McCarthy Dares Freedom Caucus to Try to Remove Him



The House Freedom Caucus has warned Speaker Kevin McCarthy that unless their demands are met in a Continuing Resolution (CR) that McCarthy is preparing in order to keep the government running after September 30, they will introduce a "motion to vacate" the speaker's chair, forcing a vote on whether McCarthy can remain as speaker.

"File the f— motion," McCarthy said during a meeting of the GOP caucus.

The Freedom Caucus's demands are all non-starters in the Senate, leaving McCarthy with little choice but to try to cobble something together that at least some Democrats can support.

"In the eventuality that Congress must consider a short-term extension of government funding through a Continuing Resolution, we refuse to support any such measure that continues Democrats' bloated COVID-era spending and simultaneously fails to force the Biden Administration to follow the law and fulfill its most basic responsibilities," the Freedom Caucus said in a statement.

Unless a GOP border bill is part of the CR, along with addressing "the unprecedented weaponization" of the Justice Department and FBI and ending "woke" Defense Department policies, the caucus will refuse to back the short-term spending bill.

Associated Press:

With a government shutdown looming, McCarthy is confronting the same stubborn problem that has driven Republicans before him from the speaker's job — trying to lead a ruptured GOP majority that's split between what's left of the traditional party and a harder-right element largely allied with former President Donald Trump.

Even his decision to launch an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden did little this week to appease the demands of the Freedom Caucus and others as they threaten to shut down the government in pursuit of deep spending cuts or move to a motion to oust him from office.