on and that would be “Team Satan”. You may wish to review the major events in the Book of Revelations because the ramifications are already in play.