Life Is Not Fair, Just Ask Former GCU Basketball Coach Dan Majerle


In a display of greed, insensitivity and unrealistic expectations, Grand Canyon University Owner, Brian Mueller, fired head men's coach Dan Majerle. The reason that the insiders are saying that underlies the firing is because Majerle had not taken the program to the level of a Gonzaga University. Majerle had posted winning seasons in al lbut one. GCU's facility, which seats only 7,000 is more of a D2 facility than a D1 facility. 

In the community, Marjerle was an icon, a sports hero from the Phoenix Suns. The firing is already being questioned by the local media. Mueller avoided fallout from the students as he purposely waited to announce the firing at the end of the last day of classes at GCU due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This was done to avoid the obvious fallout and pushback that would have accompanied this unpopular action. 

Being a former college basketball player and head coach, I can confidently state that the way this was handled, and for the reasons that this was handled, GCU just shot itself in the foot in terms of attacting a top tier candidate to the campus with substandard resources and expect a Final Four performance. 

What happened to the popular Majerle, whose name and image is memorialized everywhere on the GCU campus was not fair. However, life is not fair...God never promised that life would be fair...He promises that he will always be there for us.

In recent years, there have been other questionable moves made against previous GCU basketball coaches.  One previous coach was fired  by USPS. One coach was brought in and in one year, he turned the program into a winner. However, when the opportunity to hire a "little" bigger name coach, the leadership at GCU did not fail to fire this form JC without cause. And the new replacement was fired so that Majerle could be brought in to jumpstart the program. 

As a former coach, I can say that on the surface, that this is not the path to redemption for a program that is now twisting in the wind. Darker days lie ahead forthe GCU basketball program. The only way that this program gets quality coaching leadership is to hire a rogue figure like a disgraced Rick Pitino. Of course I cannot see a path where Pitino, given his track record, could ever coach at a Unversity where the word Christian was in the name of the institution. 

For Dan Majerle, the Lord will open more doors and will erase this bitter memory. For Grand Canyon, the reputation in its men's basketball program has been firmly entrenched where loyalty and committment are not part of the program. In other words, they just shot themselves in the foot. And in Heaven, because this is a case of two supposed Christians doing this to each other, the light shine just a little dimmer today.....Ego is a terrible taskmaster.