"Weaponized Immigration" Is Designed to Destabilize the Country Prior to Civil War and Invasion


All it takes is one virus particle." says Elaine Donelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, she has repeatedly stated this fact for the last 4 years. Donelly further elaborated that, “I’m just appalled. Judging from this, the United States seems to have a very confused vision of what ‘national security’ means.” So, she is clearly referring to the fact that there is no regard for the health and safety of the public as we continue and purposely admit unscreened immigrants who are carrying diseases, in some cases, deadly diseases.

Part II: Weaponized Immigration

Part One of this series dealt with how the drug trade and narco-terrorism is being exported to the United States. Part one made it clear that the drug trade is being decentralized under crime bosses from organizations like HSBC Band and the Clinton Foundation. It is a form of franchising and this represents the future law enforcement overthrow, as well as the cultural demise of the United States by turning America into a narco-terrorist state like Columbia, Mexico, Peru, etc. A future part in this series will clearly demonstrate that this invasion is well underway, has the support of powerful politicians and heads of Federal and state agencies, and enjoys almost complete anonymity from the mainstream media.

Many of us in the Independent Media feel strongly that America needs to be "softened up" prior to the unleashing of a civil war which will quickly be followed by an invasion of this country. The globalists are desperate to take down America and it appears that this is their chosen path that is being unveiled before our very eyes. 

Part II of this series deals with nation-destroying Immigration as it has been weaponized and the clear intent is to use illegal immigration and the increased accompanying health threats to destabilize our country. Why? The Trump administration and their new watchdog, the Attorney General, is poised to put keep Deep State members in prison for corruption, sedition and treason. Some of their names are Pelosi, Clinton(s), Harris, Feinstein, etc. They need a distraction from the light being shown upon their criminality. There distractions include incessant talk of impeachment for a crime that the President has already been exonerated from, the distraction a war with Iran, or Russia, or Venezuela, or China or anybody else that is willing stand up to Deep State Imperialism. Finally, and the topic of Part II of this series includes weaponized immigration and push for at least the appearance of a pandemic and Ebola will quite nicely, thank you!

The Deep State hatched a plot to make Ebola appear to be an inevitable result of the world we live in. It is actually an easy task to spot this deadly false flag event just as phony as the fake Iranian attack upon oil tankers. What we have a Deep State false flag that takes hundreds, soon to be thousands of Africans taken from Ebola ridden countries, give each illegal-false-flag-participating-immigrant hundreds of dollars, place them on the US border and hope that some of them will march across the border and have Ebola.  

There is an element of this false flag that should cause every American to want to hide under their beds and never come out.

Ebola Is Airborne and There is No Stopping It

Some scoffed when I published that researchers from the Canadian government discovered, in 2009, that Ebola could be transmitted across species through airborne means. This led to speculation that if Ebola could be transmitted through airborne means between mammals from different species, and opens the probability that humans are vulnerable to the same process? The suggestion was met with some derision.

Further research indicates that scientists have known for ten years that Ebola is an airborne virus as well as the means of transmission that the corporate controlled media tells you about (i.e. bodily fluids). I find it incredulous that the mainstream media, the CDC, thed the Obama administration are silent as to the gravity of the Ebola threat in which millions of people in this country and billions in the entire world are at greater risk because of these crimes of omission being committed against humanity by the aforementioned entities. There presently exists a mountain of work that shows just how Ebola is transmitted through the air. And still, not one airport has been shut down and not one of these studies has aired in the mainstream media.    

No one knows for certain how Ebola virus is transmitted from one person to the next. The virus has been found in the saliva, stool, breast milk, semen, and blood of infected persons. The virus has been found in the saliva, stool, breast milk, semen, and blood of infected persons. Body fluids (e.g. vomit, diarrhea, blood, and saliva) can result in the inhalable aerosol particles in the immediate vicinity of an infected person. Coughing was identified among some cases in a 1995 outbreak in Kitwit, Congo. Coughs are widely known to emit viruses in respirable particles. Actual vomiting produces an aerosol and has been implicated in airborne transmission of gastrointestinal viruses. Regarding diarrhea, toilet flushing emits a pathogen-laden aerosol that disperses in the air. If you are still not convinced that we are sending our troops into a situation where they will likely contract Ebola through airborne transmission, then consider that  both Marburg and Ebola viruses can be isolated from sera and tissue culture medium at room temperature for up to 46 days!  Even in the most optimal of conditions, aerosolized Ebola, and Reston viruses, at 50% to 55% relative humidity and 72°F, had biological decay rates of 3.06%. and 1.55% per minute, respectively. These rates indicate that 99% loss in aerosol infectivity would occur in 104, and 162 minutes, respectively. Simply put, when our troops walk into an infected zone, they can be infected for one hour and 44 minutes after the release of the Ebola into the air. When it comes to Ebola Reston, the virus can be contracted through aerosolized means for a period of two hours and forty-two minute, almost three hours! There is also strong experimental evidence that Ebola can be transmitted by airborne means. Jaax et al reported the unexpected death of two rhesus monkeys housed approximately three meters from monkeys infected with Ebola virus, concluding that respiratory or eye exposure to aerosols was the only possible explanation. This scientific evidence merely scratches the surface with regard to the available data related to these facts as they are presented in this article.  

With the Africans crossing the border in great numbers, the problem would be bad enough. Now that we know that Ebola is airborne, containment is nearly impossible. 

Even CIDRAP, in a Minnesota University 2015 publication, admitted that Ebola is likely airborne. Scientific America said the same thing.


How can one convince a public that is being forced fed nonsense, voodoo science that we do not have two genders, but 300? We are re-entering the Dark Ages where superstition and propaganda masquerade as scientific fact. Ignorance is not bliss. What you do not know, can and will hurt you.

Part III of this series will return to the implantation of the various crime models from Central America into the United States. This is all brand new and Americans are going to be shocked beyond all belief.

i have no desire to paint a picture of absolutely hopelessness. Therefore, I interviewed survival expert, Robert Griswold. The interview was designed to teach people the steps they need to take in order to create their chances for survival. 

This is a must listen! Please share!