Welcome to 2024: The Last Year of America?




I’ve had a nagging fear for more than a few months, now, that most Americans have their election math totally wrong.

You know these people. You love these people. We’re talking about your friends and family. The problem is not that they’re stupid or disengaged or indifferent.

The problem is: they’re living in the old America.

The brutal truth is that many people are still mentally living in that vanished country where the rule of law exists — where your vote actually counts — where the FBI doesn’t create a false flag operation on January 6th to stop investigations of election fraud in swing states — and where major cities don’t release violent criminals onto the streets without bail.

They still don’t fully grasp the truth: they’re now actually residents of the Banana Republic of Biden.

These people are fully convinced that the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump — which is true — and so they plan to remedy this disaster by voting once again for President Trump in 2024.

Do you see the flaw in their plan?

Sure, President Trump has the overwhelming support of the American people — but the Biden regime has everything else. They’ve got control of the CIA — and the FBI. They have the NSA. They have DHS too — and the Pentagon. They’ve got the legacy media — and most of the courts. The Democrats have kept an iron grip on the federal bureaucracy since before I was born — and the NGOs for most of my life. They’ve got Hollywood. They’ve got Big Tech. They’ve got the schools and the universities.

Need I continue?

Now you have to be really honest with yourself: which side controls the 2024 election?

That's why America is headed for chaos.

After all: if the voting machines are rigged, then how does it matter if your favorite candidate is leading in the polls right now?


This assessment brings me to the central question: what’s your Plan B after the November election?

What is your back-up plan if you find yourself permanently exiled from the old America?