Kamala Harris Is Playing the Stupid Card to Get Elected and She Could Win Because 50% of Americans Are Dumber Than a Box of Rocks

kamala harris

The latest polls show Kamala Harris has only single digit support, yet the MSM says she is the front-runner for the Democratic Party. Trump has even declared her the front runner for the Democratic nominee. How is she doing it? She is playing the stupid card to get elected. Her candidacy is testimony to one of the catch phrases of the CSS, "50% of America is dumber than a box of rocks". Her Marxist-Leninist policies appeal to these 50%. Find out more in the following video displayed at the bottom of the page.

Just How Stupid Are We Americans?

I see America descending into the pits of abject stupidity and this light, I see Kamala Harris' campaign strategy to be nothing short of brilliant. As an educator, I am abhorred to the abject ignorance I encountered in the latter days of teaching career. Here are a couple of examples.

The Holocaust

Despite the fact that I had a relative help free one of the WW II death camps, there are still Americans who think the World War II Nazi Holocaust, one of the most profound Satanic chapters in world history, never happened. And amazingly some of these morons are running for political office. To believe it requires discrediting mountains of evidence to the contrary and abandoning reason. Do you remember a candidate named Art Jones who ran for the Illinois State Legislature? He holds this ignorant belief. Jones' campaign website calls the genocide of millions of Jews "the biggest, blackest lie in history". The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany found gross ignorance in Americans' historical knowledge about the Holocaust:

Two-thirds of Millennials and four in 10 Americans  ever heard of  Auschwitz Half of Millennials were unable to name a single concentration camp or ghetto, 33% underestimate the number of Jews killed

As America gets dumber, Satan is smiling!

 Gross Ignorance of Constitutional Liberties

A 2017 poll from the Annenberg Public Policy Center reveals profound ignorance about the Constitution and 37 percent could not name and/or describe a single right protected by the Bill of Rights. Most did not know that Thomas Jefferson wrote the Bill of Rights. In fact, only 26% could name all three branches of government. Of course, this is not surprising since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) could not name the branch of government that she was elected to in 2018! There are polls that show that 65% of Americans cannot find Iraq on a map, or London, or even NYC! There are polls that show that 55% of Americans cannot name the Vice-President of the United States.

Morons Are Inheriting the Country

Did you know that the average IQ in America and across the West is significantly dropping? In fact, in the first half of the 2oth century, average IQs rose in the developed countries in what social scientists labeled the phenomenon as the Flynn effect.  However. in the last few decades that trend has visibly reversed and we are witnessing a precipitous drop in IQ. There is much debate about what is causing the loss of intelligence. Some have suggested it is the GMO's our toxic environment or other lifestyle factors such as alcoholism and drug addiction. Do you remember when the movie Idiocracy came out? This was just over a decade ago and the producers felt the movie was too insulting to the American people in which a future America was portrayed as being hopelessly stupid. Today, the movie has become a cult classic as it clearly projected what was happening to the collective intelligence in America.

 Kamala Harris Is Right to Play the Stupid Card

Kamala Harris has vowed that she would end all private health care. She has also proclaimed that she will end all private ownership of cars. She wants the tax rate to be set at 70%. Who would work in that scenario? Who could vote for such moronic policies? Stupid Americans, that's who. Americans, who as adults, are content to live in their parents basement. I have a relative going through this now. It's common! These adults, as children, won the participation trophy. They aspire to nothing, to become nobody, to serve only their insatiable hedonistic lifestyle. Remember, over half of America has an STD. How stupid is that? Stupid enough to vote for Democrats like Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Ocasio-Cortez.