Why Would Aliens Invade the Earth?


Are aliens coming to Earth? Should we be worried if they were? What would likely happen? Nick Pope, former director of the Ministry of Defense’s UFO project in the United Kingdom, once said the following:

In a universe nearly 14 billion years old, the chances of invading aliens happening to be only a hundred years or so more advanced than us is vanishingly small. The likelihood is that we’d be dealing with a civilization thousands or millions of years ahead of us, and as sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke once said: ‘any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’ If they are hostile, it would be like Bambi meeting Godzilla if we ever had to fight them…we would present no military challenge to such an advanced civilization…We would be a pushover for them. Forget all the Hollywood movies.

Pope, Nick Pope, not the new Pope of Chrislam, is correct. Both sociology and history present a very clear principle. When a superior culture enounters an inferior culture, one of two things happens:

  1. The inferior culture is obliterated
  2. The superior culture absorbs the inferior culture. 

Neither of these 2 alterantives is desirable. The fact that mankind is advetising his location through such means as the Gallileo probe, which tells aliens where to find us, is absolutely insane. 

What Would Invading Aliens Want?

A very common approach to the question of invading aliens, focuses on what they would want. There is a ton of science fiction literature and film on the topic of the motivation for an alien invasion. 

Hollywood alsways has mankind winning in the end. However, that is not what would happen. IF the aliens have the means to reach us, they have the means to destroy us. Most alien cultures would be so advanced, they might just ignore us like we do ant hill. However, there could be aliens who would clearly want something. Here is a short list of some possible motivations for an alien invasion of the Earth. 


In movie after movie, aliens come here for the Earth's natural resources. And our most precious resource is water.This does indeed make sense as the Earth is comprised of 70 percent water. However, this motivation is not likely given the advanced nature of an invading alien force


Perhaps a plague wiped out an alien food supply. Perhaps, the food supply can be replaced by Earth's agricultural resources. Perhaps, humans would be the food supply. If one has ever seen the Twilight Zone episode, To Serve Man, then one knows exactly what is being said here.

Rare Earth Minerals

Perhaps aliens have run out of a natural resouce, which is necessary for the maintenance of their civilization and only Eaerth can provide the minerals. This would imply that slave labor could lie ahead. Regardless, this implies that the Earth would become a colony for the purposes of exploiting resources. 

The Need for Manpower

Perhaps an alien culture is need of bodies. Bodies that are needed on a foreign planet. The purpose would be to serve as cannon fodder in an intergalactic conflict. In other words, an alien draft could be in our future. 

Geographic Location

In his recent GENSIX conference presentation, Mike Adams made an excellent case that the Earth is prime real estate in the galaxy. He who controls the Earth, for a variety of reasons, would control a good portion of the universe. The pre-sale DVD's can be ordered here at a reduced price.  

Possession of the Human Soul

Based upon my conversations with former NSA/NATO operative, Vance Davis, I learned that his early training consisted of being taught that there is an ongoing war in the universe between good and evil, between Satan and God. Satan and his forces would like to destroy God's most precious creation, our eternal sould. However, Satan cannot crack the code, so to speak. Therefore, the goal is to destroy humanity by chaning humans. Thus, the perverted science of transhumanism was created. 

This is the scenario that keep me up at night because I know its true because it parallels so much Bilical scripture. 

In the old axiom regarding alien contact which states that it would behoove manking that should find the aliens before they would find us, does not apply. They have already found us and they are seeking to destroy huamnity. These alien forces are both above and below and they want to kill as many people as possible. They are already here. They are above us and they are below us and they want to destroy us. WE are living in times of great deception and danger

Many of these questions can be answered by accessing the GENSIX Presale DVD's from the recent conference. 

Is the time for disccloure upon us? Time will tell.