Jade Helm 16's Dress Rehearsal for the Coming Civil War II

civil war

To many of us in the Independent Media, we  clearly understood that both Jade Helm 15 and Jade Helm 16 were anti-American, globalist-inspired, American take-down activities. We knew that the anti-American, Deep-State-inspired destruction of America, under the traitor, Obama, was behind both Jade Helm exercises. At the time, however, we did not yet understand the context of the drills. Although, we could clearly see that America was to be subjugated (Jade Helm 15) and then any resistance would be met with extreme prejudice (Jade 16-UWEX for short).

The Deep State Plan Revealed

When various media members state that America is in a state of civil war, nothing could be more accurate. The only thing that is missing are piles of bodies on both sides. That could change in the near future.  Let's begin this analysis with communications that were sent to me  by family members who had relatives associated with Jade Helm 16 and they did not agree with what was coming. "I have received three very similar emails in the past 4 weeks which, in part tells us why we should be concerned with UWEX 16."

Dear Dave, Thanks for your coverage last year of Jade Helm 15. Although I didn’t realize it then, we have a lot to be afraid of when it comes to Jade 2 or UWEX as they are calling the next phase of Jade Helm 15.  I have a family member who is serving in Special Operations. We recently met with him for lunch and he was as white as a ghost. He told us that he is expected to “extract domestic terrorists and take them to an impromptu detention facility. At the facility, they are expected to train foreign troops to take over the detention of the prisoners. This is what you wrote about last summer about the Army Reserves in Michigan. His best friend is training for guerrilla warfare inside of Texas. Is JH2 going to be what all of us were afraid was happening in Jade Helm 15? Please do not publish my name or email address. I also received this email on Friday, Feb. 5, 2016. To the staff of The Common sense show: My cousin is deployed in Army Spec. Ops at Ft. Bragg. He is going to be expected to take part in guerrilla warfare drills against rogue military forces. After arriving at Ft. Bragg, he was still permitted to leave the base. We live in Texas and drove to meet him. When we went to lunch. he had all of use leave our cell phones in the car and we walked a block to eat dinner.  He said that they were beginning to receive briefings about taking on rogue military units in a guerrilla war scenario.  He assumes they are American military units, but they were not told that when he was presented with their newly created training specs. He has a role in this exercise, but I will not reveal the nature, as we do not identify him. He said he is being moved from Ft. Bragg to another base that has not yet been identified. He suspects that it is in the area because their deployment gear remains the same. He told us that he fears the drill could go live for many reasons… The name, Unconventional Warfare Exercise 2016, is ominous on its face. What exactly is unconventional warfare? It is an euphemism for guerrilla war. Under the present set of circumstances, where would a guerrilla war emanate from? It would come from guerrilla activities resulting from the nation being in a civil war. Therefore, it is clear that UWEX, or Jade Helm 16 is about the establishment eliminating a civilian contribution to a guerrilla war effort. In other words, people in a position of power are telling the American people through their actions, that they anticipate a civil war taking place in this country. 

When one looks at the following ad, can there be any doubt that Jade Helm 16 was about Civil War II?

After publishing the above ad that appeared in Biz-ops,  I came under extreme attack. Two of my computers hard drives were crashed. My phone service was interrupted. And I was distributing Part One, Facebook suspended my account. I have concluded that someone did not want this story to be told. What do the private emails and this ad tell us? It is clear that the Obama administration at some point was expecting ex-US military operatives to become the vanguard of a Guerrilla force opposed to the globalist takeover of America. If this Biz-ops ad is not convincing enough, look at this drill. Clearly, the Obama administration practiced for mass casualties as the result of civil conflict. Yes, this drill was planned for by the Obama administration, but his administration did not carry out the drills.  Please note that this drill was carried out AFTER Obama was out of office and Trump was the President. This is out of character for this President. It serves to represent how little control Trump has over his own military and administration.


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Analysis: The Relevance of Jade Helm 16 to Today

After covering these topics for over three years, there is little doubt that ex-special forces operatives, who were engaged in message-sending assassinations of mid to upper-level bankers working to destroy the leadership of the American leadership, were preparing in earnest for the coming civil war in which American forces would bifurcate along ideological lines. This is a classic case of globalists vs. nationalists, traitors vs. patriots. What both the late Josh Coy and I were able to learn centered around ex-special operation personnel and ex-military contractors who were taking justice into their own hands. As stated in the previous article, the mid-upper level bankers were being taken out as a type of message being given to the Deep State that the take down of America would be opposed. If President Trump is illegitimately removed from office, or is targeted for assassination, or his family comes under fire, we will see the return of assassinations to American soil. Only this time, it will not be mid-upper level bankers, it will be prominent members of the Deep State and their representatives in the Democratic Socialist Party. The top liberals will be targeted and this is what was anticipated during the Obama years as they practiced for this exact same scenario. The Common Sense Show does not encourage or condone violence, this report merely is reporting what facts are presently in play with regard to the ultimate control of America. The Common Sense Show has learned that George Soros operatives are also planning similar actions, which parallels the Yellow Vest riots in France, should Trump move to declare a national emergency and/or shut down the border. This is information, in part, is hiding in plain sight in the mainstream media. This is will be the topic of the next installment in this series.