10 Ways to Fool the Authorities and Escape Martial Law


By Klark Barnes

Martial Law under a government with bad intentions can have devastating consequences. Is history about to repeat itself and will we face a violent enactment of martial law in the years ahead?

Here are 10 ways to fool the authorities and escape with your life and family.

A violent and horrifying life in a concentration camp is what you may face one day under martial law.

We’re not talking about a regional or short term enactment of martial law. We’re talking about martial law under a government with an agenda to root out and destroy any elements that are not in line with their specific agenda.

How many Jews learned the hard way in World War II that the Nazis hated Jews and wanted to exterminate them?

In a government collapse following any number of disastrous events that might befall a nation, we can bet that the next government to come to power in this day and age will need force, and a lot of it, in order to quell a rebellious people.

Force shows power and overwhelming violence spreads fear across a population. And there’s no better way to show force and enact fear into a people than to violently enforce martial law.

Making Sense of All These Cyberattacks

In World War 2, the Nazis set out to conquer Europe; it was part of the Nazi agenda before World War 2 ever began.

If it’s going to happen to us, we can bet that extensive planning and military operations that include secret government agents, computer hacking, weapons smuggling, and covert alliances are already taking place.

In the end, who will be the governing party that will enact martial law? It won’t be under an American flag.

Not the flag of our founding fathers that is. Don’t get me wrong. The American flag may still fly — but if it does fly, it’s going to be dwarfed by a larger flag with any number of national or foreign symbols poised above it.

Escaping Martial Law

1. Run, Don’t Walk, Run

With death bearing down on your community, on your neighborhood, on your front door, it’s better to make a hasty retreat for the countryside than to wait too long and find out the hard way … that you waited too long to evacuate.

Right now, be prepared to ensure that you have access to news, even following a loss of the power grid. The latest emergency AM/FM and weather alert radios now have multiple alternative power sources, from handcrank to built-in miniature solar panels, while still also taking rechargeable batteries and standard AA batteries, which you can have a supply on. This can help ensure you have access to news, which may be a lifesaver one day if you hear (on your emergency radio) that a rogue military faction is seizing communities and setting up martial law.

Finally, Ham radio is another option for news from the local region especially if you’re on the move, and if you have family or friends in the region with two-way radios. Note, U.S. law currently requires a license to operate Ham radio, but if government collapses, who’s going to enforce that rule? (U.S. law will be no more.)

However you get that news of approaching martial law, you can now make a hasty retreat before your neighborhood is locked down. What if the first step of a rogue faction is to seize and interrogate (torture) healthy adult men who they see as a possible threat to their power?

Imprisonment, Executions, Torture

The Nazis did this to the Jews in World War II — and there were a lot of executions if you remember (the Bible tells us that it’s going to happen again in the end of days — imprisonments, executions at the hands of the Anti-Christ — but on a bigger scale than what the Nazis had in store for the Jews … Islamic Jihad anyone? They hate Christians; that makes them a candidate for Anti-Christ in my book; aren’t they right now wiping out large numbers of Christians in the Middle East? And now they’re in America, recruiting for Jihad on U.S. soil… Is it possible that right now Bible prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes?…)

Back to that escape from martial law…

From the countryside, you can hide safely under the cover of the forest, and make plans and preparations for the next leg of your journey.

A large number of Jews were able to escape the Nazis by fleeing into the forests, surviving the weather and foraging for food (or just handouts of free food), and eventually escaping. Sometimes they had the help of “underground” elements, resistance fighters and their supporters.

2. Seek Cover and Stay Camouflaged

Jews who waited too long to evacuate, or moved too slowly, or didn’t do a good job hiding out, were rounded up, or simply shot where they were found. The key to not being found is to:

– Stay under cover (you don’t want to be spotted from a drone, helicopter, or plane circling in the air)

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